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Enjoy a Guaranteed Breakthrough In Your Health and Fitness Levels Within 90 Days Without Fad Dieting, Exercise or Massive Change in Lifestyle Simply By Changing Your Relationship With Food

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If you’re searching for a positive change in your health - but are sick of diets and weight loss programs - then this may be your most important invite of the year...

Because on monday, you could be joining thousands of people around the world on a life-changing online journey guaranteed to permanently transform how you feel and look.

This journey is called the WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge

And in just 90 days, it will finally empower you to:

  • Break free from unhealthy eating habits and cravings that poison your body, and leave you out of shape, drained, and sick...

  • Achieve and stay in your ideal weight, even if you’ve struggled with your weight and nothing else seems to work...

  • Heal aches, pains, and ailments caused by years of unhealthy food and lifestyle choices...

  • And even increase your lifespan and reverse premature aging, so you look and feel younger than you have in years.

Have other diet fads and nutrition programs failed you in the past?

The WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge. won’t.

In fact it will give you the most profound and lasting health breakthrough of your life, for one simple reason:

Your entire relationship with food will be forever transformed.

If you’re like most people, you might struggle with a sweet tooth, late-night fridge raids, or unhealthy food cravings.

The average diet plan tells you to resist these temptations, and make an effort to choose healthy food.

It’s a recipe for disaster and disappointment, because nobody can fight their willpower and keep winning over the long run.

The WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge instead draws on evolutionary medicine, behavioural psychology, and nutritional anthropology to first reprogram you to release your unhealthy food habits and cravings -

And then replace them with nourishing ones that draw you to the right food for the human body. Effortlessly and without struggle.

This is the key to a lifetime of optimal health and weight. And it’s also one of the many truths you’re rarely told through the conventional approach to health and nutrition: which often feeds you with myths instead, such as...

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What If You Could Permanently Reform Your Relationship With Food - And In Turn Your Body - In Just 90 Days?

People create short-term changes to their eating habits everyday: it’s what’s commonly known as dieting.

But modern day dieting doesn’t work.

To create life-changing results that last, you need a simple system that changes your food beliefs, relationship, and habits FOR GOOD.

A powerful, effective and new health and fitness methodology that draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology...

And uses behavioral psychology to create lasting change in your brain's association with food including its response to the Six Human Hungers...

So that no amount of advertising dollars or social pressures will put you back on an unhealthy regimen ever again.

This system addresses the five primary reasons behind why you've always failed to achieve the changes your body so badly wants to make. It guides you through an easy, step-by-step process to make permanent and lasting changes without ever feeling hungry and always having a feeling of abundant freedom - and it’s called:

WILDFIT: 90 Days To Your Natural, Best Looking Self

  1. The Principles to Lasting Health

    WILDFIT is a Paleo-influenced health methodology that draws heavily from evolutionary history and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities. A key principle of WILDFIT is that ‘every living thing has a diet’ and that the degree to which a species can stay on its diet is a measure of its health and longevity. These principles are known to have existed for at least 5 – 6 million years.

  2. Powerful Behavioral Psychology

    WILDFIT creator Eric Edmeades has been a professional speaker and executive business mentor for 2 decades: he understands behavior and how to create lasting change in you. WILDFIT’s program structure is based on powerful behavioural psychology techniques that help you implement the changes you want, quickly and easily.

  3. Microlearning For Even Your Busiest Days

    The traditional way of taking courses is: you invest in a course, and you study it by yourself in your own time for about 8 - 10 hours. It’s a process lacking in accountability and excitement. The WILDFIT program is run on Mindvalley’s Quests microlearning platform, which allows you to experience the program along with thousands of others under real-time guidance from Eric Edmeades’ team. No more finding time to pour through 10-hour courses. Just set aside an easy 10 minutes a day for 90 days.

  4. No Starvation And No Exercise

    The WILDFIT program is carefully designed so that you will NOT be hungry and there is no requirement to exercise. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet, energy levels and sleep on track so that, when you are ready, you will actually enjoy your exercise. You'll not dread it like you used to.

  5. Designed For Results In 90 Days

    For the most part, people already know (or think they know) what they should eat and what they should avoid to achieve their health goals. The problem is that they often fail to stick with them. They make exceptions and these exceptions slowly become the rule. The well-refined 90-day structure of the WILDFIT program, on the other hand, breaks most people's conditioning long enough to deliver lasting change.

  6. Group Coaching and Teams

    Food and health are team sports; people gravitate toward the average of the people around them. For most, this is not good news. The WILDFIT program places you in a group of people that can work together and support each other towards the same goals, every step of the way. This powerful framework helps our students get the best results possible.

