Lisa Nichols

A Leading Career & Influence Expert, Bestselling Author, CEO, And Celebrated Motivational Speaker Whose Teachings Have Inspired Millions.


Lisa’s Story

Challenging Beginnings

In 1994, Lisa Nichols was, in her own words, “broke and broken”. With less than $12 in her bank account, Lisa was a single mom who had barely had enough money to buy diapers for her baby son. With close to nothing to her name, the odds of getting out of poverty was stacked against her.

The only thing she has at the time, something she could call her own, was her voice.

Enough Was Enough

In a moment of sheer desperation, she stood in front of her bathroom mirror. She imagined herself in front of thousands of people delivering a speech. She didn’t leave out any detail. The laughter. The tears. The soul-stirring moments that would leave her audience on the edge of their seats.

This vivid image playing in her mind became her message and mission. And in an instant… She discovered the true power of her voice. For the last 20+ years, Lisa has touched millions around the world with her inspirational words.

Lisa Meets Mindvalley

Lisa Nichols began her journey with Mindvalley in 2010 when Vishen selected her as the keynote speaker for the very first A-Fest. Lisa was phenomenal. So much so that we bought her back to every single A-Fest – for the next 7 years.

She became a close friend of Vishen’s – and personally coached him. He saw such remarkable results that in 2017 Mindvalley collaborated with Lisa to create the transformational Speak & Inspire Quest.

To give you an idea of Lisa’s energy, magic, and enthusiasm check out this adorable video of Lisa and Vishen surprising a group of Mindvalley students in San Diego.

Photo Gallery

Partying at A-Fest Ibiza, 2017

Lisa with Mindvalley Authors

Speaking at A-Fest Costa Rica, 2015

At Mindvalley U, Barcelona, 2017

Speaking at Mindvalley U, Barcelona, 2017

Partying at A-Fest Montego Bay, 2017

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Find your unique message, speak with effortless confidence, and inspire any audience. This month long Quest will not just help you discover your voice, it will help you heal those events in your life that might be dimming your light.

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How To Move People With Your Story

Learn to tell a story that is so powerful, that people fall in love with your products, your ideas and your services. Sway an audience with messages that are so compelling, that they go viral and captivate the hearts and minds of millions of people.

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Lisa Nichols On What It Means To Live Your Quest

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