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Be Extraordinary: The Mindvalley Intensive Bootcamp is a transcendent seminar exclusively for Mindvalley Members that empowers you to bend reality and live an extraordinary life – all through Mindvalley’s powerful framework for elevating your level of consciousness.

The seminar is delivered by our Mindvalley Master Certified Trainers.

Who Is This For?

Surround Yourself with People Who Inspire You

This seminar is for people who know they are destined for greatness, but may be struggling to live a life of meaning right now. For those who desire to do amazing things but are caught in a few negative patterns and need that something to help them break out.

Becoming Extraordinary takes you through all the essential Mindvalley philosophies and ties together the best teachings from all the top Mindvalley authors. You’ll learn how to integrate Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude, Advanced Goal Setting, Creative Visualization and Intention into your daily life.

It goes into the depths of your conscious and makes you aware of your “brules”, habits, and mindsets that are holding you back in life. It gives you a practical toolkit, backed up by science, for you to rewire your brain and see you life accelerate in the direction of your wildest dreams.

Plus, create beautiful, meaningful friendships with like-minded people at a time when human connection is more important than it has ever been.

A Message From Mindvalley Founder, Vishen Lakhiani

As Mindvalley grows around the world, we continue to hear that one of the most valuable things we do is connect extraordinary people to each other.

After a great success of more than 100 Mindvalley ‘Be Extraordinary’ live seminars delivered all around the world, bringing a powerful connection in the spirit of learning, play and personal transformation — we've now created an online version of the seminar.

This seminar is based on the fundamental ideas that were shared in my international best-selling book, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”.

These teachings give you a powerful framework to help you bend reality and elevate the way you function in the world.

In this workshop you’ll receive practical tools to boost your happiness and shape your vision for the future.

It's delivered by Mindvalley Certified Trainers. People who were specifically chosen by me to spread Mindvalley's message across the globe.

Keep Evolving,

Vishen Lakhiani
Portrait of Vishen Lakhiani

What’s Covered In The Seminar

Be Extraordinary: The Mindvalley Intensive Bootcamp is an immersive workshop delivered by Mindvalley Certified Trainers. During the event you’ll experience and learn the following:

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  1. The 6 Phase Meditation

The Advanced protocol for the 6 Phase Meditation. Vishen Lakhiani’s meditation method designed for optimized human functioning, popularized in the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”

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2. The 3 Most Important Questions

The 3 Most Important Questions for goal setting and building a vision for your life that is free from the brules (bull*hit rules) of societal conditioning. It’s a way to strike goals that are true to your own desires and calling – and not influence from the culturescape.

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3. Teachings From Mindvalley’s Top Authors

Integrated philosophies for understanding the world and realizing your own potential. The seminar weaves and ties together powerful ideas from many of Mindvalley top teachers including Alan Watts, Michael Beckwith, Emily Fletcher, Srikumar Rao and Neale Donald Walsch.

Applications of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion as a daily practice to heal past trauma, reshape your worldview and create a more solid positive mindset.

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The Mission

As part of our mission to build a truly global school for humanity, we quickly realized that we couldn’t do it alone. So we launched the Mindvalley Certified Trainers Program. We selected 40 top applicants to go through this high calibre training program and taught them the Mindvalley curriculum, so they can hold local Mindvalley events in their country. Be Extraordinary is the first of these events.

The Mindvalley Certified Trainers are all incredible coaches and entrepreneurs in their own right…and most importantly, they live and breathe personal development.

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The Power Behind The Event

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind books and Mindvalley headphones

Amazon’s #1 Bestselling Book

The 6 Phase Meditation was first revealed in Vishen’s book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” – now an NYT bestseller, and Amazon’s #1 book for several days in 2017.

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Connecting and learning with your Tribe

You will go through this experience with an intimate group of like-minded people from around the world who will inspire and support you on your journey.

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Interactive Live Workshop

Immerse yourself in a powerful interactive learning environment and engage with others as you learn, grow and transform together.

Full Agenda

  • Part 1: The Evolution Of Consciousness

    In this module you will learn about the 4 levels of consciousness. This module will cover Satori and Kensho experiences and how these are crucial to ascending up the levels of consciousness. You will master the states of consciousness (waking up) & stages of consciousness (growing up).

  • Part 2: Bending Reality

    You will understand the framework that puts you in a state of Bending Reality. You will uncover the relationship and key to happiness in the now versus your vision of the future. You’ll learn how to dream big, play big and push your boundaries. You will learn about the state of mind in which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now. You will develop through this a feeling of continuous growth and being “lucky”.

  • Part 3: The Advanced 6 Phase Meditation

    You will go deep into the teachings of this radical way to meditate that will have a profound effect on your life. You will be guided through the The Advanced version of the 6 Phase Meditation to directly experience how powerful it is. Plus get insights into the inner workings and deep brain-rewiring that it achieves. This module covers compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, future dreaming, the perfect day and blessings.

  • Part 4: Limitless Goal Setting

    Watch Even Your Biggest Goals Come True. With traditional methods of goal setting, you can only set a goal as big as you can imagine. When you learn to operate from inspiration, you will achieve and experience things beyond your imagination. It’s as though you’re tapped into a higher power that guides you. You will learn the difference between means versus ends goals and how this gives you the blueprint for the transformational: Three Most Important Questions. You will also learn about advanced powerful techniques and tools to turn your everyday life into a living masterpiece.

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Press Articles

Tony Gonzalez

NFL Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez Credits 6 Phase Meditation

I would visualize myself doing great things on the football field, doing great things on the practice field, and it carried over.

Bianca Andreescu

Bianca Andreescu, Wins US Open and mentions our book

(she’s also a graduate of this seminar)

Bianca Andreescu names Vishen Lakhiani’s “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind” when asked about self-help books recommendations.

Pop Star Miguel

Pop Star Miguel mentions he meditates to 6 Phase before his Concerts

While on the road, the singer-songwriter has been hosting special guided meditation sessions with handful of press and fans before each show.

What You’ll Experience

  • Interactive Live Workshop with your Mindvalley Community

    Meet and connect with like-minded people from all around the world — inspire and learn from each other on the spot.

  • Bigger Clarity on Your Vision

    Finally understand the unique reason you were placed on this planet - and discover what success and fulfillment truly mean to you as an individual, beyond the expectations of others.

  • Power of manifestation

    Awaken the manifesting master within as you learn how to bring even your wildest dreams into reality with startling accuracy.

  • Increased Happiness

    Experience the purest expression of joy and happiness in your every waking moment, and embody a state of being where happiness is your default state.

  • Greater Confidence

    Erase any trace of self-doubt in your mind and spirit, and gain the confidence to solve any challenge and earn any victory. Even if you struggled to believe in yourself in the past.

  • Support from your Tribe

    Get mentoring from Mindvalley Certified Trainers, accountability from your peers and find new friends who will have your back in the times of doubts.

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Mindvalley Be Extraordinary Seminar Online


$41.60 / month

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*VAT charges might apply as per the billing address.
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