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Live in Pula, June 24 - July 19

10X Your Fitness in 28 Days

A 23-Minute Per Week Strength Training Program to 10X Your Health and Fitness Results in 4 Weeks or Less for Mindvalley University Students

About 10X Fitness

So you've lost most of your excess weight, restored your metabolic and cardiovascular health biomarkers to their normal range, and achieved an overall healthier body with WildFit. But now it's time to go to the next level (there are at least 5) by building the strength and lean muscle mass you need to evoke your Brad Pitt (or Cameron Diaz) like dream physique. We've got just the right physical alchemist and program in mind.

"You would not be reading these words had I not experienced the physical transformation I just did. I increased my strength by 53.7%, lost 3.5cm around my waist, and put a total of 11.8cm of lean muscle mass around my chest, arms, and legs in just 6 weeks."

Vishen Lakhiani

10X Fitness Mindvalley University Experience

A 28-Day Fitness Learning Experience To Equip You With The 6 Exercise Skills Necessary Maintain Lifelong Levels of Strength and Muscle Mass – The 2 Key Predictors For Your Health, Fitness, Beauty, and Longevity.

The ‘10X Your Fitness’ program is the official live 28-day physically transformative experience (with an optional 7-day experience or 14-day immersion) based on the 10X strength training methodology.

10X can be thought of as the shortest, most effective and adaptable workout system for busy people seeking to optimise their health, fitness, beauty, and longevity. A 12-min per week, high-intensity, super-slow strength training protocol designed to optimise lifelong levels of strength and muscle mass. The first ideal foundational exercise program suitable for men and women, beginners and athletes, the young and elderly alike.

At Mindvalley University, you’ll have the option to do a 7-day experience (2 workouts and 1 Q&A breakout session), a 14-day immersion (4 workouts and 2 Q&A sessions), or the complete 28-day program (8 workouts, 4 Q&A sessions, and the minimum time required to experience your first physical transformation).

All You Need To Know About 10x Fitness

Man doing plank pose

1. What is 10X?

10X Your Fitness is the shortest, most effective workout for busy people seeking to optimise their fitness, beauty, and longevity. A hyper-abbreviated, high-intensity, full-body strength training protocol designed to maximise and maintain optimal levels of strength and muscle mass. With a maximum of 12 min investment per week, 10X will help you rebuild and maintain optimal levels of strength and functional lean muscle mass throughout your life.

Woman coaching by coach in a gym

2. Who is 10x for?

10X is a TOTAL FITNESS program for any beginner or non-strength training athlete seeking to jumpstart their (neurological) strength by 25-40% and pick up 1-2 kg lean muscle mass in less than 30 days. It is also the ideal STRENGTH TRAINING program for existing strength and endurance athletes who seek to maintain their existing levels of strength and lean muscle mass in less than half their current training time.

Woman working out in the gym

3. What Does a 10X Workout Look Like?

A 10X workout consists of 5 machine-based exercises (2 pulling, 2 pressing, and 1 pushing) which targets each of the major muscle groups (back, chest, arms, glutes, and legs) of the body. Each exercise is performed super-slowly (15 sec per rep) with a relatively heavy resistance (75 - 85% of your maximum capacity) for only one set (90 to 120 sec max per set). Each exercise is followed by a 30 second rest period and thus renders a total workout time of 12 to 15 minutes.

Couple lifting weight in the gym

4. Why Is Strength and Muscle Mass So Important?

A person's strength-to-muscle mass (S-MM) ratio has been shown to have the strongest positive correlation with key health, fitness, beauty, and longevity biomarkers. So, if your health, physical performance, appearance, and longevity status are suboptimal, chances are you have sub-baseline levels of strength and functional lean muscle mass. If you have an optimal range of above-baseline skeletal muscle mass, the probability of you being in a healthy to optimal range in your health, fitness, beauty, and longevity is extremely high.

