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Create a Culture of Performance, Happiness, Engagement and Growth with Today’s Top Mentors

Create The Most Irresistible Workplace

What are employees really after? Growth, happiness & meaning.

More than 401Ks and benefits, these are what today's workforce crave from their employers. Most companies don't realize this, or don't know what to do about it (which is why 73% of employees are disengaged from their jobs). New levels of performance, engagement, and company culture are emerging -- and leading companies are tackling these topics head-on. Will you join the workplace revolution?

Introducing Mindvalley Mentoring for Business:
A total performance and personal growth platform that supports employee growth in every area of life.

The Solution to Better Employee Engagement, Company Growth, and Team Happiness

It’s more than new knowledge. We teach and coach your employees with an intuitive formula that grows them as people.

  • 5M+
  • 5 Million Students Already Channel Their Inner Champion

    Real world life skills to transform your employees into serious champions. Join over 5 million innovators, business leaders, doers and hustlers achieving their greatest potential through Mentoring.

  • 800%
  • Better Completion Than Any Other Online Learning Platform

    A scientifically-backed learning method designed to produce instant results. Choose from hundreds of relevant life topics to help your team grow -- personally and professionally.

  • 200+
  • Of The World’s Best Mentors At Your Fingertips

    Digital mentoring with the world’s leading experts in every area of life. Get access to compelling conversations with brilliant minds, bite-size lectures and mentoring sessions, Q&As with top experts, and much more.

    Digital Mentoring That Exceeds Expectations

    Your employees are searching for more than just a career. They want to do their best in life. It’s time to upskill.

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    Every company should have access to the best employee engagement, performance, and growth tools. Our digital mentoring platform takes challenging topics and turns them into bite-sized coaching sessions that lead to big results.

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    Learn how to effectively work together and set egos aside as a team. You’ll see bigger results and happier faces as you leverage the superpower of your group.

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    Service Mindset

    Don’t get lost in the daily grind and lose sight of the end consumer. Acquire big-picture thinking that yields higher satisfaction for your customers. It’s a win-win!

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    Increase team effectiveness, profitability and employee engagement with key communication skills. Develop candor collectively and check those emotions at the door!

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    Show other employees how to become more accountable and rock star versions of themselves. Challenge them to level-up personally and professionally.

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    Learning Agility

    Businesses grow and change. Be ready to adapt to the ride. We’ll teach you to seek out new experiences and apply those learnings for optimal growth.

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    Company Culture

    Everyone talks about it but is anyone really doing anything about it? We’ll teach you top methods to make employees feel more valued -- so they’ll never leave.

    The Perks of Mentoring for Business

    We know that implementing changes in the workplace can get sticky. We’re here to support your team as you explore Mindvalley Mentoring for Business.

    Here’s what you can expect:

    • Annual Subscription To All Content
      Unlimited access to all employee training in conscious communication, fitness, love relationships, business, and more -- for the life of your subscription.
    • Concierge Onboarding Experience
      Get a dedicated Tribe Facilitator to guide you and your team through every step of your Mentoring for Business use. Stuck on implementation or employees need support in their learning? We’re always here to help.
    • Mobile App For Android And iOS
      Now your team can learn anywhere, anytime. Once they’ve downloaded the app for your mobile device, your employees are able to start, stop, and return to their Mentoring journey whenever they’d like.
    • Custom Company Logo And URL
      Your company logo and URL for Mentoring will be unique to your team. Only you and your employees will have access to your personalized Mentoring for Business platform.
    • Individual Engagement Reports
      Wondering how your team is doing? Need insights into collaboration, support, or team health? Track employee progress with individual reports in your admin dashboard.

    Getting Started

    Three easy steps to maximizing value for your entire team.

    Enroll your team using the form below
    1. Enroll your team using the form below
    Our Onboarding Team will take over
    1. Our Onboarding Team will take over
    Measure progress with real-time status reports
    1. Measure progress with real-time status reports

    Flexible Pricing For Groups Of Any Size

    Team Plan

    1-25 users

    $4,999 billed annually

    • Annual subscription to all content
    • Concierge Onboarding experience
    • Mobile App iOS & Android
    • Custom Logo & URL
    • Individual engagement reports
    • And much more...

    Team Plan

    26-50 users

    $8,499 billed annually

    • Annual subscription to all content
    • Concierge Onboarding experience
    • Mobile App iOS & Android
    • Custom Logo & URL
    • Individual engagement reports
    • And much more...

    Team Plan

    51-100 users

    $12,999 billed annually

    • Annual subscription to all content
    • Concierge Onboarding experience
    • Mobile App iOS & Android
    • Custom Logo & URL
    • Individual engagement reports
    • And much more...

    Enterprise Plan

    100+ users

    Scaled prices. Let’s talk about it.

    We will reply your enquiry within 48 hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Our Team Is Ready To Help You Every Step of The Way

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