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Mindvalley Ultramind Seminars

Accessing altered states and deep meditation for tapping into enhanced intuition and inspiration

Vishen presenting on stage at an Intuition Training

One Of The Biggest Breakthroughs In The Human Mind

“By 2038, Intuition will be part of most school curriculums and a common training protocol in most Fortune 500 companies. Our children will be learning to access altered states to draw onto sources of knowledge beyond what we now understand as the brain. And CEOs and executives will be trained to tap into such states to source ideas, creativity and better ‘gut’ instincts.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen explains why you should be listening to your “inner voice”

The quote above may strike you as bold. Or crazy. As radical as this may seem now, keep in mind that today in 2018, 44% of the Fortune 100 have a mindfulness program for their employees. Yet 20 years ago, Mindfulness would have been considered too ‘out-there’ for American corporations. Times change. And our knowledge of the human mind is rapidly advancing.

Intuition is the next frontier.

But for generations, indigenous cultures of the world have been tapping into polystate-brainwaves -- accessing levels like Alpha, Theta and Delta as part of their day-to-day living.

This seminar is about teaching us to access these states at will.

In the video below, Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, demonstrates how Mindvalley is bringing intuition training into into its new University System - in this case in Tallinn, Estonia as part of their 2018 program, training 400 people at a time over two days.

Behind The Scenes Of Mindvalley Ultramind Seminar In Estonia

The Mindvalley Ultramind Seminar...

  • is a method of dynamic meditation
  • helps you tap into Theta levels of mind to source intuition and creativity
  • supports you in making better decisions in life
  • makes you move faster towards your goals and objectives
  • gets you to tap into heightened levels of creativity and inspiration

A History:

The Mindvalley Ultramind Seminar is derived from the work of the late Jose Silva. Since the 1960s - Jose Silva has been developing and perfecting his mind training system. Over one million people have attended his seminars and his books such as “The Silva Mind Control Method” have sold over 10 million copies.

The Mindvalley Ultramind Seminar is the culmination of his work, condensed into an approachable format to immediately apply to your life, taken directly from his life’s work before Silva passed away in 1999.

Vishen Lakhiani studied the program in 2002, and wrote in his best-selling book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” (New York Times Business Best-Sellers List, and an Amazon #1 Book Globally) about how inspiration and intuition had helped him advance his career in Silicon Valley.

In 2017, working with Jose Silva’s descendants and family, Mindvalley got the rights to take this work, develop it further and bring it to masses with the eventual goal of making intuitive functioning mainstream in schools and companies by 2038.

Mindvalley became one of the first companies to start training its workforce in intuition in 2018. The goal is now to take this global.

Intuition Seminar students paying attention
Seminar attendee focusing
Vishen and Kristina on stage
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Vishen talking to some of the attendees
Seminar attendees focusing

The Ultramind Seminar in Tallinn Estonia as Part of Mindvalley University 2018

Seminar Structure And Curriculum

  • The seminar spans 2 days. Each day starts at 9:00AM and finishes at 7:00PM
  • Each day involves 5 sessions for training participants to access Alpha and Theta levels of mind.
  • Each day involves 5 lectures and training on using the mind for consciously resolving problems one might face in life. See list below all BENEFITS.
  • The closing session (1 hr on day one and 2 hrs on day 2) is focused on group immersion as participants are paired in groups and work on specific exercises designed to put everything they learn into practice.

The 7 Types Of Meditation

One of the unique things about this seminar is how it spans different types of meditation practices and unifies many of them into a practice you can bring into your life every day.

1. Creative Visualization

commonly used to visualize goals and scientifically validated for performance improvements in sports.

2. Directed Healing

Can be used for energy work. Doctors sometimes call this ‘imagery therapy’.

3. Intuitive Meditation

For tapping into intuition/inspiration. This is often about entering theta levels of mind and drifting off into semi-sleep to access intuitive thoughts.

4. Shadow Work

For healing past issues, forgiveness and inner-conflicts.

5. Connection Meditation

For connection between two or more people, in compassion or for connection to higher power (unification).

6. Re-Programming

Used for programming past beliefs or breaking undated behaviors. Many personal growth meditations fall here.

