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Here are the various ways you can reach out to me depending on your needs. Please note that I strive to read every single message I get but due to the sheer volume I have several wonderful people assisting me.

Please note that if I answered all the requests I get for advice, I would not have time for anything else, so I strive to make everything I know easy and freely available for all via my Instagram, our Youtube Channel, and my Podcast. Do follow me there too.

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Request an Appearance on a Podcast, TV or Show

You can see examples of me on screen from:

  1. Impact Theory: Video 1 & Video 2
  2. London Real: Video

To book me for your show, podcast or interview, just reach out to my team at
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To book me to speak visit my Speaker Profile page to find out more about my speaking topics, view some of my talks, and book me for your next event.

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For press enquiries for magazine, newspapers and tv

As long as my schedule permits, I’d be happy to provide you with quotes or an interview for any relevant media articles on subjects like education, personal transformation, or work culture.

You can find my media kit below or reach out to my media team by emailing them. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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What would happen if we made education lifelong? And what if the whole world was our campus? Mindvalley University is an audacious experiment in education for the future - where every year, we descend on a vibrant city for 30 days of profound personal transformation, co-creation, and deep human connections. Now in its third year, we’re continuing to build incredible relationships and ultimately creating a more connected universe.

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If you have any enquiries related to Mindvalley, please visit the official Mindvalley contact page.

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