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By purchasing your copy of, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind you have become a part of history in the making. Never before has a book seamlessly transitioned what you’ll be learning from the physical book in your hands, to the companionable online experience that you can access from the web and your mobile devices.

In the CodeX online experience, you get a behind the scenes look at the authors and speaking events that inspired the book. Plus, exclusive access to paid content that normally sells for upwards of $500 on its own. And step-by-step training programs that show you how to practically apply the ideas and concepts that are taught in the book.

All of this rolled together, creates an integral learning experience and makes The Code of the Extraordinary Mind one of the most technologically hooked-up books in history.

Discover The 6-Phase Meditation

If you could practice ONE thing every day that would create the most radical transformation in your life – what would it be? This could be the answer…

The 6-Phase Meditation is a critically acclaimed Quest from Mindvalley, and we’d like to give you instant access to it – completely free.

Designed by Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani based on his own daily practice, it’s a distillation of hundreds of the world’s most powerful personal growth books. And is designed for remarkable transformation in minimal time.

This Quest (based on scientific studies from several major universities) teaches you an effortless system to:

  • Boost your happiness by 20% or more
  • Condition your brain to experience more compassion
  • Envision your perfect day in vivid, high-definition detail
  • Amplify your energy and enjoy better health

…and much, much more.

What You’ll Get When You Sign-up Below:

Meditating along with 6 Phase Meditation

1. Seven Day Course

A seven-day Quest that guides you through every part of The 6 Phase Meditation philosophy.

Meditating along with 6 Phase Meditation

2. Warm Up Training

60-minute warm-up training sessions to deepen and perfect your 6 Phase Meditation practice.

Experiencing 6 Phase Meditation on the phone

3. Meditation Audio

Guided meditation audios for each part of The 6 Phase Meditation, plus one to use after the Quest.