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To many of the planet’s most inspiring people, Mindvalley is home. And when you join us, you get full access not just to the world’s best education: but to these extraordinary souls as well.

If you’re already on the path of personal transformation, you may have noticed it gets harder to find your people. For most of us, this is the hidden cost of uncommon success and self-evolution (in fact 50% of American CEOs report suffering from loneliness).

But even if you’re at or approaching the top: you don’t have to be lonely. Mindvalley connects industry leaders, visionaries, and brilliant minds in an intimate ecosystem of experiences designed to bring us closer, so we can uplift each other and everyone around us.

Is Mindvalley your tribe? It could be if you:

  • Deeply care about becoming the best version of yourself
  • Believe the greatest flex in life is the number of people you can uplift
  • Care about the state of the world and how it could be improved
  • Have an optimistic view of the future
  • Are highly educated but believe that the education system is grossly incomplete
  • Value the importance of lifelong learning
  • Believe in creating or inspiring positive impact through your work and mission

Why Mindvalley is powered by deep human connections

Human connection is the rocket fuel of transformation. No matter how you want to grow or evolve, having like-minded and uplifting people by your side gets you there way faster.

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For example:

  1. If you want to live longer…

    According to studies of people living in Blue Zones, the highest correlation to longevity is being part of a community.

  2. If you want to improve your performance at work…

    Gallup polls show people with a close friend at work are 7x more engaged and satisfied in their work.

  3. If you want to boost your happiness…

    Studies at Harvard show that social connections and happiness have an extraordinarily high correlation of 0.7.

  4. And if you want to finish every good thing you start…

    We’ve found that people who take our community-driven online programs (known as Quests) are 800% more likely to complete the program compared to traditional solo online courses.

The bottom line is that community always matters. That’s why we’ve made it the key ingredient of our mission to build the world’s most powerful life transformation platform.

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How Mindvalley builds communities like you’ve never seen before

Mindvalley mega events

Happening across the globe throughout the year, our flagship events are peak experiences with world-class experts, Mindvalley teachers, and our most passionate members.

Mindvalley A-Fest

Every year since 2010, A-Fest brings together 300+ extraordinary entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, leaders, and visionaries driven by epic ideas to impact the world.

The festival takes place in paradise locations around the world. And at each one you’ll receive leading-edge training, profound mind shifts, authentic connections, and endless magic moments designed to unleash your fullest impact and potential.

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Mindvalley University

Our annual Mindvalley University event gathers 1,000+ of our members in a selected city, where they spend one to three weeks transforming and connecting in a university-style setting.

A radical reinvention of college and campus for all ages, you’ll be immersed in a series of powerful workshops, talks, seminars, and amazing networking opportunities featuring world-class experts and Mindvalley teachers.

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Community-driven events

Mindvalley’s networking and people matching tools make it easy for members to organize their own events: all year round and across the world.

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Meetups in your city

Join or organize your own community-powered talks, workshops, and dinners with Mindvalley members in your city. Or easily find out who’s in town and what’s happening when you’re traveling.

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Join local networks

Find allies, co-creators, and new friends in your area by connecting with people who are taking the same Quests as you, or who share the same goals and interests.

Share your insights and breakthroughs

With just the click of a button, Mindvalley’s Insights tool allows you to document, organize, and share your knowledge with members around the world.

Montage of Mindvalley Insights, searching for Mindvalley Quest

Integrated with your Mindvalley account

Insights is designed for maximum reach and impact with minimal effort. You can even tag specific Mindvalley programs and attach your insights to individual Quest chapters.

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Subscribe to the smartest

Follow your favorite like-minded students, and share content from any publication, page, or app with each other.

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Share anything and everything

Connect your insights to your digital media to take notes and share content. Instantly publish your thoughts on movies, articles, books, podcasts, and videos with your global community.

Find your best people with AI-powered matchmaking

EVE (short for Everyone Elevates) is Mindvalley’s friendly artificial intelligence for matchmaking: and she’ll help you find your new best friends, mentors, or coaches based on your location and unique interests.

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Mindvalley Dating (coming soon)

EVE is getting smarter. And soon, she’ll be able to predict who in your city will most likely be your ideal romantic partner or soulmate.

Montage of Mindvalley features, such as Mindvalley certified coaches, , friend request, city meetups, Quest recommendation and more.

Mindvalley Metaverse (coming soon)

Forget about slipping on a bulky virtual reality headset and getting lost in a computer generated world. Mindvalley’s Metaverse is something else entirely: and it’s launching in conjunction with Apple’s upcoming augmented reality glasses.

Our vision of the Metaverse involves exploring the world together, and sharing our discoveries with each other in a way that’s never been possible.

Imagine walking into a cafe and being greeted with an augmented reality menu, curated by Mindvalley members in your city, highlighting the ideal food for your unique nutritional needs. Or entering a gym and seeing the exact machines and workouts you need to focus on to hit your fitness goals, suggested by your community’s best fitness experts.

This kind of community-generated data for the real world will empower you to show up, plug in, and make your best choices wherever you are in the world. And it will all be available to you sooner than you might think.

Avatars of Mindvalley students including, Tony Gonzalez, Bianca Andreescu and more

Case studies of success

Every day, Mindvalley members share amazing stories of deep friendship and connection. Perhaps the next one could be yours.

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