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Vykintas Glodenis

Customer Support

Need help with your Mindvalley account or program?

Find instant answers to your questions on Mindvalley’s Support Center or contact our Customer Support team by clicking on the contact icon in lower right corner of the same page. You can also write to us using your favorite messaging apps - WhatsApp or iMessage.

David Szecsei

David Szecsei

Head of Corporate Programs and Youth Programs

Corporate Programs

Interested in bringing Mindvalley’s Quests, content, seminars or mentors to your company? Let's bring Mindvalley for Business to your company. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can best create value for your team. Just send us an email to

For more information on Mindvalley for Business please visit

Mindvalley Schools

Let us show you how transformational Mindvalley for Schools is by piloting this with your students and Teachers, To bring Mindvalley’s Schools program to a high-school or University please write to us at

For information on Mindvalley Schools, please visit

Kadi Oja

Kadi Oja

Director Of Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University

To collaborate with Mindvalley University event, please write to us at

For information on Mindvalley University, please visit

Ainura Yermagambetova

Ainura Yermagambetova

Partnerships Manager

Influencer Partnerships & Affiliates

Would like to become our affiliate or influencer? Have other partnership ideas? Mindvalley actively is on the lookout for social media personalities and blogs and websites we can partner with in the health, wellness and personal growth space.

Write to our team at

Allison Waksman

Allison Waksman


Publicity And Media Partnerships (Global)

Working on a story and want to feature Mindvalley? Looking to partner with our brand to make a splash?

Reach out to

Anjali Richard

Anjali Richard

Recruiting & Careers

Careers At Mindvalley

Interested in joining our team? Check out this page with all available positions. Mindvalley is currently hiring in Malaysia and Tallinn, Estonia.

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