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Are you sick and tired of fighting your food cravings?

Maybe you:

  • Are a little too friendly with sugar in some or all of its tantalizing forms…
  • Get a regular hankering for unhealthy, junky, salty, or processed food…
  • Have a habit of reaching for comfort food when you’re feeling stressed or down…
  • Struggle to control your eating schedule or portions, so you’re often eating too much and at the wrong times…
  • Or maybe you already eat pretty healthily, but there’s that one dangerous guilty pleasure you’re trying to break away from.

If any of the above feels familiar to you, this online challenge is your ticket to freedom.

In just an hour a day for five days, you’ll experience a deep and permanent rewiring of your food psychology.

And as a result: you’ll emerge with total and effortless freedom from your unwanted food cravings and habits.

All without the willpower struggles, guilt, or relapses of the past.

Your guide on this challenge is Eric Edmeades: one of today’s leading pioneers in food psychology and nutrition.

And with his support - along with thousands of challenge participants around the world - you’ll embark on a life-changing journey towards a lifetime of better health and nutrition.

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What you get in the challenge

  • 5 days of online coaching with Eric Edmeades:
    every day you’ll join Eric and the global challenge community in a 60-minute session for rewiring your food psychology and breaking free from your unwanted cravings.

  • A permanent reset of your food psychology:
    Eric will guide you through his signature series of science-based tools and frameworks for deleting even your most stubborn cravings - the same ones that have helped tens of thousands of people permanently transform their diets, nutrition, and health.

  • Real connections with amazing people
    Every part of the challenge is designed to bring you closer to the people on this journey with you. You’ll bond, co-create, and share magic moments with extraordinary people around the world who uplift you all the way to the finish line.

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5 days to a life of greater health & freedom

Day 1: Fearlessly facing your cravings

Day 1

Fearlessly facing your cravings

Your challenge begins with a deep dive into the science and psychology of cravings: what they really are, what they’re doing to your brain and body, and how to best deal with them. Plus you’ll explore the cravings impacting you the most - so you know exactly which ones to focus on and break free from.

Day 2: The cunning ways your cravings control you

Day 2

The cunning ways your cravings control you

From unwinnable willpower battles to the “just this once” mental trap - your food cravings can and do keep a tight grip on your eating patterns and your health. On your second day you’ll witness all the sneaky ways they manipulate you - and the simplest way to take back (and stay in) control of your food choices.

Day 3: How to enjoy your food consciously

Day 3

How to enjoy your food consciously

The average person has shockingly little control over their food cravings and habits: and this happens because instead of making conscious choices, they’re operating on autopilot impulses. On your third day you’ll learn how to overcome these impulses, through the practice of slowing down time and enjoying your food with your fullest presence.

Day 4: Rewarding yourself the right way

Day 4

Rewarding yourself the right way

Rewarding yourself with treats and decadent food can be a great tool for staying motivated: but it can also just as easily lead to relapses and new unhealthy habits. Here you’ll discover a better method for approaching food rewards, in a way that leaves you both fully satisfied, and fully on track with your health and nutrition goals.

Day 5: Transforming your food destiny

Day 5

Transforming your food destiny

On your final day, you’ll learn how to absorb and apply everything you’ve gained throughout the challenge. Then, you’ll experience a profound two-step mind shift that empowers you to start automatically making better food choices - and enjoying a lifetime of total freedom from unwanted food cravings.

About your host, Eric Edmeades

Portrait of Vishen

Eric Edmeades is an international speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of food psychology and nutritional anthropology. After spending his earlier years struggling with seemingly unsolvable weight and health issues, he began exploring food’s role in human health. Eric’s journey took him from living the Hadza tribe in Tanzania and studying their longevity-driven eating patterns, to researching and testing a vast body of nutritional and psychological data. After applying his findings to heal himself, he has since helped tens of thousands around the world transform their health through his groundbreaking discoveries in food and optimal nutrition.

The transformation you’ll experience

  • You’ll gain full awareness of your most damaging cravings:
    confronting and acknowledging your cravings is the first step to erasing them - and you’ll discover how to pinpoint all of them, from a safe and non-judgmental space.

  • You’ll have the tools and the power to break free:
    you’ll be guided through a series of tools and exercises for permanently rewiring your food psychology - so you can effortlessly release cravings and habits that damage your body.

  • You’ll set the stage for a lifetime of healthier eating:
    by releasing your unhealthy cravings and habits, you’ll also make space for new and healthy ones - so reaching for nutritious and natural food becomes second nature rather than a chore.

  • You’ll make new friends and allies:
    the people you’ll connect with in the challenge share your goal for a healthier, better life - and you’ll have the opportunity to nurture your connections with them long after the challenge is over.

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How the challenge works

Day 1: Transform with your daily coaching sessions

Step 1

Sign up on this page for FREE Acess to the Challenge

Every day you’ll join Eric and the global challenge community for a 60-minute coaching session as he guides you through every step of gaining freedom from your unwanted food habits. On each day you’ll experience a new breakthrough, and gain new tools and insights for enjoying a healthier life through healthier eating.

You’ll receive an email with all the required details, plus daily email invites to each challenge session.

Day 2: Get lifelong tools for growth, focus & clarity

Step 2

Download the Mindvalley app and create a free account to access your daily tools and exercises

In the Mindvalley app you’ll receive daily tools, practices, and techniques you can use to keep your mind and your nutrition in peak state. From psychological mind hacks for beating cravings as they appear, to mindful eating methods that leave you effortlessly choosing healthier options: you’ll emerge with everything you need to eat and live better in just a few minutes a day.

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Day 3: Live your greatness in 2022 and beyond

Step 3

Mark your calendar and set aside 60 minutes a day for 5 days

In just minutes a day for these five days, you’re setting yourself up for a permanent change in your food cravings and your health. And by the end of the challenge, you’ll have experienced a deep and lasting psychological transformation that changes how you think about food, how you make your food choices, and even how you think, feel, and show up every day.

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