Become A Certified Mindvalley 10x Coach, and create extraordinary fitness breakthroughs as you build a high-income, high-impact coaching business

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a Pro, discover how Mindvalley’s 10x Coaching Certification Program elevates you into a highly skilled & confident fitness coach, with a nearly infinite stream of loyal clients on demand.

10x Fitness Coaching Certification

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Bodies Transformed

A certification program for the aspiring or experienced coach looking to master today’s best methods for effective, rapid, and lasting fitness transformations

This New Year, what if anyone could gain an extraordinarily fit, strong, and healthy body…

Without breaking any New Year resolutions, and without the typical sacrifice of endless exhausting hours in the gym every week?

And what if you could be the person who guides them - and yourself - towards these life-changing transformations - and if you choose to, even build a profitable business or coaching practice out of it?

Mindvalley’s 10x Coaching Certification program is an opportunity to master one of today’s leading optimized body transformation protocols: rigorously tested and proven to create life-changing and lasting fitness breakthroughs in as little as two 15-minute workouts a week.

We’ve harnessed 10x to deliver fitness breakthroughs to over 53,844 people worldwide. And this is your invitation to join our global fitness revolution as a Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach, in perfect timing with the annual fitness goals and resolutions everyone’s about to set.

This opportunity could be perfect for you if:

  1. You want to master the skill of facilitating impactful health and fitness transformations, both in yourself and others. And you want the best available methods to get the human body in optimal shape and condition - quickly, permanently, and without the sacrifices or drawbacks of traditional fitness solutions.

  2. You want to step into a new career (or side career) that rewards you with wealth, peak fitness, personal growth, and a deep sense of purpose by empowering others. Plus the freedom to earn, grow, and play on your own schedule, in perfect alignment with the life you want.

  3. You’re a coach or fitness trainer who wants to upgrade your skill set or grow your business with one of today’s most effective and accessible fitness protocols. The new skills and tools you master through 10x will allow you to serve a wider range of clients better, transform them faster, and can even be combined with your existing methods to elevate you into a better-performing, higher earning coach.

  4. You want to make a bigger positive impact through your work and your abilities by both growing yourself into a world-class coach, and aligning yourself with the world’s no. 1 life transformation platform. As a Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach, you become our partner and ally with unsurpassed access to our entire ecosystem of today’s best teachers and trainers, a global community of coaches, and millions of potential clients.

A New Year, a new you, and a game-changing new approach to fitness that makes a dream body possible for anyone

The problem with traditional fitness protocols is obvious: most people can’t find the time or discipline to spend hours and hours at the gym each week.

That’s why 73% of people who set fitness goals as New Year resolutions fail. And why up to 80% of people with gym memberships quit in five months or less.

The silver lining of this situation is that during and after the pandemic, more and more people have started exploring new, better ways to get healthy and in shape.

At this very moment, millions are exploring optimal exercise and home-based workouts. Ones that don’t demand expensive equipment. Or endless hours in the gym. And can even be followed online with a qualified instructor.

These new fitness journeys can be challenging to navigate. Which is why the demand for effective and dynamic fitness coaches - like the one you can soon become - has skyrocketed.

Two people doing a workout outdoors

The extraordinary growth of coaching 2023 and beyond

  1. Home-based fitness training is in the top two fitness trends of 2022, according to the World Survey of Fitness Trends: and its popularity is expected to continue throughout 2023.

  2. Gym memberships have dropped - but health and fitness app downloads have increased by 47%, creating a tremendous opportunity for coaches who can leverage them.

  3. The health and fitness industry is expected to grow by over 171% from now to 2028, with a projected market value of $434 billion in the United States alone.

  4. The virtual fitness market (and the demand for coaches required to support it) is also expected to grow by 30% over the next five years, according to Market Research’s forecast report.

Your new life as a Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach

10x Coaching Certification

Imagine waking up every morning, feeling thrilled for the day ahead.

You glance at yourself in the mirror, buck naked.

You’re in the best shape of your life. You look amazing. You feel amazing. Your friends are all asking what you’ve been doing, some swear you’re even aging backwards.

And then there’s your clients.

Instead of boring Zoom calls, your calendar is lined up with just the right amount of training sessions with people you can’t wait to help.

(Including people who just couldn’t stick to regular fitness programs in the past, because they took up too much time and energy).

Each client is like a close friend to you. They love you for the breakthrough results you’re giving them, in just two 15-minute workouts a week.

