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Today’s leading organizations know something about their employees that most others don’t.

It’s a fact that gives them a tremendous advantage over their competitors, and that’s captured in one simple phrase:

“Mindset matters.”

The reason it matters is plain to see, for example:

For employees

  • 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace
  • 81% of employees are considering leaving their jobs
  • 69% of employees say they would commit more to their work if they were appreciated more

For employers & companies

  • $2.9 million is being spent by American employers a day (and $1.1 billion a year) looking for replacement workers
  • 21% more profitable companies with a highly engaged workforce
  • 400% increase in revenue for a good company culture

The truth is, the nature and perception of work has rapidly evolved over the past few decades. People now expect more from their jobs; and deeper alignment between their work and their personal need for growth and self-mastery.

The majority of the corporate world retains an outdated obsession with skillset - when the real focus should be a deeper, all-encompassing approach to employee performance and engagement.

At Mindvalley, we call this a mindset-first approach. And this is the advantage you gain when your team joins our transformational learning platform for businesses.

How Mindvalley Transforms Your Workplace

Today’s top talent and rising stars don’t want a traditional “learning & development program”, or even “career training”. They want to grow personally and holistically.

That’s why we’ve reimagined and rebuilt traditional business training from the ground up, to deliver engaging and transformational mindset-first learning that helps your people become the best versions of themselves, so they can give their best at work.

A 360 Approach To Growth

Global trends and new technologies like AI are disrupting the very nature of work - and quickly making the old approach to growth and peak performance obsolete. Mindvalley For Business empowers your team to thrive in this new world, by training them in the areas that matter most.

But we don’t just stop with a great education - we also harness AI and emerging technologies to create a powerful global network for your team, connecting them with the right people and uplifting them towards new dimensions of performance and self-mastery.

New upcoming features from 2021

Fully Measurable Results & ROI

Whether your goal is to increase productivity, introduce wellness practices, or grow your revenue, we partner with you to create bespoke approaches that install the mindset and programming of the world’s top performers in each of your team members.

  • 94% Increased Energy
  • 101% Improved Focus and Increased Productivity
  • 56% Stronger Leadership and Ownership

*Based on growth surveys using survey data from Mindvalley clients

Mindvalley Connection app, showing friend requests, meet up and events and other feature from the app.

How It Works

Step 1

Take The Life Assessment

Your team members begin with a 22-minute Life Assessment that helps them identify where they’re thriving and where they need to apply more deliberate focus and attention. This assessment helps them get an honest, structured roadmap for their journey towards peak performance.

Lifebook Assessment on Mobile and Desktop

Step 2

Design A Personalized Curriculum

Based on their Life Assessment results, each team member then receives a customized curriculum, curated from our vault of 50+ programs for every area of personal transformation. They only need 20 minutes a day for their ‘Mindvalley Time’. Our Getting Started guide shows them how to create habits and set up sustainable learning routines.

Mindvalley app on Apple TV, featuring Be Extraordinary, 10X Fitness, The Longevity Blueprint, The Mastery of Sleep, and many more programs.

Step 3

Grow As A Team

Teams that grow together significantly outperform their competitors. In addition to personalized curriculums, we’ll also help you design bespoke curriculums for your whole team to follow. Instead of trying to squeeze training into one-day training events, your team experiences consistent and synchronized transformation in any given month.

Team Conference Call

Step 4

Extraordinary Transformation In 20 Minutes A Day

In just 20 minutes a day, your team members grow consistently and perpetually. This time-optimized approach to growth helps them stay engaged throughout the learning process, develop habits that stick, and find excitement and satisfaction in the changes they see in every dimension of their lives.

Mindvalley Programs on Mobile

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World-Class Benefits For A World-Class Team

  1. Concierge Onboarding Experience

    You’ll receive a dedicated Miåndvalley Account Manager to guide you and your team through every step of your Mindvalley For Business subscription. Whether you need help choosing a curriculum, or supporting your team’s growth, we’re here to help.

    *For teams of 20 and above.

  2. Team-Based Transformation Journeys

    You’ll have the option of setting up bespoke group transformation journeys for your team. We’ll guide you towards the most impactful programs for your desired outcomes, and provide the framework for collaborative growth that your team doesn’t just stick to, but enjoys. The result is perfectly synchronized growth, in any direction of your choosing.

  3. Choose From Hundreds Of Workshops & Live Events

    In addition to core Mindvalley programs, your team also gains access to a wide range of events and growth opportunities throughout the year - each hosted by Mindvalley teachers and a curated selection of today’s brightest visionaries, professionals, and thinkers. These events - both live and virtual - cover every dimension of their personal and professional lives.

  4. Level Up Anytime, Anywhere

    Whether you have a physical office or a remote team spread across the world, your team can now learn wherever and whenever. Once they’ve downloaded the app for their mobile device, your team can start, stop, and return to their programs at the tap of a finger. Programs are available in both video and audio formats for added convenience.

  5. Program Completion Certificates

    Team members receive an official Mindvalley Certificate for each program they complete. In addition to a sense of accomplishment and progression, this rewards them with a valuable addition for their CVs and portfolios.

  6. Mindvalley Business Platform

    With the Mindvalley Business Platform, you will be able to manage your licenses; adding and removing users at your convenience. Soon, you will be able to get customized reports that give valuable insights on how your team is engaging and transforming through their Mindvalley Business curriculum. This data will allow you to track their progress, pivot as necessary, and create the best possible outcomes in the least amount of time.

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