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Upgrade How You Learn, Upgrade How You Live

Meta Learning is the science of learning HOW to learn. It makes you a better student at everything else in life. Mindvalley’s Meta Learning and Lifestyle Design programs train you to ‘hack’ your mind and awaken astonishing new levels of self-mastery. You’ll explore subjects like memory, daily habits and thought processes, linguistic and cognitive intelligence, and learning and reading speed so you can perform at your absolute peak at work and at school.

Programs By Category

Vision & Lifestyle Design


with Jon Butcher

Mindvalley’s premier lifestyle design program. Rethink traditional goal setting and discover your true path as Jon & Missy Butcher guide you through the 12 dimensions of self-mastery.

Extraordinary By Design

with Vishen Lakhiani
FREE quest, begins anytime

The evolution of goal setting. Break free from the culturescape and achieve a state of sublime balance in the most crucial areas of your life – love, career, friendships, finances, and more.



Learning & Meta Skills


with Jim Kwik

Unleash your brain from all limitations, dramatically elevate your focus and learning speed, and develop a super memory in just 30 days.

Habits, Routines, & Life Hacks

Hero. Genius. Legend

with Robin Sharma

Join the bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari on a deep dive into the behaviors, mindsets, and habits of the outliers who consistently produce and inspire genius-level work – and skyrocket your productivity, mindset, and leadership skills.

Personal Management

Becoming Limitless

with Vishen Lakhiani

Bend reality and ascend to a higher state of consciousness – where flow, abundance, and connectedness become your default state.


The Lifebook Seminar

with Jon & Missy Butcher

Experience the Full 4-Day Lifebook Program in an intimate setting with trained facilitators in the legendary home of Jon & Missy Butcher in Chicago.

Mindvalley Talks In This Category

A-Fest: Enhanced States of Consciousness

What is the human mind truly capable of achieving and perceiving? Discover the astonishing answers as the world’s most electrifying personal growth event brings together today’s most brilliant visionaries, mavericks, and top performers – on an exploration of the most enigmatic machine mankind has ever seen.


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