The HoloBody Intensive

The HoloBody Intensive

In Just 2 Days, Experience The Biggest Health & Fitness Breakthrough Of Your Life With Leading-Edge Mind-Body Practices That Permanently Shift Your Body, Your Habits & Emotions, And Your Self-Identity Towards Extraordinary Wellness.

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The HoloBody Intensive Online Seminar with Vishen Lakhiani & Ronan Oliveira

May 29 - 30th, 2021
8am-3pm PDT / 5pm-12am CET

Guest Speakers

Momo Vuyisich, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer of Viome

Sheila Kelley

Star of Netflix's "Rise Up Strip Down" and Founder of S-Factor

Saskia Alusalu

Speed Skater & Olympian

Dr. Rolene Strauss

Winner of Miss World 2014 & Self-Confidence Coach

Lorenzo Delano

Exercise Physiologist & Co-Founder of 10x by Mindvalley

Miriam Gubovicova

Female Health Expert & Founder of VivaHer

Aya Jean

Style Coach & Confidence Coach

If you want a fit & healthy body, look beyond your body...

You’re often told that lifelong health and fitness is about exercising often. Eating wholesome food. And sticking to the right lifestyle choices.

None of these perspectives are wrong.

But they’re not exactly right either.

Because studies now show that getting (and staying) in great physical health isn’t just about exercise and nutrition, or even developing the right habits or discipline.

But rather, it’s about creating a deep integration between how you manage your body and your mind.

This integrated mind-body approach is fast emerging as a game-changer in the science of health and fitness.

And when you apply it through a series of science-based practices, you experience a profound and permanent transformation in your fitness and vitality. Your lifespan. Your weight and metabolism. Your ability to heal and recover. And amazingly, even your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

All without the struggles, relapses, and frustratingly temporary results you face with the traditional approach to fitness.

The HoloBody Intensive is a platform for us to share the best of these practices with you, all in one easy-to-follow framework - so you too can achieve the biggest, most lasting wellness breakthrough of your life.

Can You Afford To Ignore Fitness?

Strength - Vitality - Flexibility - Optimal nutrition - Biological age

These aren’t just vanity metrics to see how well you’re doing at the gym.

But rather, they’re necessary assets for realizing your fullest human potential.

Whether you’re looking to be the best in your career, start or grow a business, master new skills, or even change the world - you need a body that can go the distance with you.

An extraordinary life can only be lived in an extraordinary body.

And it’s not one you’ll gain for the long run if you stick to the typical approach to fitness, that forces you onto a hamster wheel of temporary gains and unsustainable lifestyle changes.

The beauty of the mind-body approach is it creates powerful change not just in your physical functions, but in your subconscious mechanisms - including your emotions and even your self-identity.

The result is that the health and fitness upgrades you gain don’t just stick with you for a season: they become a permanent part of who you are. And an indispensable ally on your path of personal growth and transformation.

Ronan Oliveira

Ronan Oliveira

A Transformational Approach ToHolistic, Lifelong Health & Fitness

The HoloBody Intensive (short for Holistic Body) is a life-changing deep dive into today’s most effective science-based practices for health and fitness.

But what you discover here won’t be anything like your typical fitness workouts.

Instead, you’ll gain leading-edge tools and exercises that condition not just your body, but your mind and even your soul, for a lifetime of optimal health, healing, and youthful vitality.

In addition to getting fit and in shape, you’ll discover how to reverse aging. Erase your aches and pains. Improve your gut microbiomes and mitochondria. Balance your hormones. And even heal your subconscious and energetic patterns, so peak wellness and performance become your natural default state.

An Integration Of Today’s Best Mind-Body Practices For Holistic Health & Fitness

These are some of the key tools and modalities you’ll discover in the seminar:

Body Identity Shifting

Body Relationship and Beliefs: the psychological pillar of health transformation which lies in the unconscious beliefs that determine your body and health setpoints.

Shadow and Negative Belief Extraction Process: the integration of energy work to unlock your possibilities of transforming your health in a way that feel effortless.

Health Vision, Values, and Goals: creating subconscious systems that will automatically guide your behaviors towards the highest expression of vitality your body can have.

Physiological Strategies

Gut Microbiome & Nutrition Alignment: understanding the potential of customizing your nutrition to meet the unique needs of your own body.