Man working out in the gym

5. Why Is 10X Superior For Increasing Strength?

Because it primarily makes use of (but is not limited to) machines, 10X workouts allow you to stimulate the most productive adaptive strength response with greater intensity, accuracy, and safety within the targeted muscle group. 10X workouts have a minimum learning curve, make for the perfect injury-workaround alternative, and involves minimal high-repetition wear-and-tear costs on the joints.

Lorenzo Delano

Mindvalley’s Own Exercise Physiologist, Educational Psychologist, and Learning Philosopher

As an autodidact (self-taught student) leaving school at age 13 to pursue the physical sciences and eastern philosophy, Lorenzo has learnt how to hack his body, finances, and mind from a very young age.

From teaching English in China at age 17, running gyms and hosting ‘total-body-transformation’ fitness retreats across South Africa, advising entrepreneurs and startups in America, to being contracted as lead educational curriculum developer (for Authors such as Ken Wilber and Neale Donald Walsch) and lifestyle consultant at Mindvalley.

Lorenzo’s latest project involved cross-analysing and comparing data from the most successful fitness, dietary, and lifestyle programs and experts in the business to identify the minimum effective exercise, food, and lifestyle hacks for achieving total fitness (level 4 fitness) in less than 30min per week.

Portrait of Lorenzo Delano
Portrait of Ronan Oliveira in Mindvalley A-fest

Ronan Oliveira

Ronan leads Health & Fitness division here at Mindvalley.

He’s also an international speaker at Mindvalley U, A-Fest, and LifePlugin where he teaches people how to live a healthy life.

Ronan learned the science of Health & Fitness the hard way – by carefully dissecting raw medical studies and testing what he found out with his own body.

In fact, he had to do it, because 5 years ago Ronan’s body was deteriorating…

Moody, sick, and tired all the time he was forced to take his health back in his hands because his productivity, focus, and life were rolling downhill – a direct result of lack of exercise, poor diet, and bad sleep.

After tedious research and being his own “guinea pig”, he found out the best methods to get in shape, boost energy, and bring back the “zest” for life.

Today, strength training is one of those few methods that helps him keep optimal health.

Jelena Lakic

Jelena Lakic is a certified sports manager, personal trainer, and bikram (zen hot) yoga instructor who has been working in the fitness industry for almost a decade.

Jelena discovered 10X's training principles in 2015 and has been experimenting with and incorporating foundational 10X and 10X-like strength training protocols into her personal programming, events, classes, and coaching sessions ever since.

Jelena is both lead events director and personal trainer for Mindvalley's 10X events and will be your direct point of contact and program director at this year's event.

Portrait of Jelena Lakic and Jim Kwik

About “10X Your Fitness at Mindvalley University" - Pula 2019

What is the long-term end-goal of “10X Your Fitness”?

  • To help people maximise their health, fitness, beauty, and longevity
  • This can be done by helping people achieve and maintain optimal levels of functional lean muscle mass and strength throughout the lifespan
Couple stretching happily
Group of people training in the gym

What is the macro learning outcome of 10X as a live Quest?

  • To help people learn how to incorporate a foundational lifestyle exercise protocol that optimises strength and functional lean muscle mass in the shortest possible time
  • That is, an exercise protocol that allows people to stimulate the most productive adaptive strength response possible with greater intensity, accuracy, and safety
  • An exercise protocol that allows people to recruit and fatigue the highest number of muscle fibers (from all three muscle fiber types) in the shortest possible time

What are the micro learning outcomes of 10X as a live Quest? The 4 Categories:

  • Exercise (Body): Teach people the Big-5 machine exercises, the Big-5 bodyweight exercises, and how to execute each of these exercises with super-slow execution
  • Endure (Mind): Teach people how to cultivate mental fortitude as the #1 determinant for continued progress: cognitive priming, focused resistance, visualisation, and breathing
  • Tweak (Body): Teach people how to tweak the stimulus to avoid plateaus: SMA, partial repetitions, timed static holds, rest-pause, slow-explode, negative only
  • Test (Meta): Teach people how to perform 1 RMs, max reps/time, and how to take before and after photos
Woman working out in the gym happily

Note: Only people doing the 4 week program will learn all of the above. People doing 2 weeks will learn items 1 and 2. Level #1 (1 week) participants will only get a guided experience.