And yes, they’re more than happy to pay your asking rate. In fact they’re encouraging their friends to engage you too.

You’re doing deeply fulfilling work. You’re in charge of your own schedule, income, and growth.

And you’re confident in your abilities, because you’re seeing people’s bodies transforming every single day. All thanks to you.

(And if you need more proof of your impact, checking your healthy bank account balance will do the trick.)

This is the new life you can look forward to as a Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach.

But what’s holding many people back from a wildly successful coaching career or practice?

If you’re new to coaching, you may be wondering where to even begin:

  • Where can you gain the necessary skills?
  • How do you find and attract the right clients?
  • And how exactly do you build a profitable and fulfilling coaching business?

And if you’re an experienced coach, you may be stuck at some of the common roadblocks most coaches deal with:

Like finding new leads to fill up your schedule. Or retaining your existing clients without them dropping off or burning out after a few weeks or months. Or increasing your fees. Or updating your coaching tools and delivering better results in less time.

What coaches (and clients) need today is a holistic and adaptable solution: one that meets the demands of an evolving world. Harnesses the latest proven science. And delivers breakthrough, sustainable results without exhausting people’s schedules, bodies, or bank accounts.

And at the core of this solution is...

The 5 Keys To A Holistic, Sustainable & Life-Changing Fitness Transformation In The New World

Lorenzo Delano, creator of 10x

Many traditional fitness coaching models are static: they haven’t been adapted to the latest science, nor to the new circumstances many clients find themselves in. And today, this is often the cause of struggle and frustration in so many coaches.

By studying these models, Mindvalley has identified five key areas that require an urgent upgrade:

  1. Coaching Freedom & Flexibility

    Coaches today need better tools and methods for conducting virtual location-independent coaching, adapting to busy lifestyles, and accommodating anyone regardless of age, fitness level, and access to equipment.

  2. The Identity Shift

    A client’s mindset, psychological patterns, and self-identity play a vital role in creating lasting body transformations - yet most coaching methods continue to focus only on the “doing” rather than the “becoming”.

  3. Habit Formation

    Behavioral science now shows that repetition alone is not enough to form a lasting habit. Instead, clients must be guided through an optimized “micro habit formation” process that makes lasting lifestyle changes effortless and resistance-free.

  4. Personalized & Science-Based Exercise Protocols

    It’s time to move beyond traditional coaching methods that continue to rely on outdated science - the kind that neglects the latest findings, the importance of a holistic approach, and every client’s unique circumstances and fitness goals.

  5. Optimized Fitness Science

    Science now shows that it’s possible to burn fat and achieve optimal fitness in minutes, not hours a week (in fact with the right approach, breakthrough results can even be achieved at home).

When you harness these 4 pillars, you gain an upper hand over 99% of coaches in the market today

Whether you’re a seasoned coach, just starting out, or somewhere in between: when you build your coaching skills with this holistic and optimized framework, you grow into an indispensable asset not just to yourself, your friends, and existing clients - but to millions of new potential clients worldwide.

Because you’ve become not just another fitness coach - but Mindvalley’s partner and ally in our mission to revolutionize humanity’s approach to health and fitness.

With the right guidance, anyone at any experience level can achieve this. And that’s exactly what you’re getting with...

The official certification program that elevates you into a Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach: and a master of rapid, sustainable, accessible body transformations

After facilitating over 800,000 body transformations through our health and fitness programs, Mindvalley is now taking the next step:

We’re empowering Mindvalley students and coaches of all levels to join our mission to revolutionize the world of health and fitness.

This is your opportunity to transform lives with us. Build an exciting new full or part-time career. Leverage the momentum of our movement, with millions of students worldwide.

And to take your income, impact, and personal growth to a whole new level.


The 10x Coaching Certification Program By Mindvalley

A 16-week online coaching certification program for complete mastery of the 10x body transformation protocol

10x on various devices

An immersive online experience that gives you everything you need to master 10x: and even build a rewarding career in body transformation

The 10x Coaching Certification program is a 16-week online journey for aspiring and experienced coaches of all levels, with one clear focus:

To train you in every aspect of learning, embodying, and teaching the 10x optimized fitness protocol. And to equip you with the skill set, and mindset you need to build a coaching business or practice with 10x.

What is 10x?

10x is a hyper-optimized fitness protocol that puts peak fitness and an energetic, youthful body within virtually anyone’s reach: without the need for expensive equipment and endless hours of gym time.

The protocol triggers a total body transformation in just two 15-minute workouts a week. It’s a commitment even the busiest person can comfortably stick to.

