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To the entrepreneur dreaming of being featured in Forbes Magazine:

Deep inside you, there’s an idea worth at least $100 million.

An idea with the power to fuel a brand and business beyond your wildest dreams.

An idea that can transform your life. And even the world.

This idea can become your reality, much faster than you might think.

Even if you’re stuck and overwhelmed. Or just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey.

Miki Agrawal wants to help you find, hone, and own that idea.

A celebrated social entrepreneur and creative luminary, she’s built multiple $100 million brands. Each one based on just one game-changing idea.

And in her debut Mindvalley program, she guides you through her secret formula for building idea-driven breakthrough businesses: quickly, consistently, and free from the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

So you too can go from zero - or wherever you’re now at - to $100 million and beyond.

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Breakthrough Ideas Don’t Need Fancy MBAs. Or Fat Bank Accounts.

Miki is living proof that a breakthrough idea - and the business it grows into - can come from anywhere and anyone.

She started hers from scratch. Often with virtually zero capital or experience.

And in the Zero To $100 Million program, you’ll discover how you can too.

All through a remarkable business building process that gives you absolute clarity of vision...

Fills you with boundless creative ideas that elevate you far beyond the limiting rules and beliefs about business...

And empowers you to take decisive action in all the right directions.

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready.

Or even until you’ve gathered the skills, time, or resources.

You already have everything it takes to build your $100 million brand.

And the right time to do it is now.

The Curriculum

Explore The Zero To $100 Million Curriculum

Zero To $100 Million is a 7-week online program that guides you through Miki Agrawal’s signature formula for envisioning and building your high-impact brand and business.

Throughout the program, you’ll join Miki in daily 20-minute video lessons encompassing every part of the formula: from developing and refining your idea, to building your brand, and dialing in your marketing, PR, funding, and community building strategies.

By the end of your journey, you’ll have all the strategies, frameworks, and inspiration you need to grow a brand fuelled by meaning and momentum: and that creates vast abundance for you, your loved ones, and the planet.