Aerial view of Pula, Coratia

Happening in Pula, Croatia

The event will be happening in Pula, Croatia. June 24 - July 19

Duration: 1, 2 or 4 weeks (2 sessions per week per person)

GYM Location: Erny’s gym (15 mins walk from the Hub)

Q&A sessions location: Marine Casino, Red Room

Q&A sessions hours: Every Thursday, 4:15pm - 5:15 pm

Training Hours: Monday + Thursday or Tuesday + Friday / Mornings between 7 am - 9:30 am

What Do Other People Think?

Imelda Van Den Berg

“Changing the life I used to live must have been the best gift I could ever give myself. I lost 40kg, followed my dreams, moved to Cape Town and got myself a new hobby. It's the best feeling ever, this feeling of achievement. And it all started with some words of inspiration and personalised lifestyle guidance by this man I am proud to call family ‘Lorenzo Delano.’ Thank you for believing in me and not giving up on me.”

Imelda Van Den Berg
Imelda Van Den Berg

HR Woolworths

Pamela Gold

“Getting coached by Lorenzo literally changed my life. As a younger personal trainer, I had hours a day to devote to fitness and efficiency wasn't of particular concern. When I "went back to work" running a company, I was lucky to carve out 20 minutes a day for my workouts and my fitness level plummeted. That's when I discovered Lorenzo and 10x. The principles and practices I learned elevated my fitness level beyond where I had been prior and I literally work out under 40 minutes a week now. In 6 weeks of the program I added 4lbs of lean mass and lost over an inch in both my waist and hips, while reducing my stress level by properly prioritizing recovery. I am certain this program will help me live a longer, healthier life.”

Pamela Gold
Pamela Gold

Founder of HACKD Biohacking Facility

Ben Greenfield

“Lorenzo Delano knows his stuff inside and out. Not only does he have a firm understanding of how to apply the hard-core science of building an amazing body and sculpting yourself into the ultimate fitness machine with the minimum effective dose of exercise, but he’s also able to motivate you to push far past what you ever thought you were capable a safe and inspiring way.”

Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield

Voted Number 1 Personal Trainer in the Nation in 2008

Zenas Chin

“Since I started training with Lorenzo, my body has undergone a remarkable transformation. Within a mere 3 months, I've gained 3 kg while achieving a body fat percentage of 11%. I've added 5.2cm to my chest, which is something I've never been able to achieve from my previous exercise routines. And to top it all off, I only have to workout 40 minutes per week. What Lorenzo teaches is more than just an exercise routine; it is a healthy lifestyle that frees up time for me to focus more on other things that I value greatly in life.”

Zenas Chin
Zenas Chin

Product Launch Manager, Mindvalley

Vadim Fink

“Having Lorenzo as a coach is a blessing. I started to work with him after going through a painful 1,5 year lower back injury. Not only did he manage to motivate me to get back to the gym, but his advice in both fitness and nutrition helped me lose 10kg within 3 months AND experience impressive muscle growth. The magic about this is, that his nutrition advice does not involve “eating little” and being hungry. And guess how much time I spend in the gym? 1 hour a week. Yes, only 1 hour. And by the way: No pain in my lower back, as Lorenzo takes past injuries into consideration. Love you Lorenzo”

Vadim Fink
Vadim Fink

Entrepreneur, Founder of Contentmadness

Sharon Cowley

“My goal, when I attended Mindvalley University and joined the 10X program, was to learn more about getting in shape - to check off another box on the things I was doing to improve my body. What I gained was a relationship - with my body, my mind, and two amazing people - Lorenzo and Jelena. I took a strength training program and became a much stronger individual. Lorenzo can design a learning experience that will maximize not only your general knowledge, but also your physical power, your confidence and most importantly your motivation. 10X has become a way of life for me. I love my new relationships. I am so excited for the continual adventure! ”

Sharon Cowley
Sharon Cowley

Mindvalley University Student

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