And when they do, the rewards are immense. From body fat and muscle mass, to strength, cardiovascular endurance, genetic expression, and more - 10x rapidly and sustainably elevates every fitness biomarker in the human body to sculpt a person that looks great, feels amazing, and enjoys a significantly longer lifespan.

Here’s what a 10x workout looks like:

Watch this sample 10x workout with Lorenzo Delano, co-creator of the 10x protocol

Here’s what you can achieve for your clients (and even yourself) with your 10x Coaching Certification

  1. Create rapid and permanent body transformations

    You’ll master powerful mind-body practices that efficiently transform every marker of health and fitness in the human body - from strength and flexibility, to gut health and longevity, and much more.

  2. Rewire the human mind for lifelong health and fitness

    Through advanced habit formation and identity shifting techniques, you’ll be able to dive deep in your clients’ subconscious minds - and reprogram the invisible patterns that sabotage their wellness. The result is smooth, resistance-free transformation that sticks.

  3. Heal the body and reverse aging

    You’ll harness science-based protocols optimized to accelerate healing and recovery, while turning back the clock on premature aging - resulting in a body that looks and feels younger than ever.

  4. Personalized optimal nutrition

    Explore the latest findings in optimal nutrition and gut health to help you discover an individual’s unique dietary needs - and create a personalized nutrition game plan that fits a person’s needs and lifestyle.

  5. Boost metabolism

    Get a step-by-step game plan for increasing a person’s metabolic turnover rate. This helps optimize the body’s internal functions, reverse aging, and raise a person’s overall health baseline, while keeping the body in its optimal weight range.

  6. Awaken peak productivity and personal power

    Create quantum leaps in a person’s confidence, self-identity, and effectiveness in their personal and professional lives, as you condition them with a body that rockets them towards their biggest goals and dreams.

  7. Master industry-leading coaching models and skills

    Discover how to pivot your coaching style to your clients’ needs, by integrating a variety of today’s best coaching models. You’ll emerge from the program knowing exactly which models are aligned with you and your clients, so you can show up as the best coach for them.

  8. Attract and retain higher-level clients

    The most lucrative and rewarding clients are the ones searching for in-depth support from a coach who understands their needs and challenges, and are equipped with the tools and strategies to create deeply personalized solutions. You’ll be this kind of coach to these kinds of people.

  9. Rapidly grow your coaching business

    In addition to the practical skills, your 10x certification also equips you with the business skills and support you need to grow a highly profitable, sustainable, and scalable, coaching business. You even get exclusive access to Mindvalley’s global community of 5 million students.

Celebration on stage after a mindvalley event

Take Your Place In The Global Health & Fitness Revolution

In addition to our 5 million students worldwide, Mindvalley’s health and fitness protocols are now being taught in classrooms. Multinational corporations. And even to the world’s leading athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.

As a Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach, you’re not just gaining a new career: you’re becoming a leader in a global revolution that’s transforming millions of lives.

Women on stage dancing
Trainers Ronan and Monique in conversation

Special Certification Highlights

Build A Global Coaching Business, Wherever You Are In The World

Too far? No such thing. We’re building a virtual Live Classroom platform that empowers you to facilitate borderless online coaching sessions with your students - wherever you (or they) are in the world. Just log in, connect, and let the transformation begin.

Lorenzo and other people on a Zoom Call

The World’s Best Client Transformation Technology

Managing large groups of students can be challenging. Mindvalley’s AI and data-driven Client Transformation technology helps you keep track of their progress, solve their roadblocks, and prescribe the best solutions - all through one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Mindvalley's transformation technology

Mindvalley’s 5 million Students Are Now Your Future Clients

Finding new clients can be challenging: we solve this for you by connecting you with our millions of students worldwide. You get special invites to our members-only events, your own personal profile on our coaching platform, and AI-powered matchmaking with potential clients.

Big Mindvalley event hall filled with people

The Curriculum

Explore The 10x Certification Curriculum

Upon beginning your certification program, you’re guided through engaging weekly video tutorials, live virtual classrooms, and peer practice sessions designed to fit your busy schedule, and level you up rapidly and consistently.

The 10x Certification Program is a 16-week online course. It’s a complete curriculum that, through a series of daily training videos, coaching resources, and practical peer sessions, gives you everything you need to become a successful and effective 10x Coach.

First, you gain an in-depth mastery of the science, methodologies and teaching methods for the protocol. Then, you’re guided through our proven frameworks for building your coaching business, and growing your client base and revenue to any level you desire.

