Mastering Altered States for Problem Solving & Performance

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In this video, you will discover

Mind-body healing
Enhanced intuition
Waking Psychic Ability
Inner Peace
Creative visualization
Creativity boost
Dynamic meditation
  1. Create lucky synchronicities and coincidences

    Learn the fascinating story behind the scientifically proven Silva Method and how people around the world have used it to get ahead in life.

  2. Access altered states of mind

    Tap into Alpha, Theta, & Delta wave frequencies of the human mind to get into states of profound creativity and intuitive guidance.

  3. Solve impossible problems

    Stuck on difficult problems and there seems to be no way to solve them? Find out how your intuition can guide you in making the right decisions for a life full of success and excitement.

  4. Set the right goals

    Not sure which direction to take in life? Discover how to use altered states of mind for a massive improvement in goal setting and better directions.

Meet your trainer: Vishen

Altered states of mind

Silva instructor | Founder of Mindvalley

Vishen is a New York Times best-selling author, and has been featured on Forbes, the BBC, Google HQ, and USA Today.

Vishen credits The Silva Method both as the foundation for many of his personal breakthroughs including writing a book that hit #1 on Amazon for all books globally and creating a $100M company with no VC funding.

By publishing The Silva Ultramind System through Mindvalley, Vishen aims to re-introduce The Silva Method to a whole new generation of students.

Trainers credentials

  • Founder of Mindvalley, an award-winning global education company with over 12 million students.
  • New York Times Bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, translated into 25+ languages.
  • Inventor of numerous personal growth technologies and platforms - including the 6 Phase Meditation, Omvana App, A-Fest, and Mindvalley Quest.
  • His mind-training techniques have been used and endorsed by pro athletes in every major American sports league including the NBA, NFL, US Open Tennis, and more.
Vishen on stage at Mindvalley University
Vishen on stage presenting
Vishen with guest on stage at A-Fest
Close up of Vishen speaking on stage

Vishen conducted Silva Ultramind classes to audiences around the world to refine the methods shared here.