For the person who’s ready to let go of the masks and show up in the world true to themselves

Step into a fearless life of authenticity and unparalleled happiness by embracing your fully awesome self - flaws and all

A 25-day program to look your dragons in the eye, transcend your deepest fears and live unapologetically in your truth in every moment

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A program for the person who wants to live life by their own rules and no one else’s

Most of us are living a lie, and it feels harmless - at first.

A little pretending here and there… A little playing along to fit in…

In times of adversity, we put on convenient ‘masks’ to brush away the feelings of discomfort, rushing to block it out and act like it never happened.

When the lines between your social roles or shiny accomplishments and the real you starts to blur...

That is how you know that you have fallen into the trap of forgetting who you really are.

And getting out of it can be one of the biggest challenges you will ever face.

We put on the masks to be liked and accepted…

And yet, to be truly liked and truly accepted?

We need to learn to take off our masks. This is when your journey back to You really begins.

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The world doesn’t need your perfection

It’s only when you come to love and embrace your true selves and accept life with its contradictions, unpredictability, uncertainty, and spontaneity…

That you start to walk the path back to your true self.

And when you walk this path, know this.

You will hurt, cry, get your heart broken, get really mad, be embarrassed, and feel afraid.

But if you stick it through…

You will rise anew on the other side with a truly remarkable gift.

A gift that holds the key to your biggest value, to your mightiest strengths, and a life that’s more rewarding, and more beautiful than anything you can possibly imagine.

Beyond even, the most ‘perfect’ life and all of its shiny trinkets could ever offer you.

A step-by-step journey of uncovering the deepest layers of your being and embracing your true self - flaws and all

From Awesome to Flawesome is a 3-step roadmap to reclaiming your happiness as your gift to the world and taking the first steps to live your truth.

In 25 days, you’ll gain the tools and clarity you need to take the journey back to your true self:

  1. The Map - Honesty: You can’t know truly where you want to go and where to start until you’re honest with yourself.

  2. The Boat - Kindness: Easily navigate the rough waters of judgment and criticism with kindness as your boat, as you open the doors for inner healing

  3. The Sail - Courage: Courage will be the sail that carries you through the winds of change and chart a course towards new horizons of growth and fulfillment

As you’re guided through these phases, you’ll experience a profound rewiring of your inner world that frees you from the grips of perfectionism and self-doubt, and unapologetically embracing your fully awesome self.

In their place, you’ll uncover a life of profound joy, fulfillment, and inner peace as you rediscover your authentic truth and become your most fearless, deeply fulfilled, and empowered self.

What you’ll gain in From Awesome To Flawesome

  1. A deep sense of authenticity and honesty, especially with yourself

    By being genuine and transparent in your thoughts and actions, you’ll live in alignment with your true values and desires, instilling trust and respect in your relationships, and cultivating a strong sense of self-worth and integrity in yourself.

  2. Unwavering self-acceptance

    By embracing your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, you'll develop a beautiful sense of inner peace. Watch your life flourish as you free yourself from the constraints of societal expectations, and celebrate your worthiness and individuality.

  3. Experience the magic of boundless self-love

    Experience increased self-confidence, heightened self-respect, and a deep sense of fulfillment, enabling you to form genuine connections with others, pursue your passions fearlessly, and create a life that truly reflects your values and desires.

  4. Integrating honesty with kindness

    By expressing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a compassionate way, you create an environment of trust and mutual understanding. This skill fosters healthy, long-lasting relationships and promotes a deeper connection with yourself, leading to increased self-confidence and a greater sense of belonging.

  5. Awareness and higher sensitivity of your emotions

    Gain a deep understanding of your own emotions and others, as you become more empathetic, compassionate, and communicative. This heightened emotional intelligence leads to amazing new relationships, and a profound sense of self-confidence that empowers you to create a life filled with meaningful connections and personal growth.

  6. Turn your dragons into your most exceptional qualities and strengths

    Unlock your inner reservoir of personal power, rise above adversity and shine through every situation with unyielding courage and conviction. The personal power you cultivate will become a beacon of inspiration for others, as you fearlessly pursue your dreams and carve your own unique path of flawesomeness.

The Curriculum

Explore the From Awesome to Flawesome curriculum

From Awesome to Flawesome is a 25-day online program that guides you to reclaim your personal power as you embrace a new life of true authenticity.

On each day you’ll join Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani for a 15 - 20 minute video lesson: each one a step towards deeper self-acceptance, boundless self-love, and unwavering confidence.

By the end of the program, you’ll embrace who you really are on a deep level, honor your strengths and create a life that is uniquely and unapologetically your own.

From Awesome to Flawesome on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

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Part 1

Navigate the Map of Life With Honesty

Part 2

Embrace Kindness As a Boat That Keeps You Afloat

Part 3

Sailing with Courage

Part 4

Action Plan

Day by day schedule

Lesson 1-7

Lesson 1

Find your path back to yourself

Lesson 2

Uncover your delusions

Lesson 3

The power of perception: seeing beyond illusions

Lesson 4

The big trickster

Lesson 5

What if you are wrong?

Lesson 6

Uncover your defense mechanisms

Lesson 7

The dangers of spiritual bypassing

Lesson 8-14

Lesson 8

Practice radical self-honesty

Lesson 9

A healing tandem

Lesson 10

Deconstructing love

Lesson 11

How much self-love is too much?

Lesson 12

A shortcut to love

Lesson 13

Forgiveness: The key to unlocking self-love

Lesson 14

Kindness leads to courage

Lesson 15-21

Lesson 15

Don't fight it!

Lesson 16

Avoiding the indecision trap

Lesson 17

Take a leap of faith

Lesson 18

Are you ready for real honesty?

Lesson 19

Don't fix the world

Lesson 20

The world is your reflection

Lesson 21

What if you are selfish?

Lesson 22-26

Lesson 22

You don't need fixing

Lesson 23

How to find strength in becoming flawesome

Lesson 24

Replace judgement with curiosity

Lesson 25

There are no recipes in life

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, creator of From Awesome to Flawesome

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani is an international speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, mother of two, and co-founder of Mindvalley.

A 20-year veteran of the personal growth industry and one of Mindvalley’s key drivers since its inception, she has collaborated, studied, and shared a stage with many of today’s leading teachers: including Lisa Nichols, Shefali Tsabary, Marisa Peer, Michael Beckwith, Jay Shetty, and the late Bob Proctor.

Kristina’s journey into self-love began in her Soviet Estonian childhood, where she faced a path paved with suffocating rules, perfectionism, and gender programming.

Her conditioning followed her for decades and persisted even through her greatest successes: until she made the conscious decision to choose a life true to herself.

Kristina wearing a red dress and a white strap watch.

Trainer credentials

  • Kristina is both the co-founder of Mindvalley and founder of Mindvalley Russian, the largest personal growth platform in the Russian-speaking market.

  • She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has been an active contributor since 2019.

  • Her accolades include the Global Impact Creators’ Influencers For Change award, and placement in the Top 10 influential people online making a difference in the world today.

  • Becoming Flawesome, her debut book, is scheduled for release in June 2023 by Hay House Publishing

Kristina is the author of Becoming Flawesome

Kristina is the author of Becoming Flawesome

Kristina on the Mindvalley stage

Kristina on the Mindvalley stage

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