Becoming More Loving

Embrace Peace & Joy: Unveil Your Heart's Infinite Love with Gelong Thubten's Transformative Journey

A transformative 7-day journey with Gelong Thubten to embrace peace and compassion.

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Ready to unlock the door to lasting inner peace and joy?

Life's turmoil can often distance us from true peace and joy.

Emotional distress and fleeting remedies leave us craving more substantial healing.

"Becoming More Loving" with Gelong Thubten provides a deeper, lasting path to serenity.

Discover daily practices and mindset shifts for embodying peace, compassion, and forgiveness, transforming every moment of your existence.

A proven formula to embrace forgiveness and compassion, transforming into a more loving being in just 7 days.

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In a world where happiness seems like a distant dream, "Becoming More Loving" charts a clear path out of the shadows of discontent.

This program, guided by Gelong Thubten's profound insights, trains your mind to embrace completeness.

Discover the essence of self-worth and self-love, navigating through the vital checkpoints of forgiveness and compassion.

Forgiving others is transformative, but forgiving oneself is revolutionary.

This journey is not just about changing how we interact with the world outside but how we heal the world within.

As you walk this path, you'll find that the external world begins to mirror the compassion, love, and forgiveness you cultivate internally.

What You’ll Learn

  1. The Essence of True Compassion

  2. Mastering Compassion Meditation

  3. The Power of Forgiveness

  4. Cultivating Self-Love and Worth

  5. From Indifference to Deep Caring

  6. Unlocking Trust and Confidence

  7. Adapting with Grace

Students who take this program report the following

You’ll grow in these areas:
  1. Improving Compassion

  2. Inner Peace

  3. Developing Greater Positivity

Our proven transformation formula

In just 15 - 20 easy minutes a day, you’ll experience a unique combination of micro-learning, practical exercises, and mental training to dramatically transform your mindset.

Micro lessons in just 20 mins a day

Each class builds up on the previous one to create a transformation effect

See dramatic results at the end of the program

The curriculum

Experience this 7-day adventure with Gelong Thubten to seek and embrace that deep, compassionate and forgiving part of yourself so you can unlock profound inner peace and joy every day.

With simple and practical day-by-day guidance, you’ll discover the many facets of compassion and forgiveness and how you can experience its benefits numerous times every single day.

You'd be surprised how many opportunities show up for you.

The practices are meant to not only be done while sitting for meditation, but they can also be used as an effective tool for joy and peace while you are on a commute, working on your computer, having meals, or waiting for someone.

And you don’t need to believe in any religion to do this.

By the end of this 7-day quest, you will be confident about regularly having that positive boost in your brain’s performance thanks to your habit for micro-moment compassion and forgiveness.

Becoming More Loving on multiple devices

Part 1

Understanding Compassion

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Part 2

Compassion Meditation

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Part 3

Compassion Expansion

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Part 4

Understanding Forgiveness

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Part 5

Forgiveness & Thoughts

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Part 6

Experiencing Forgiveness

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Part 7

Forgiveness & Letting Go

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Bonus Content

Bonus 1

Bonus 1 title
Kiss nerves and stage-fright goodbye with this powerful meditation to put in the optimal mental space before you step on stage. Place yourself in a powerfully confident state and stride out in the spotlight.

Bonus 2

Bonus 1 title
Kiss nerves and stage-fright goodbye with this powerful meditation to put in the optimal mental space before you step on stage. Place yourself in a powerfully confident state and stride out in the spotlight.
Meet your Trainer

Buddhist Monk & Bestselling Author

For most people, spending life in complete isolation on a remote Scottish Island for four years sounds like their worst nightmare. But for Gelong Thubten, a New York city based actor turned Buddhist monk who’s well-known for having trained the cast of Marvel’s blockbuster movie, Dr. Strange, he enjoyed it so much and found the experience so rewarding that he didn’t want to leave.

Since then, Thubten practiced Forgiveness and Compassion meditation for decades and developed a thorough understanding of the unseen forces of the human psyche.

“Meditation has nothing to do with clearing the mind,” explains Thubten. “It isn’t about switching off – it’s about switching on. It’s about waking up.”

Gelong Thubten grew up in Cambridge, England, and attended University College School, North London, before pursuing studies in English Literature at the University of Oxford. After completing his studies, he moved to New York to attend a theater school and become an actor.

But living in New York and pursuing the life of a working actor was exceptionally stressful.

And so at twenty-one years old, after auditioning for a role in the film, Little Buddha, and feeling overwhelmed and burned out, he decided to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to this new life path.

Today, he’s an internationally acclaimed meditation and mindfulness teacher, training thousands of people at businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, prisons, addiction counseling centers, and at major events.

In this quest, Becoming More Loving, Gelong Thubten lays out the framework for compassion and forgiveness meditation that made him world-famous.

Trainers Credentials

  • Dr. Strange, where he trained Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton in meditation techniques while they were filming.

  • Been teaching and coaching thousands of people for over 20 years with clients such as Google, LinkedIn, Deloitte, Lloyds Bank, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Accenture and Clifford Chance.

  • Lectured at Facebook’s London offices, Morrisons and McCain head offices, Linklaters, Universities of Oxford, Cardiff and Helsinki, as well as for the United Nations.

  • Keynote speaker for many large events such as: Wisdom 2.0 Europe, Me-Convention (Mercedes Benz), which was Europe’s first SXSW Festival, LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in Los Angeles, Fifteen Seconds Festival (Austria and US), WOMAD Festival, Oxford Literary Festival, Gibraltar Literary Festival, Hay Literary Festival and Tech Open Air, Berlin.

  • Serves as the Director of Kagyu Samye Dzong Scarborough, Yorkshire, Trustee of ROKPA International, an international humanitarian aid organisation and Director of Samye Foundation Wales, a mindfulness and wellbeing charity.

  • Author of best-selling books “A Monk’s Guide to Happiness” and “How to be Human,” which he co-authored with Ruby Wax and Ash Ranpura.

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Gelong Thubten teaches at Mindvalley University

“You are one talk away from the next massive breakthrough in your life.”

Eric Edmeades

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