Naveen Jain

Turn “Impossible” Ideas Into Opportunities For Extraordinary Personal Success & Positive Impact

Explore the science of thinking boldly with visionary entrepreneur & problem-solver Naveen Jain - so you can start realizing game-changing ideas with the power to transform your life, and even all of humanity.

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What You’ll Learn

  1. How to awaken the Bold Visionary in you.

    Explore the beliefs, thought processes, and models of reality that shatter your subconscious limitations, and open you to new ways of thinking and achieving.

  2. The key to being an extraordinary entrepreneur (no matter what level you’re at now).

    Discover how to harness the strategies of the world’s best visionaries and problem solvers to level up yourself and your team - and create transformational success in your business.

  3. A step-by-step game plan for amplifying your impact x1000.

    You don’t need a big team or limitless resources. As Naveen will show you, all you need is the right mental frameworks and strategy.

  4. How the world’s top performers get so much done - and how you can too.

    How much more would you achieve if what used to take you a week, now only takes a day? The secret is in these little-known systems and habits that are second nature to the world’s top entrepreneurs and professionals.

  5. The visionary’s guide to accelerated goal achievement.

    Visionaries set and achieve goals differently compared to everyone else. Find out exactly how, and why this ‘evolved’ approach blows traditional goal-setting out of the water.

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll emerge with a roadmap for adopting a bold new visionary mindset - and the means to solve even the biggest problems and challenges.

About Naveen Jain

Only seven entities have launched successful missions to the moon: including the United States, the Soviet Union, and Japan.

Naveen Jain’s company, Moon Express, is about to be the eighth: and the first private company in the history of mankind to land a spacecraft on the moon, with the support of NASA and a seven-figure Google grant.

Naveen is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist with an uncanny gift for solving big challenges through innovation.

In addition to Moon Express, he is the founder of the World Innovation Institute, iNome, and various other companies making tremendous strides towards big and seemingly impossible goals - including making illness optional through microbial gene expression.

Coming from a poverty-stricken childhood, Naveen credits his stratospheric ascension to his extraordinary mindset and approach to envisioning, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.

And as you’ll discover in this new Masterclass, you too can apply these same thought models and frameworks towards game-changing success and impact - no matter where you are now in your journey as an entrepreneur, professional, or employee.

Naveen Jain
Anu and Naveen Jain announce Leaf Wearables as the grand prize winner in the $1M Women's Safety XPRIZE.

Anu and Naveen Jain announce Leaf Wearables as the grand prize winner in the $1M Women's Safety XPRIZE.

Naveen receives the 9th IILM Distinguished Global Thinker Award, in 2016.

Naveen receives the 9th IILM Distinguished Global Thinker Award, in 2016.

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This Masterclass Is Hosted By Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen is the founder of the world’s largest personal growth company, Mindvalley. He’s the author of the NY Times bestselling books, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” and “The Buddha & the Badass” and is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of human development. Vishen and his team of 250 education innovators at Mindvalley have created many of the world’s foremost brands, apps, tools and events in the field of human development including Mindvalley University, Omvana, A-Fest, Soulvana and more. As a host, Vishen uses his experience in learning design to draw out the best ideas and wisdom from each trainer.

Vishen Lakhiani and Naveen Jain at Space X

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