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Evolve the way you learn.

Mindvalley Quests is the next step in online learning. From longevity and wellness, to peak performance and spirituality, you get a leading-edge curriculum of personal growth programs - or as we call them, Quests - from today’s brightest teachers.

It’s all powered by our revolutionary online learning platform that combines community and daily microlearning to transform you in ways traditional education never could.

Got a dream?

There's a Quest for that.

With teachers like these, you'll never want to graduate.

Jim Kwik

Accelerated Learning Coach

Robin Sharma

#1 Bestselling Author & Leadership Expert

Emily Fletcher

Meditation Instructor

Lisa Nichols

Motivational Speaker & Influence Expert

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley

Steven Kotler

Award-winning Neuroscience Author

Ben Greenfield

Biohacker & Fitness Visionary

Marisa Peer

Britain's #1 Hypnotherapist

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Inventor of Conscious Uncoupling

Neale Donald Walsch

Author of the Conversations with God

Christine Bullock

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Srikumar Rao

America's #1 MBA Lecturer

Michael Breus

The Sleep Doctor

Michael Beckwith

Spirituality Speaker & Author

Shefali Tsabary

Founder of Conscious Parenting

Transform in just 20 minutes a day.

Quests are built on the principles of microlearning. Each day, you’ll unlock a new lesson that usually takes just 20 minutes to complete. It’s bite-sized progress that snowballs into life-changing results.

Community = Success

When you begin a Quest, you’re doing it at the same time as thousands of passionate learners from 100+ countries. You’ll support and inspire each other all the way to the finish line.

And it’s not just a virtual community: as a Quest student you also get access to real-world Mindvalley gatherings worldwide.

The learning platform that levels up as you do.

The Mindvalley Quests platform constantly tracks your progress and preferences. By 2022, this data will be harnessed in an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that optimizes your learning experience and grows you faster.

8x better than traditional online learning.

Statistics show that when you enroll in a Quest, you’re 800% more likely to complete it compared to if you had taken a normal online program.

It’s the daily microlearning that keeps you on track. And your community that motivates you and holds you accountable, every step of the way.


Stories from our community.

Gabrielle Kudrnk

Open yourself to living on a level you have only dreamed of!

Mindvalley has been an amazing resource for uncovering tools to help with a range of things in my life. From mental health to business building, I have everything at my fingertips. I've already recommended Mindvalley to people for years (6-7 years now in fact) and will continue to do so. Thank you for all you do.

Gabrielle Kudrnk
Gabrielle Kudrnk

St. Louis, USA

Joana Matos

So refreshing!

The fact that the content you share is so refreshing and helps change lives for the better makes me so grateful for Mindvalley! Everyday I listen to new ideas using Mindvalley app as I commute on my bicycle and I always reach my destination knowing something new, having my beliefs challenged and feeling inspired.

Joana Matos
Joana Matos

Reykjavik, Iceland

Jason Gagnon

There is no better platform for learning than Mindvalley

As for Mindvalley, it is my number 1 resource in my daily routine. Everyone I know knows about Mindvalley and many hopped on the train to personal mastery with me.

In my opinion, there is no better platform for learning than Mindvalley. I am so grateful to have access to the top thought leaders and changes agents of the world.

Jason Gagnon
Jason Gagnon

Quebec, Canada

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Quest All Access is our annual subscription program that gives you our entire vault of Quests for one surprisingly low annual fee. 12 new Quests are added each year, so you’ve always got something new to learn.

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