Introducing the Chief Life Officer program: Mindvalley’s first-ever elite coaching curriculum for business leaders

The Chief Life Officer Program

For business leaders: transform with Mindvalley’s best tools for exceptional performance and focus. Reclaim your youthful energy, health, and fitness. And take back your time, peace, and relationships. Join the Chief Life Officer program, and step up to total mastery of your life and work.

The Chief Life Officer Program

Mindvalley’s elite 12-month coaching program for CEOs, Founders, and Leaders: limited to just 100 spots for maximum personal attention.

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A time-optimized curriculum that respects your busy schedule

Average time commitment: 4 hours per week or less

A leader’s time is their greatest asset - and it’s also likely in short supply. That’s why the Chief Life Officer curriculum is designed to empower you with nothing but the most high-impact and relevant tools from the Mindvalley curriculum: delivered in the shortest time possible.

Even so, sticking to anything for 12 months is a significant commitment: so when your business or life does end up needing all of your attention for a while, you can stay on track with full recordings of every session. And private catch-ups with your team of personal coaches.

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$2000 Application deposit, then $27,499 in one payment (or $3,929 in 7 months instalments)