  7. Work With The Six Human Hungers

    Most people eat either far more or far less than they need, and often they do both. They eat too much of what they should and not enough of what they must. In the WILDFIT program, you’ll work with the SIX CORE HUMAN HUNGERS to help you interpret what your body is trying to tell you, and give it what it truly needs.

  8. The WILDFIT Program Requires No Special Foods

    Healthier, organic foods can sometimes cost a bit more, but there are no special shakes, supplements or anything else to purchase. We are fundamentally against diet programs that are designed to get you to pay extra for "special foods" or "energy shakes" to complete the journey. Instead, every week, you gain a new awareness in your relationship with food. The WILDFIT program creates a fundamental change in your own body at a remarkable stick rate, and you are never obligated to buy anything from us again.

Eric Edmeades, Creator Of WILDFIT

Eric Edmeades is an international speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of evolutionary biology and nutritional anthropology.

Eric spent the earlier part of his life struggling with constant sinus and throat infections, excess weight, acne and chronic fatigue.

His doctors believed that surgically removing his tonsils was the solution, but on a whim, Eric decided to experiment with changing his diet. Within 30 days, all his symptoms went away, so the surgery was canceled.

Eric’s personal experience drove his passion to explore food’s role in human health. He wanted to understand why simple dietary changes healed his body - especially when western medicine had spent years telling him that cutting out a part of his body was the only solution.

His research took him to live with bushmen in Africa, where he studied their eating patterns. He waded through stacks of nutritional data and functional anthropology research, and devoted years of his life to analyzing and testing his theories.

WILDFIT is the culmination of Eric’s journey. And to date, it has helped thousands of people worldwide break free from poor health and debilitating diseases - and regain the health and wellness each of us was born to have.

Eric Edmeades

Trainer Credentials

  • The WILDFIT program, envisioned single-handedly by Eric, is Mindvalley’s single most popular and acclaimed body transformation curriculum.
  • Eric is widely regarded as one of the most effective business and personal mentors in the world. He channels these expertise into the WILDFIT program, ensuring maximum and lasting results for each of his students.
  • A vocal opponent of the food industry and Big Pharma, Eric regularly challenges inaccurate, profit-driven, and potentially harmful scientific knowledge.
  • In 2018, Eric was awarded a medal from the Canadian Senate, in honor of making a positive impact through his generosity, spirit and hard work.
  • Eric regularly embarks on anthropological expeditions to Africa to further understand how early humans ate and lived. All this research is funneled back into the WildFit methodology.
Eric's WILDFIT was voted the Highest Rated Program of Mindvalley in both 2018 and 2019.

So many lives were changed by Eric's WILDFIT Program that it was voted the Highest Rated Program of Mindvalley in both 2018 and 2019.

QA session with fans and students at his seminar.

Impacting thousands of people on immunity in our Mindvalley University Q&A session.

How Eric helped people kick their sugar cravings...

What You'll Learn

  1. Amplify Your Energy:

    Discover easy dietary and lifestyle shifts that replace lethargy with boundless energy and vitality, so you can get more done and live life on your terms.

  2. Improve Your Health & Wellness:

    Learn how to use wholesome food as a tool for health, healing, fitness, mobility, and even alleviating the symptoms of disease and illness.

  3. Strengthen Your Immunity:

    Optimize your immune system, and dramatically reduce your frequency of getting sick - all through easy-to-find and wholly natural foods.

  4. Enjoy Deeper Sleep:

    Command your body to fall into blissfully deep and restful sleep every night - even if you deal with insomnia or other sleep disorders.

  5. Upgrade Your Eating Habits:

    Reprogram your eating habits and cravings - so instead of reaching for harmful snacks, you naturally gravitate towards food that heals, energizes, and nourishes you.

  6. Achieve Your Ideal Weight:

    Harness a natural and sustainable solution to losing those stubborn excess pounds, or gain the weight you need to achieve your ideal body shape.

  7. Regain Your Youthfulness:

    Turn back the clock on premature aging, optimize your metabolism, posture, flexibility, exercise recovery time, and other markers of a youthful body.

  8. Lengthen Your Lifespan:

    Add years or even decades to your life through proven nutrition and lifestyle principles that promote extraordinary longevity and vitality.

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The Curriculum

Explore The WILDFIT Curriculum

The WILDFIT program is a 90-day real-time coaching curriculum that permanently transforms your relationship with food - and returns you to your optimal weight and health.

WILDFIT is unlike any other diet or nutritional program you may have experienced in the past. It’s not focused on telling you to eat more of one thing, and less of another. Nor are there any rigid diets or exercise plans to follow.

