Could this 5-minute exercise help you resolve any situation when your child is ‘acting out’?

A New Parenting Masterclass: How To Be Less Reactive So You Can Raise Confident, Authentic Children

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Take the connection to your child (and inner-child) to new heights in this FREE Masterclass.

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In This Masterclass You’ll Explore:

  • The core principle of conscious parenting: and how honoring your child as a sovereign being is the key to your greatest spiritual awakening as a parent.
  • Why traditional models of parenting can emotionally stifle your child. It may keep your child ‘disciplined’ but it may leave them fearful of honestly opening up to you.
  • Are you unconsciously projecting your unmet needs onto your child? Learn how to show up ‘whole’ to your child so you can create the loving, unconditional connection both of you truly crave.
  • The 3 Vital Needs of Every Child: understanding this powerful concept will instantly explain, and help you deal with your child’s most ‘disruptive behaviours’.
  • If you get frustrated when your child is ‘acting out’, use this simple 5-minute exercise to quickly resolve the situation and heal any of your hidden parenting doubts and fears.
  • The single easiest way to raise emotionally resilient children… and why wanting happiness for your child damages their self-esteem in the long run.
  • And many profound insights into a radically new and empowering model of parenting.

Vishen Lakhiani credits Dr. Shefali’s work in conscious parenting for profoundly changing the way he parents today.

Dr. Shefali teaches conscious parenting on some of the world’s most prominent stages including Mindvalley University.

Endorsed by Oprah as “revolutionary” and “life-changing”, Dr. Shefali has been a mainstay on the primetime TV show making 7 appearances to date

Meet Your Host, Vishen Lakhiani

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Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of the world’s largest personal growth company, Mindvalley. He is also the author of the NY Times Bestseller ‘The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’. He is one of the foremost leaders in the field of human development and founder of numerous brand names in the field of spirituality, consciousness and personal growth from the A-fest festival, to Mindvalley University to the Omvana App.

Vishen has experienced a profound awakening after interviewing Dr. Shefali on stage, in front of a live audience, at Mindvalley University, Tallinn in 2018. It’s then when he realised that he was missing out on an important chapter: parenting. Ever since he’s worked on his conscious parenting practice and this has had a positive impact on his relationship with his children.

“I thought I knew it all. I was the personal growth guy and my kids were doing good in school. But I didn’t realize how much I was still controlling them until I interviewed Dr. Shefali.

This idea of conscious parenting was game-changing for me and it completely shifted the way I parent. These concepts made me uncomfortable at first, but they really helped create a better bond between me and my children.

Now, what I would have labelled “bad behavior” from my children, disappeared. The shift was so dramatic, I cannot even recognize my old self as a parent.”

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CEO and Founder of Mindvalley

About Dr. Shefali

Endorsed by Oprah as “revolutionary” and “life-changing”, New York Times bestselling author and owning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, New York, Dr. Shefali is the foremost expert in the field of conscious parenting.

Dr. Shefali’s journey into this radically new parenting paradigm arose from her own experience as a parent herself. Reacting irrationally to one of her then 3-year-old daughter’s tantrums, Dr. Shefali became deeply self-aware that her parenting frustrations was never about her child. Rather, it was about her own unmet childhood needs that she was unconsciously projecting on her own daughter.

This profound realization led her to dissect and challenge the more ‘controlling nature’ of traditional models of parenting – which, as soon discovered, often puts undue pressure on young children, robbing them of their confidence and autonomy.

Merging western psychology and eastern philosophy, Dr. Shefali espouses a more conscious approach to parenting that centres around honoring our children as sovereign beings, creating real connections with them, and most importantly, raising our own consciousness as parents.

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