By the end of the program, you emerge with all the knowledge, strategies, and support you need to own a profitable 10x coaching business that makes a tremendous positive impact both on your life, and your clients’.

10x Certification on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

Click below to read more

Part 1

Introduction To 10x Coaching (Week 0-1)

Part 2

Fundamentals of Coaching (Week 2-4)

Part 3

Mastering the 10x Method and Diagnostics (Week 5-10)

Part 4

Transforming Bodies & Lives with 10X (Week 11-16)

Special Features & Tools For Extraordinary Coaching Success

Special Feature 1: The 10x Breakthrough Coaching Kit

As a 10x Coach, you’ll receive a digital kit containing various tools and resources for your coaching business and your clients. This includes:

  • 10x Method Digital Workbook:

    This beautiful printable workbook summarises the key 10x principles and methodologies, making it a convenient reference point throughout your coaching journey.

  • 10x Tracking Sheet:

    Use this intuitively laid out sheet to monitor your clients’ progress, and make better decisions and adjustments to maximize their results.

  • 10x Photography Guide:

    Before and after photos are an essential part of a coach’s marketing toolkit - and this guide shows you how to take great ones, no professional skills needed.

  • 10x DEXA Scan Guide:

    DEXA scans provide an accurate measurement of bone mineral density, and are an important tool for tracking a client’s progress. Here you’ll discover the right way to conduct and interpret them.

Special Feature 2: Direct Coaching With 10x Co-Creator Lorenzo Delano

As one of the world’s first 10x Coaches, you’ll be personally trained by 10x co-creator Lorenzo Delano. This includes bi-weekly Q&A touchpoints where he’ll help solve your challenges and accelerate your progress.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the mind behind the method, and it likely won’t be repeated again in future intakes.

Special Feature 3: The 10x Virtual Coaching Blueprint

Home workouts are fast becoming as popular as home offices - and as a 10x Coach, you’ll learn how to facilitate them as effectively as in person.

If you prefer, you’ll even have the option of focusing solely on home-based workouts: saving you time and money, and freeing up your bandwidth to coach and earn from even more clients, wherever they are in the world. It’s an option that pairs beautifully with the global community of Mindvalley students you’ll gain access to, once you become a 10x Coach.

How The Certification Program Works

1. Easy-To-Follow Weekly Training

Learn and grow at your own pace with our drip-fed weekly training schedule. You only need 60 - 90 minutes a week to follow your weekly training videos, and master every aspect of becoming a Mindvalley Certified 10x Fitness Coach.

2. Go Deeper Live Weekly Classrooms

Once a week, you’ll be invited to a 60-90 minute live online group session with your 10x trainers and facilitators.

3. Practice Your Skills With Weekly Peer Coaching Labs

Put your new skills to the test in a fun and encouraging space with our weekly Peer Coaching Labs. Build your confidence, get feedback on your approach, and accelerate your growth with your fellow coaching students.

4. Stay On Track With Periodical Assessments

Want to stay focused and accountable to your goals? Take our periodical assessments, and get a deeper insight into your growth and progress. These assessments are designed to maintain your momentum, and empower you to keep taking consistent action.

Enjoy a flexible and adaptable training timeline,

perfect for even the busiest schedule

Total training time: 3 hours per week

Not to worry: you can catch up on your weekly training videos (60-90 minutes) and live sessions (60-90 minutes) when you get the time. And all live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.

You’re Never Alone: Enjoy Mindful & Personalized Support Through Every Step Of Your Journey

  • Holistic and in-depth training

    Gain best-in-class coaching skills to create deep transformation, attract and retain high-paying clients, and make an extraordinary impact as a body transformation coach.

  • Live training with 10x founders & facilitators

    Connect, ask questions, and get your challenges solved by the world’s leading *10x* experts - saving you from the trial-and-error that comes with most coaching certifications.

  • Confidence training

    Develop the confidence you need to exceed your goals, land your dream clients, and show up as the best version of yourself for your clients and your business.

  • Practical hands-on experience

    Accelerate your growth by practicing and implementing everything you’ve learned week-by-week through virtual practical sessions with your fellow coaches

  • A passionate community

    Build meaningful connections and even collaborate with your fellow 10x coaches through interactive sessions, a private Telegram group, and the Connections by Mindvalley app. .

  • Consistency & accountability

    Track your progress, sustain your focus, and stay accountable to your goals with useful assessments that keep you on track, every step of the way.