Instead, you’re guided through eye-opening nutrition information and powerful behavioral reprogramming tools that reprogram you to instinctively crave what’s good for you - and avoid what’s not. With zero willpower struggles or relapses.

At the end of the 90 days, you won't even relate to some of the foods you've been eating all these years.

Each week you'll receive new videos with instructions from your WILDFIT Certified Coach on exactly what you should be paying attention to. In addition to the videos, you’ll also receive information to support you in the journey including guides, recipes, and other resources.

WILDFIT on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

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Part 1

Discovering What Your Body Truly Needs

Part 2

Allowing Your Natural Human Diet To Take Over

Part 3

Releasing Weight Rapidly And Keeping It Off

Exclusive Bonuses Only For students enrolling in our upcoming class

This is a one-time offer & will not repeat again

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Bonus 1

Live coaching calls with WILDFIT coach



Just for this upcoming WILDFIT class , you will receive a special bonus: free access to group Live Calls with WILDFIT Coaches via Zoom. This bonus, valued at $1497, is A major advantage that sets Wildfit apart and is in a total of 19 LIVE coaching calls led by an experienced Wildfit coaches. These calls are not just ordinary sessions, allowing you to interact directly with the experts throughout the entire 90-day journey. Take advantage of this LIVE experience to take charge of your health.

The live calls start when the class starts and you will be intimated to join them via Email & our FB Accountability, each call is for 60 mins.

Imagine the power of having an expert coach guiding and coaching you every step of the way. With their personalized support and insights, you'll experience a transformation like no other. Certified coaches will ensure you stay on track and accountable every week.

This priceless opportunity to work closely with a seasoned coach and the creator of Wildfit and this is what makes our upcoming class truly exceptional. Don't miss out on this life-changing experience - Enroll on this page now as there are limited slots available to join the live calls.

This incredible opportunity, originally priced at $1497, is now being offered to you absolutely FREE.

Bonus 2

WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge: Daily Accountability Group so you’re fully supported on your transformation journey in every way possible (worth $200)

With WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge you are getting some massive premium WILDFIT advantage not available on our regular program. This class will include Daily accountability and Micro-pushes via messaging groups. You get to join a Telegram group where the WILDFIT team will post daily to ensure you're motivated, on track, and doing your work over 13 weeks to ensure you complete your body transformation challenge. Data shows that people are significantly more likely to finish a program when they receive daily micro coaching in a Telegram group. This is an advantage that elevates the program value by at least $200 more and you’re getting it at NO CHARGE by joining our upcoming WILDFIT class.

(Applicable ONLY by joining our upcoming class)

Lifebook pro

Bonus 3

(Bonus Program) Wildfit for the Family: 5 LIVE calls with dedicated Wildfit coaches (worth $895)

Studies strongly suggest that there is a striking close similarity between parents and children in the intake of both healthy - and unhealthy - food choices.

On top of your own transformation, you’ll have the chance to extend the Wildfit experience to your family - so you can achieve food freedom and a game-changing health breakthrough together.

(Applicable ONLY by joining our upcoming class)

6x live calls with Jon & Missy

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Try it for 15 days risk free

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. Go through the materials for 15 days risk-free from the day of purchase.

You can refund yourself anytime with one click. No emails, no phone calls, no hassle. Just reach out through our Refund Page and get a full, friendly and fast refund. No questions asked.

Your transformation is guaranteed. Get a full-refund if you are not happy with the results.

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What have you got to lose?

So many of our clients say when they started WILDFIT it felt like the last ditch effort to make a change in their life.

So here’s our questions for you. What do you have to lose? With the guarantee we offer, why not give WILDFIT a try and see if you are the next success story.

Our Money Back Guarantee

It’s no accident that the WILDFIT client stick rate is over 90%. This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients. We firmly believe that the WILDFIT 90 Challenge will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund.

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WILDFIT on various devices

What You Get:

  • The complete WILDFIT program (worth $1,499) for transforming your relationship with food and your body and health.
  • Live coaching calls with Eric & WILDFIT coach (worth $1497)
  • WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge: Daily Accountability Group so you’re fully supported on your transformation journey in every way possible (worth $200)
  • (Bonus Program) Wildfit for the Family: 5 LIVE calls with dedicated Wildfit coaches (worth $895)
  • 90 days of in-depth, easy-to-follow coaching on nutrition and lasting behavioral change, designed by Eric Edmeades.
  • All the guides, tools, recipes, and support you need to transform your health and body - without the struggle or willpower battles.

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A Masteclass is a deep dive into the content of this program. You will discover techniques you can apply immediately to improve your health and diet, and get a closer look at the program itself.

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