Metabolic Turnover: achieving optimal weight by increasing the efficiency of the body’s energy flux.

ART (Adaptive Responsive Training): an optimized approach to exercise that creates profound physical transformation in minimal time

Qigong & Breathwork: exercises that combine life force energy, mindfulness, and breathing techniques for wellness

Mind Over Body Techniques

Imagery Therapy: an advanced tool for mind-body healing and energy gains, pioneered by The Silva Method

Mind-Body Healing: the practice of accelerating healing, erasing pain, and healing physical defects through energetic frequencies.

MCII (Mental Contrastion with Implementation Intentions): the scientific method to reprogram behaviors and develop discipline.

Daily Micro Habits and Micro Routines: leverage the science of behavior change to build a routine that makes your transformation happen as a byproduct.

Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

Vishen Lakhiani is the Founder of Mindvalley, an award-winning education movement with millions of students worldwide and growing fast. Through Mindvalley, Vishen has spent over 25 years exploring the science of helping humans reach their fullest potential.

As the hands-on CEO of Mindvalley, Vishen is the architect behind Mindvalley’s key platforms, events, and initiatives. His methods and technologies are taught in Fortune 500 companies, governments, schools, and to professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

In addition to his work in the public sector, Vishen also applies his discoveries in human potential to his own health and career.

In recent years, he has emerged as an international bestselling author, speaker, and activist - and has even transformed his health and fitness, healing his eyesight, and getting in far better shape at 46 than he was in his twenties.

In the Holo Body Seminar, Vishen’s goal is to share the leading-edge mind-body principles he uses to look, feel, and perform at his peak.

This includes emerging methodologies in areas like longevity, muscle stimulation, and epigenetics. And advanced techniques like imagery therapy and science-based energy healing that strengthen and heal the human body far beyond the standard health and fitness paradigm.

Vishen Lakhiani

Trainer Credentials

  • Vishen is the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and The Badass, both of which reveal how to think like some of the greatest non-conformist minds of our era, and create better rules for life, work, and wellness.

  • Vishen is an international speaker and activist, and has been invited to speak at companies like Google, Facebook, and even the United Nations.

  • He is the inventor of numerous personal growth technologies and platforms - including the 6 Phase Meditation, which is endorsed by numerous public figures and athletes from every major sporting league in the United States.

  • Vishen is a certified instructor of The Silva Method, a pioneering global movement in the field of mind empowerment (a selection of the tools and techniques he shares at the seminar will be from The Silva Method).

Vishen mentioned Silva’s impact on his life in his book. It went on to become the #1 Book in the World on Amazon for 5 days in 2017.

Vishen mentioned Silva’s impact on his life in his book. It went on to become the #1 Book in the World on Amazon for 5 days in 2017.

Vishen’s techniques in high performance meditation are currently being used by athletes in every major American professional sports team including the NBA, NFL, Olympians and the US Open Tennis Champion.

Vishen’s techniques in high performance meditation are currently being used by athletes in every major American professional sports team including the NBA, NFL and US Open Tennis.

Ronan Oliveira, Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness

Ronan Diego de Oliveira is Mindvalley’s in-house health and fitness expert, and a designer of science-based optimal wellness protocols with one goal: to trigger profound transformation in a fraction of the expected time and effort.

Ronan’s health and fitness journey started from a place of struggle. He was often bullied in his youth for having a weak and skinny body, which drove him to desperately seek a solution.

Unfortunately, his initial approach was an unhealthy one mired in over-exercising, unhealthy food restrictions, and force-feeding. He had shifted from an absent relationship with his body, to an abusive one that left him with massive health issues and fatigue.

Ronan took this as a wake-up call to study the science of health and fitness, beyond what his trainers or the media were telling him. This was his starting point to a holistic approach that engages the mind and body to transform in a healthy and sustainable way, as it achieves its fullest expression of power.

Today, Ronan shares his discoveries with thousands of people worldwide through acclaimed coaching programs and events, including his latest: The Holo Body Seminar.

Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Trainer Credentials

  • Ronan is Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness, and the co-creator of many of our bestselling fitness programs including 10x Fitness and Beyond Fasting with over 20,000 students worldwide.

  • First Place Winner (out of 11,000) at Viper Challenge, the largest obstacle circuit race competition in Asia.