7. Passive Meditation

Breathwork or focused breathing. Clearing the mind. More hermetic and eastern practices.

Bonus: Delta Level Access

This is a more controversial meditation technique designed to tap into specific states of mind accessible only during sleep. Unlike the 7 other techniques above - this has not yet been validated by any science and thus we are asking participants to have an open mind when approaching this.

50% of the time spent in this seminar is spent in deep guided meditation listening to specific sounds and guided instructions by the instructor. Do come prepared.

The Ultramind Seminar at Mindvalley University 2018

The Ultramind Seminar at Mindvalley University 2018

The Mission

As part of our mission to build a truly global school for humanity, we quickly realized that we couldn’t do it alone. So we launched the Mindvalley Certified Trainers Program. We selected 40 top applicants to go through this high calibre training program and taught them the Mindvalley curriculum, so they can hold local Mindvalley events in their country. Be Extraordinary is the first of these events.

The Mindvalley Certified Trainers are all incredible coaches and entrepreneurs in their own right…and most importantly, they live and breathe personal development.

The Silva Ultramind System Seminar Group Photo

Benefits And What You’ll Learn

The Mindvalley Ultramind Seminar is specifically designed to:

  1. Develop Waking Intuition By Tapping Into Waking Theta Consciousness

    This implies being able to have a better, stronger ‘gut’ instinct in decision making. Intuition adds a level of thought beyond the pure rational conscious mind that allows faster, better, more accurate decision making in work and life.

  2. Understand & Control Your Mind Using Mental Re-Programming

    Do you have trouble with motivation, diet, exercise...sticking to personal resolutions?

    This seminar covers auto-suggestions techniques designed by Jose Silva that can be used to ‘reprogram your mind’ over a few weeks to retrain habits, give up bad behaviors and accelerate your body’s rate of natural healing.

  3. Learn How To Accelerate Healing Yourself And Others Using Imagery Therapy

    The mind is the driving force behind all healing. Unsurprisingly, traditional science medicine is only just starting to turn to this truth as the most effective and powerful system of restoration.

    You will discover scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to speed up recovery from illness, to reduce pain and injury, to obtain radiant health, help prevent illness and disease.

  4. Take Creative Visualization To A New Level

    You will learn to command the power of thought to influence reality. We focus on teaching you how to use your mind at the Delta level (while you sleep) to identify the right goals and discover your life mission.

    This revolutionary technique enables you to unravel and solve potential problems that may seem out of control. Once this happens, you can identify what is the RIGHT mission or goal for you, and bring this goal to life.

  5. Discover And Fulfill Your Life Purpose

    We're all here to fulfill our mission - whether it’s raising wonderful kids, writing an influential book, saving the rainforests or launching a multi-million dollar business and creating thriving livelihoods for hundreds of people.

    In this Training, you learn how to apply your mind to first discover what you should be doing. You then learn how to apply your mind to be successful in doing it.

  6. Master The Art Of Dynamic Meditation

    Learn how to put yourself into a deep level of meditation within 60 seconds flat. Nothing bothers you. Sounds don’t disturb you. Stress melts away. Headaches and migraines...may vanish forever. And, as TIME Magazine reported in a cover story... “Meditation is being recommended by more and more physicians as a way to prevent, slow or at least control the pain of chronic diseases like heart conditions, AIDS, cancer and infertility.

  7. Get And Stay Healthy Longer

    Tune in to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Studies show that aligning these various needs leads to better long term health. You’re no longer at war with yourself, only tending to needs in one area at the expense of another. You’re able to completely understand and balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to create a healthier you.

  8. Relief Stress And Relax More Easily

    Once you've mastered the simple technique for going to the Alpha level, you'll be able to go there almost instantly. Melt away stress and be totally relaxed.

  9. Find Inner Peace

    Clear your mind and heart of past baggage. Finally, you can rid yourself of past experiences that have kept you from truly moving on. The clarity you can gain in learning how to process, conquer, and let go of past baggage could have an immediate and lasting impact in your life.

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The Experience: Mindvalley Ultramind Seminar

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The Ultramind Seminar in Tallinn Estonia as Part of Mindvalley University 2018