The Stage Effect

Transform into a Master Speaker in 21 Days: Unlock Authentic Presence & Captivate Audiences with Eric Edmeades

Join Eric Edmeades, the sought-after speaker who's rocked stages with Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson, to elevate your public speaking and amplify your influence, impact, and income.

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For anyone who dreams of speaking on a big stage, inspiring an audience, or making your message go viral…

Have you ever doubted your ability to speak on stage?

Or refrained from speaking up in a meeting, or shied away from posting that video on social because you lacked the confidence in your message or delivery?

Imagine the countless opportunities that pass you by when you fail to make yourself seen or heard…

Studies show that public speaking skills are directly correlated with career advancement and earning potential. Yet, many of us still believe that only a lucky few have the natural talent to be powerful communicators.

But is this true? Are all those charismatic speakers, persuasion experts, top sales people, empathic communicators, and master orators really just born that way?

The truth is, it’s not a talent. It’s a skill. You've simply never been shown how to unleash it…

A proven formula to transform you into an unforgettable speaker in just 21 days, delivered by one of the world’s very best.

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With Eric Edmeades as your guide, you’ll be training directly with one of the highest-rated speakers on the international circuit to rapidly elevate your confidence and communication skills.

Just give Eric 20 minutes a day. That’s all you'll need to equip you with the knowledge and skills to deliver presentations so electrifying, your audience will be magnetized to their seats:

1- Storytelling Mastery - The heartbeat of any unforgettable speech, storytelling isn't just an art—it's a must-have skill that differentiates a monotonous speaker from a mesmerizing one

2. Presentation Mechanics - Eric’s blueprint for creating any successful presentation, that you can adapt on the fly, never forget, and naturally put yourself and your audience at ease.

3. Stage Presence & Charisma - eliminate stage fright as you tap into your authentic persona and make it the invisible thread that keeps your audience hanging onto your every word.

Even if you’re inexperienced, even if you’re introverted, Eric’s formula will give you the confidence to shed every inhibition and self-doubt you ever had about public speaking.

Get ready to release a more persuasive, more magnetic, and more effective version of yourself.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Master The Art of Communication

  2. Captivate Audiences with Public Speaking

  3. Unscripted Brilliance

  4. No More Death-By-PowerPoint

  5. Fast-Track Career Ascension

  6. Authenticity is Your Trademark

  7. Charisma That Lights Up the Room

  8. Monetize Your Influence

90% On-Stage Confidence
of students stated they are more confident on stage
75% Better Communication
more likely to community better
85% Improved Delivery
experienced improvements in their story delivery

This program is for you if you’re seeking to grow in the following areas:

Better Public Speaking
Better Communication Skills
Growing Your Influence
Ability to Teach Others
Discover Hidden Talents
Overcome Stage Fright
Become a Better Storyteller

Our proven transformation formula

In just 5 - 20 easy minutes a day you’ll experience a unique combination of micro-learning, practical exercises and Behavioral Change Dynamics

This 21-day online program is hosted by internationally renowned orator Eric Edmeades.

Micro lessons in just 20 mins a day

Each class builds up on previous one to create a transformational effect

See dramatic results at the end of 21 days

The curriculum

The Stage Effect is a transformative 21-day program designed to turn you into a mesmerizing communicator and public speaker.

Your mentor, Eric Edmeades, will guide you each day through a series of groundbreaking techniques, tools, and strategies that elevate your stage presence and speaking abilities.

With just 20 minutes a day, you'll absorb lessons that supercharge your confidence and hone your articulation skills, enhancing everything from your storytelling to your slide decks.

By the end of the program, you'll not only be confident on the stage but a more powerful, effective, and influential speaker in any situation.

The Silva Ultramind System on multiple devices

Part 1

Lay The Foundation For an Unforgettable Presentation

Show breakdown

Part 2

Discover The Primary Operating Language for the Mind

Show breakdown

Part 3

Design an Unforgettable Presentation

Show breakdown

Part 4

Learn how to Present Magically

Show breakdown

Bonus content

Bonus 1

Pre-Meet Your Audience Meditation
Imagine you could meet your audience before delivering your presentation, tune-in to their energy and tailor your delivery to best make them receptive. With this mind-exercise you’ll be able to prime yourself and your audience for astounding results.

Bonus 2

Speaker’s State Meditation
Kiss nerves and stage-fright goodbye with this powerful meditation to put in the optimal mental space before you step on stage. Place yourself in a powerfully confident state and stride out in the spotlight.

Meet your trainer

The Staging Effect

Eric’s journey from homeless 15-year-old to one of the globe's most versatile and captivating speakers is proof that anyone can overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

Over the course of his career, he has racked up over 10,000 hours of stage time on tours alongside the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and motivational juggernaut Tony Robbins.

Beyond the microphone, Eric is a force to be reckoned with—an award-winning entrepreneur with successful ventures in business mentoring, holistic health, and even Hollywood; yet he attributes much of this success to his mastery of public speaking.

Now, he’s committed to empowering individuals from all walks of life to unlock their full potential, create exceptional lives, and become influential communicators.

Trainers credentials

  • Eric speaks on stages around the world with luminaries like Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton, on subjects including entrepreneurship and human transformation.
  • Founder of Speaker Nation™- an exclusive community where members can practice public speaking and presentation skills in a safe environment.
  • In 2018, Eric was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate for his work in improving the quality of people’s lives.
  • Creator of Behavioral Change Dynamics™: a process that harnesses psychology and transformative language patterns to permanently rewire the human mind for peak performance.
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Florencia is a highly-rated international motivational speaker who graces stages around the world.

“You are one talk away from the next massive breakthrough in your life.”

Eric Edmeades

As seen on

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The Evolution Gap: A Survival Guide for Modern Civilization

In this fascinating conversation, Eric joins the eminent psychology professor to discuss how humankind’s rapid progress may be outpacing our biological ability to cope.
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The Seven Forces of Business Mastery

This international sell-out tour saw Eric join Tony and business icons on stage to deliver world-class training across the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.
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Highest Rated Speaker at Major Events

Eric is consistently ranked as the highest-rated speaker at Mindvalley University and A-Fest receiving an incredible NPS rating of 4.98.

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