  • International trainer in personal performance, leadership and design thinking, and frequent TEDx Speaker.

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Ronan Diego de Oliveira teaching at Mindvalley’s A-Fest, Bali 2018

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First place out of 11,000 at Viper Challenge

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Reserve Your Spot In The HoloBody Online Seminar

with Vishen Lakhiani & Ronan Oliveira

Saturday, 29th May 2021 | Time: 8AM - 3PM (PDT), 5PM-12AM (CET)

Sunday, 30th May 2021 | Time: 8AM - 3PM (PDT), 5PM-12AM (CET)

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What You'll Learn

  1. Transform Your Body, Permanently:

    You’ll gain powerful mind-body practices that rapidly and permanently transform every marker of your health and fitness - from your strength and flexibility, to your gut healthy and longevity, and much more.

  2. Retune Your Mind For Lifelong Health & Fitness:

    By diving deep into your subconscious mind, you’ll reprogram the patterns, habits, and elements of your self-image that are silently sabotaging your wellness - erasing all resistance from your health transformation, and allowing it to stay with you for life.

  3. Heal Your Body & Reverse Aging:

    You’ll harness science-based protocols optimized to accelerate healing and recovery in your body, while turning back the clock on premature aging - so you can start looking and feeling younger than ever.

  4. Level Up Your Nutrition:

    Explore the latest findings in optimal nutrition and gut health to discover your unique dietary needs - and create a personalized nutrition game plan that you can stick to with ease.

  5. Master Your Metabolism:

    Get a step-by-step game plan for increasing your metabolic turnover rate to optimize your body’s internal functions, reverse aging, and raise your overall health baseline, while keeping yourself in your best weight range.

  6. Achieve Peak Productivity & Personal Power:

    Experience a quantum leap in your confidence, self-identity, and effectiveness in your personal and professional life, as you step into a body that rockets you towards your biggest goals and dreams.

Students Stories

The Transformation You’ll Experience

  • Your Body Constantly Amazes You

    Whether you’re checking yourself out in the mirror or still going strong even after a long day - you’re overjoyed with how your new, healthier and fitter body makes you look and feel.

  • This Time, The Change Is Permanent

    You’re not even the slightest bit tempted to go back to your old ways. There is no struggle, no willpower battles - your new healthy lifestyle choices and habits are now an effortless, natural part of who you are.

  • You Look & Feel Years Younger

    You’ve never felt or looked this good in your life. You’re healing and recovering faster, and your wrinkles and grey hairs are disappearing, along with all those stubborn aches and pains.

  • You’ve Fixed Your Diet

    You’ve broken up with all the food that used to make you gain weight or feel sick and bloated. You’ve now designed a diet that’s perfect for your health - and unlike some healthy food you used to make yourself eat in the past, you actually enjoy it.

  • You’ve Supercharged Your Metabolism

    Your ideal weight is now your default state, your organs are functioning beautifully, and you’ve drastically lowered your risk of many common illnesses - all because you’ve permanently healed your metabolism.

  • You’re Performing At Your Finest

    You’re getting more done, learning and evolving faster, and feeling confident to reach for even bigger goals, now that your mind and body are conditioned to their peak.

A 2-Day Online Seminar For A Permanent Health & Fitness Breakthrough, The Mind-Body Way

The HoloBody Seminar is a LIVE online experience for anyone in search of a lifelong solution to amazing health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Over two days, you’ll join Vishen Lakhiani and Ronan Oliveira as they guide you through a rigorously optimized mind-body framework for holistic health and fitness: powered by today’s best science-based tools and practices.

Expect an immersive, electrifying experience as you engage in virtual coaching sessions, video training, and group workshops presented through Mindvalley’s revolutionary online learning platform: all designed to rapidly and permanently transform every marker of your health and fitness; mind, body, and soul.

Avatars of Mindvalley Zoom Callers

Reserve Your Spot For The HoloBody Online Seminar

Day 1, 29th May 2021

Time: 8AM - 3PM (PDT), 5PM-12AM (CET)

Day 2, 30th May 2021

Time: 8AM - 3PM (PDT), 5PM-12AM (CET)

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The Curriculum

Explore The HoloBody Intensive Curriculum


The HoloBody Inward Journey

Your first day of HoloBody Intensive is about going inward. From your relationship with your body, to your subconscious and energetic patterns, to your mindset, moods, and self-identity - this is where you’ll be guided through the deep inner work that erases your resistance and blockages, and sets your mind and body on the path to lifelong wellness.