Plus, You’re Supported In Channeling Your Coaching Skills Into A Profitable & Scalable Business

  • Your personal profile on Mindvalley’s official coaching platform

    Your personal profile is accessible to millions of our students worldwide, but that’s not all: our AI-powered matchmaking platform even connects you with potential clients, so you gain a constant stream of new leads.

  • Your very own virtual global classroom

    Save big on venue costs, and open your services to a global audience with our virtual Live Classroom platform that empowers you to coach groups or individuals - anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Become a featured Mindvalley coach

    As an official Mindvalley coach, you’ll gain priceless exposure in our events throughout the year, headlined by the world’s best teachers and coaches. You can even use these events as a launchpad for an international speaking career.

800,000+ Lives Transformed (And We’re Just Getting Started)

Mindvalley’s health and fitness programs serve a global community of students from a diversity of backgrounds, fitness levels, and circumstances. We’re proud of the life-changing results they’ve achieved. And we can’t wait to work with you to create even more.

Collage of before and after transformations

Limited Time Offer:

Save 50% On Your 10x Coaching Certification

(Plus Enjoy Other Pioneer-Only Benefits)

As a pioneering Mindvalley Certified 10x Coach, you receive a host of benefits that can’t be guaranteed for future intakes.

Firstly, you’re getting in at the lowest possible certification price - and enjoying immunity from any future price increases.

Secondly, you get intimate support and coaching from the founders of 10x themselves (the live coaching sessions may be assigned to qualified 10x facilitators in future intakes).

And finally, you get the advantage of being one of the first coaches in the world to receive this training - giving you advance access not only to Mindvalley’s international community, but to all potential clients searching for a new, better path to fitness.

Meet Your 10x Certification Coaches

Portrait of Lorenzo

Lorenzo Delano

Exercise Physiologist & Co-Creator Of 10x

Lorenzo Delano is an exercise physiologist and educational psychologist whose work centres around the nature of personal agency and wellbeing.

Lorenzo’s personal health and fitness journey started at age 16 when his older brother died of an illness that could have been prevented by a healthier lifestyle. This painful experience led to his curiosity and growth.

After 10+ years of academic and applied research in exercise, body science, biology, anatomy, and blood chemistry, Lorenzo has developed himself into an expert on creating the shortest and most effective paths to profound personal transformation.

Lorenzo put all his time, energy, and money into analysing his clients’ physical differences, how exercise would affect all types and shapes, and how it could fit into their busy lifestyles. 10x represents his goal of delivering the most efficient solutions to people’s fitness needs.

Portrait of Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Lead Coaching Business Instructor

Ajit Nawalkha is a builder of businesses and coaches, and serves as the mastermind behind a variety of brands in the human evolution and education space.

He is the co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, the Global Grit Institute, and Evercoach: a global coaching education center that serves over 100,000 coaches around the world.

Over the past decade, Ajit’s mission has been to empower entrepreneurs and coaches to live lives and build businesses with a greater purpose, in addition to optimizing revenue and impact.

Ajit’s role in the 10x Certification Program is to help you master not only the business aspect of your coaching career, but yourself: by empowering you to set and achieve inspiring goals for yourself, and transform even more lives through your passion for coaching.

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10x Certification on various devices

Here’s What You Get In The 10x Certification Program:

  • The complete 4-month 10x Certification Program: you’re guided through weekly 60 - 90 minute video training sessions for learning, embodying, teaching, and building a successful business with the 10X protocol.

  • Weekly Live Classroom sessions with 10x founders & facilitators: join Lorenzo and Ajit for weekly interactive group sessions as they answer your questions, clear your roadblocks, and keep you on track.

  • Weekly Interactive Peer Coaching Labs: practice your skills with your fellow 10x coaches, grow your confidence, and accelerate your growth.

  • The 10x Breakthrough Coaching Kit: a collection of digital tools and resources for optimizing your coaching business and your clients’ results.

  • The 10x Virtual Coaching Blueprint: gain a powerful framework for hosting virtual coaching sessions, and transforming clients’ lives no matter where they are in the world.

  • An unconditional 15-day money back guarantee: test drive the program with total peace of mind, and give yourself a full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever.

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You’ll receive a confirmation by email within two working days of your application.


If your application is successful, you’ll be sent a link to confirm your spot by submitting the remainder of your certification payment minus your deposit (a single payment or a payment plan).


If your application is unsuccessful, your $200 deposit will be promptly refunded in full.

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