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Seeking a breakthrough in your life or career?

Mindvalley helps you get unstuck in any part of your life that’s less than perfect. Perhaps you've lost a relationship, or you feel your career isn’t growing fast enough. Maybe you’re looking to scale your business, or develop that dream body, or you're looking to master your spiritual self.

Mindvalley doesn’t just help you break through any barrier in your life, but the continuous use of Mindvalley helps you become world-class in every single area. Mindvalley is known for having the best programs in the world all in one app, and we have 20,000 browsable case studies to prove this.

Become the best version of yourself with Mindvalley Membership.

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Introducing Mindvalley Membership

Your life-changing transformation begins with Mindvalley Membership

As a Mindvalley Member, you get everything you need to become a better you every day. Including today’s best teachers and experts as your mentors. The world’s most uplifting community supporting you every step of the way. And a personalized curriculum of programs, events, and experiences designed to transform every dimension of your life - and turn your goals into reality.

Learn from the world’s best

What you get


100+ programs in 6 categories

100+ programs in 6 categories


Advance neuro-training

Advance neuro-training displayed on a mobile device



Community & global meet-ups through a device


A.I. guided curriculum

AI guided curriculum shown on a tablet

Less than 20 minutes a day. Anywhere, anytime

Mindvalley Membership transforms you in the same time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee. The key is in our hyper-optimized approach to personal development: which combines bite-sized daily lessons with community learning to grow you quickly, easily, and consistently. And you can get started right away in just four simple steps:

Become a Mindvalley Member…

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Take the Mindvalley quiz…

To receive a personalized growth plan showing the areas of life to focus on first

Start your first 20-minute lesson…

By selecting a program that matches your quiz result

Connect with your community…

And meet like-minded Mindvalley Members with the same goals as you

What’s included in your membership

Become a Mindvalley Member now and get access to the world's only transformational platform anytime, anywhere.

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100+ Programs

Complete access to our entire vault of the world's leading programs for every area of personal transformation.

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Immerse yourself in over 1000+ guided meditations & sounds for relaxation, focus, healing, and more.

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Build meaningful connections through exclusive private social network to connect, share wisdom, and grow with members in your city and globally.

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A.I Guided

A.I. guided curriculum that customizes itself to your job title, country, interests, and what we observe you enjoy learning.

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Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. Just say MAYBE and explore the materials for 15 days. Refund yourself anytime with one click via our Refund Page —no hassle, fast, and friendly. No questions asked.

Transform now with Mindvalley

What's included:

  • Unlimited access to Mindvalley’s 100+ Curriculum.
  • Access Mindvalley's private social network to connect, share wisdom, and grow with members in your city and globally.
  • 1,000+ guided meditations & therapeutic sounds.
  • A.I. guided curriculum that customizes to you and your interests.

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