Highlights include:

  • Creating a crystal-clear intention: dive deep into your psyche, and uncover a vivid vision of your ideal health and fitness. This vision and intention will be your rocket fuel that keeps you unstoppably focused and always moving towards your goal.

  • Shifting your body identity: gain a permanent boost in your confidence, motivation, and mindset by transforming your relationship with your body, and releasing the stories and patterns that silently sabotage your wellness goals.

  • How to think & perform like an Olympian: discover how to rapidly embody the mental models and belief systems harnessed by the world’s elite performers to achieve strength, fitness, and vitality beyond the ordinary.

  • Healing your body with your mind: mind-body healing is now a rigorously proven scientific phenomenon - and you’ll discover how to harness it to erase illness, heal aches and pains, and even improve your skin and eyesight.

  • And so much more…


The HoloBody Physical Transformation

After building your inner foundations on the first day, your second day guides you through an empowering exploration of the scientific mind-body principles and practices you’ll apply in your daily life to transform your health and fitness. You’ll experience a series of interactive, hands-on exercises that show you how to turn these practices into effortless lifelong habits.

Highlights include:

  • The Peaceful Warrior Morning Routine: get the best start to your day with an easy-to-follow morning routine that combines Qigong, breathwork, and pineal gland activation for all-day energy and performance.

  • Get fit in a fraction of the time: work out far less while getting in the best weight and shape of your life with this optimized Energy Flux exercise approach that makes your body build muscle, burn fat, and reverse its biological age on autopilot.

  • The ultimate guide to nutrition: step off the endless cycle of diet fats, and discover an optimized Food Framework that shows you how to eat right for your body, heal your gut microbiome, and even transform your relationship with food - no more unhealthy cravings.

  • Revolutionize your routines: use these quickfire biohacks and simple daily routines to boost your health and fitness in every moment - even when you’re sitting down or working at your desk.

  • And so much more…

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1:

Access To High-Quality Recordings Of The Entire Event for 7 days

You’ll receive high-quality recordings of the entire 2-day online seminar within your Mindvalley account. This lets you deepen your transformation by revisiting any lesson or technique at your convenience, including any you might have missed. The recordings will be available for 7 days.

Access To High-Quality Recordings Of The Entire Event for 7 days

Bonus #2:

Access To The Mindvalley Insights Collaborative Learning Tool

Mindvalley Insights is a collaborative learning tool that allows you and other seminar graduates to stay connected to each other’s growth and learnings. Whenever an individual member achieves a milestone or learns an important lesson, they can then upload it to the ‘group brain’, so everyone benefits. All this takes place on one immersive platform that allows you to easily keep track of specific members, interact with individuals and the collective, and rapidly share your own insights with the group.

 Alumni Group Lifetime Membership

How The Online Seminar Works

1. Preparation

You’ll receive easy step-by-step instructions for joining the online seminar via Zoom. This includes links to download necessary apps if needed. A few minutes is all you need to get ready.

Mindvalley app on Apple TV, featuring Be Extraordinary, 10X Fitness, The Longevity Blueprint, The Mastery of Sleep, and many more programs.

2. Experience

During the seminar, you’ll be interacting with Vishen, Ronan, and their team through every step of the process. You’ll receive daily reminders, and convenient links to any supporting materials you may need.

Mindvalley Connection app, showing friend requests, meet up and events and other feature from the app.

3. Perpetual Growth

Your growth and transformation continue even after the seminar through Mindvalley Insights collaborative learning tool.

Mindvalley mobile app showing progress and completed quest on an android phone

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The HoloBody Intensive Online Seminar on various devices

The HoloBody Intensive Online Seminar with Vishen Lakhiani & Ronan Oliveira

May 29 - 30th, 2021
8am-3pm PDT / 5pm-12am CET

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Students Stories

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The HoloBody Intensive Online Seminar on various devices

The HoloBody Intensive Online Seminar with Vishen Lakhiani & Ronan Oliveira

May 29 - 30th, 2021
8am-3pm PDT / 5pm-12am CET

Two Ways To Get Started
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Get access to the 2-day HoloBody Intensive Online Seminar.

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