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Have it all: health and energy, financial freedom and strong loving relationships in ways you never thought possible

In this masterclass, you will take an honest uncensored look at your life and explore what it truly takes to design extraordinary success in every dimension and on your own terms, in 2023 and beyond

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90 Minutes


This Masterclass is for you if you...

  1. If you feel like you’re just bouncing from one thing to another without a real direction

  2. f you want to have a better quality of life and everything you’re currently doing just isn’t working

  3. If you’re looking for a way to achieve a life that doesn't require sacrificing one aspect or another in order to be successful

  4. If you know where you want to be in life and you’re unclear on what you’re supposed to do each day to get there

  5. If you’re fairly successful, but want to go above and beyond your biggest goals

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Transform in all 12 dimensions of your life

Most people only focus on improving their career, wealth, health, and relationships - but in reality, there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness, and true fulfillment.

In this masterclass, you'll discover that true happiness is a mosaic made up of 12 unique tiles. Let Jon and Missy guide you through a bespoke 15-minute life-envisioning process that effortlessly allows you to flourish in each and every dimension of your life.

Every area of your life gets the attention it deserves, without sacrifice or compromise. And every aspect of your potential is nurtured to the fullest.

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Health & fitness

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Love relationship

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Quality of life

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Life vision

What You’ll Discover

  1. Discover your personal Life Quality Score

    How close you are to really living your best life? Ask yourself these 4 questions and get an instant accurate insight into your quality of life, what's holding you back, and what to focus first for biggest and easiest wins.

  2. The 3 Silent Saboteurs of your hopes & dreams

    If you are feeling stuck, or if there is a goal or breakthrough you just can't seem to reach no matter what you do, you're like being held back by atleast one of these 'Silent Saboteurs', Find out what they are and how to permanently erase them.

  3. How to create your own deeply personal Lifebook

    You're Lifebook decodes the mystery of who you really are, what you really want, and how to have it all: on your own terms and nobody else's. And since nobody else can make yours for you, you'll discover how to write your own - and gain what will be the most important book in your life, for the rest of your life.

  4. Why only focusing on your career & wealth is a deadly trap

    Most people spend 80% - 90% of their time on work and making money. Here’s why that’s a huge mistake, and what you can do instead to achieve extraordinary success in all dimensions of your life *(including your career & wealth)*.

  5. How to eliminate uncertainty, and be sure of every decision you make

    Should you take that job? Date that person? Move to that new city? Use this ‘mind hack’ to never second-guess yourself and make choices that are perfectly aligned with who you want to be, your values, and the life you want for yourself.

  6. Ask your subconscious what it really wants - and get an instant answer

    In just minutes… this Instant-Clarity exercise shatters the deepest illusions you’ve been conditioned with throughout your life, and shows you what you’re really here for.

You’ll emerge from this Masterclass with the tools and guidance you need to create your own Lifebook, and become the author of your life greatest life.

Instead of letting others dictate your life, you'll have total control of destiny, and the freedom to achieve success and happiness on your own terms.

About Jon and Missy Butcher

Jon and Missy Butcher are the founders of Lifebook – but they’re not personal growth teachers. They’re serial entrepreneurs, lovers, and adventurers with a life most people would call “impossible”.

Coming from a life of financial and emotional hardship in their youth, Jon and Missy have now founded 19 companies together, and co-own the Precious Moments family of companies, which has made over $10 billion in sales.

But their career and wealth are just the tip of the iceberg. Jon and Missy are conscious rebels, with a life lived on their own terms - and a respectful disregard for societal norms and rules.

For example: instead of buying a generic mansion, they built their own fairytale home. Instead of settling for a mediocre relationship, they consciously create a whirlwind romance, even after three decades of marriage. They live in multiple countries every year. They’re grandparents in their fifties, but look and feel a decade or two younger. The list goes on and on.

On this Masterclass, you’ll take a deep dive into the wisdom, epiphanies, life hacks, and models of reality that make up the Lifebook process - so you too can turn your life into a masterpiece.

Portrait of Jon & Missy Butcher
Jon & Missy are in their fifties and still in the best shape of their lives.

Jon & Missy are in their fifties and still in the best shape of their lives.

Jon & Missy have run multiple successful businesses while traveling close to 100 countries.

Jon & Missy have run multiple successful businesses while traveling close to 100 countries.

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