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Mindvalley Mentoring is a monthly subscription program featuring leading-edge online trainings from the world’s best teachers, thinkers, and visionaries.

Get access to 100+ hours of curated online mentoring sessions for a more successful, fulfilled, healthy, and connected you.

Learn From The World’s Top Minds

  • 3 Mil Students Already Channel their Inner Champion
  • 12 Areas of Life to Focus On Your Growth
  • 100+ Of the World’s Best Mentors at Your Fingertips

How It Works

You explore how the world’s top minds think and interact with the world. This is known as their Models of Reality.

You discover their daily habits, and the practices they use to perform at their peak. These are called their Systems for Living.

These positive traits are then ‘installed’ into your subconscious mind, in 60 minutes or less - leaving you deeply transformed.

What Do You Want To Learn?

Explore a variety of topics with leading experts in health, fitness, love and relationships, parenting, as well as business and career growth.

To Be The Best, Learn From The Best

Our experts are living legends; best-selling authors and brilliant minds who know how to inspire and transform. You know the speakers you see on global stages, writing best-selling books, or building extraordinary companies? These are some of the teachers we bring to Mindvalley Mentoring.

Meet Your Host
Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the fastest-growing personal growth companies on the planet. In doing so, Mindvalley has revolutionized the personal growth industry and has won over a family of over three million customers, subscribers and raving fans. Leading an international team of 200 people from over 30 countries at Mindvalley HQ his goal is to revolutionize the global education system by bringing to the forefront transformational and personal growth education, and making these practices more mainstream.

His New York Times bestseller, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind, blends evolutionary biology and computational thinking. In September and November 2017 it hit #1 on across all Amazon charts and become the most read book on Amazon globally.

Why People Love Mindvalley

We received thousands of 5-star reviews

“I love that there is quality curated content readily available for me to listen to on a variety of subjects I’m interested in.”

Kristin Constable


“We absolutely love the diversity of thought leaders and ideas we are introduced to. The interview length is spot on, and the pace is focused. We use the content to continue to develop our personal and professional workflow.”

Kelley Coronado


“The experts are all amazing people with so much to teach and a passion for sharing their knowledge and experiences. I have made so many positive changes as a result of being a part of this”

Steve Connell


“I love that everytime I watch a new video I experience a totally different and inspiring reality. It’s like starting a new adventure.”

Radu Rotaru


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Unlimited access to 100+ hours of interviews on Mindvalley Mentoring
Unlimited access to 100+ hours of interviews on Mindvalley Mentoring tick icon tick icon
  Access to Mindvalley Films, including documentaries such as the Emmy Award-nominated Live Your Quest
Access to Mindvalley Films, including documentaries such the Emmy Award-nominated, Live Your Quest tick icon tick icon
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Access to Mentoring at Work, our career growth platform with monthly trainings with the most brilliant entrepreneurs tick icon
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