Zero to $100 Million on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

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Part 1

Finding Your Hit Product

Part 2

Turn Your Idea Into a Prototype

Part 3

The Secret Sauce Behind A $100 Million Brand

Part 4

Your Market Domination Plan

Part 5

Get Featured On Every Mainstream Publication

Part 6

Raise Millions in Funding

Part 7

Creating a Loyal Community That Drives Your Growth

Day by Day Schedule

Lesson 1 - 7

Lesson 1

Uncover What You Truly Care About

Lesson 2

3 Big Questions to Discover the Potential of Your Business Idea

Lesson 3

How to Create a One of a Kind Product

Lesson 4

Create Your User Persona

Lesson 5

Shape Your Grand Mission & Vision

Lesson 6

Create Your Product Vibe with Mood Boards

Lesson 7

How to Feel Safe & Sane When You Start a Business

Lesson 8 - 14

Lesson 8

Part #1: Recap & Review

Lesson 9

Where to Find Brilliant Designers for Your Product

Lesson 10

Going from Iteration to Prototyping

Lesson 11

Going from Prototyping to Testing

Lesson 12

How to Ask Your Customers for Feedback

Lesson 13

Navigate Legalese

Lesson 14

Assemble Your Dream Team

Lesson 15 - 21

Lesson 15

Part #2: Recap & Review

Lesson 16

Build a $100 Million Brand

Lesson 17

The Power of Visuals and Aesthetics

Lesson 18

Write Copy that Captivates

Lesson 19

The Imagery of Your Brand

Lesson 20

Create a High Performance Website

Lesson 21

Apply Data & Analytics for Smarter Decisions

Lesson 22 - 28

Lesson 22

Create a Trademark for Your Business

Lesson 23

Part #3: Recap & Review

Lesson 24

Devise Your Marketing Strategy

Lesson 25

Inbound & Outbound Marketing

Lesson 26

Create Emails People Love

Lesson 27

8 Steps to Get Started with Digital Advertising

Lesson 28

How to Get Glowing Testimonials & Referrals

Lesson 29 - 35

Lesson 29

Build Loyalty with Excellent Customer Support

Lesson 30

Part #4: Recap & Review

Lesson 31

How to Get PR

Lesson 32

Find Editors & Writers

Lesson 33

How to Leverage Influencers

Lesson 34

Part #5: Recap & Review

Lesson 35

Ingenious Fundraising Methods

Lesson 36 - 42

Lesson 36

How to get people fascinated in your business

Lesson 37

The perfect business pitch deck

Lesson 38

Perfect Your Fundraising Plan

Lesson 39

Find Your Dream Business Partner

Lesson 40

5 Fundraising Methods for Your Business

Lesson 41

Part #6: Recap & Review

Lesson 42

Build a Supportive Community Around Your Business

Lesson 43 - 44

Lesson 43

How to Turn Customers Into Devotees

Lesson 44

Plan for a Bright Future

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Superhumans at Work Weekly Calls

Every week, join a new live call with today’s leading innovators, visionaries, and thought leaders - and discover how they’re rewriting the rules of high performance at work and in business. It’s the perfect next step once you’ve completed the Zero To $100 Million program. And the next best thing to having the world’s top entrepreneurs as your personal mentors.

Superhumans at work by Mindvalley

About Miki Agrawal, Creator Of Zero To $100 Million

Miki Agrawal is a high-impact, highly unorthodox social entrepreneur known for building game-changing multi-million dollar businesses through creativity and disruptive innovation.

She is the founder of the period-proof underwear company THINX, alternative pizza company WILD, and TUSHY, a revolutionary bidet company that’s changing the way Americans use the toilet: all with a collective valuation of $200+ million.

Miki’s business and philanthropic ventures have transformed tens of millions of lives, and earned her an endless list of accolades for entrepreneurship, leadership and creativity: including from Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Time Magazine, and the World Economic Forum.

She is also a bestselling author, a former professional soccer player, and a magnetic stage speaker with glowing endorsements from many of today’s leading business visionaries: including Bill Clinton, Mark Hyman, and Wholefoods founder John Macker.

Through her debut Mindvalley program, Miki’s goal is to uplift entrepreneurs of all levels with the realization that through the right steps and guidance, anyone can envision a revolutionary idea that grows into a transformational brand and business.

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Trainer Credentials

  • Miki’s accolades include placements in Fast Company’s ‘The Most Creative People’ and ‘Most Innovative Companies’, The World Economic Forum’s ‘Young Global Leaders’, INC Magazine’s ‘Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs’, and Time Magazine’s ‘Best New Inventions’.
  • Her two books (Do Cool Sht and Disrupt-Her) are #1 international bestsellers on Amazon.
  • She regularly speaks on the world’s biggest stages - including Harvard Business School, the Conscious Capitalism Summit, the United Nations, TEDx, P&G and more.
  • Miki was voted Mindvalley’s #1 best speaker in 2019, and is constantly in high demand among Mindvalley students worldwide.
Miki Agrawal receiving the Best Speaker award at A-fest

Miki Agrawal receiving the Best Speaker award at A-fest

Miki Agrawal was named "Fast Company's Most Creative People", “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and INC's “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs”.

Miki Agrawal was named "Fast Company's Most Creative People", “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and INC's “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs”.

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Mindvalley Membership on various devices

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Whatever you’re looking to achieve or become, Mindvalley supports you from all angles. Go far beyond basic productivity hacks, and master cutting-edge mindset tools, flow states, deeper levels of consciousness, and even spiritual tools that revolutionize how you feel, think, show up, solve challenges, and get things done.

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You grow and thrive in every dimension of life that matters

How many people are rich and successful, but sick? Or fit and full of life, but broke? With Mindvalley, you don’t need to sacrifice one area of life for another. Because you get best-in-class tools and guidance to ignite your brilliance every dimension. So you can be a superhero at work. Look like one too. Be one to your kids, family, and even the world. And truly have it all.

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You’ll join our global community of Changemakers: 95,000+ strong and growing every day. But these aren’t your average people: they’re high-impact entrepreneurs, brilliant artists, visionary thinkers, and deeply inspiring individuals committed to elevating themselves and the planet. And you’ll connect and grow with them every day through Membership-only events, face-to-face meetups, live workshops, and much more. In your city and around the world.

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