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Our Mission

Mindvalley for Schools aims is to bring is integral and conscious learning curriculum, to as many learners possible in the world. A curriculum designed to unlock student’s full potential, and equip them with advanced real-life skills that most education systems have not yet explored. Join Mindvalley for Schools to achieve more engagement and higher performance in your students.

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A big group of people hugging each other on the stage of Mindvalley University

A Complete Upgrade Of The Education System

Mindvalley’s School Program is a holistic integrated approach to education that enhances and enriches the lives of our children. From junior learning through high school and all the way into college. It teaches the skills that are really needed to thrive in the world, and empower young people to make life and career choices that are aligned with who they are as a person, not what society conditions them to believe about themselves.

A Learning Experience Tailored To The Student’s Most Important Needs

Different nations have different needs. Mindvalley’s Schools Program encourages students to self-assess their lives, and create powerful visions for their future. Mindvalley’s School Program is designed to adapt specifically to the needs of the students of each country, and each school.

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A big group of people hugging each other on the stage of Mindvalley University

Teaching Kids How To Be Free And Independent Thinkers

The urge for individual exploration is equally strong for children all over the world, regardless their culture or background. Mindvalley for Schools aims to create a safe space for young people to dive into their identity and self-discover; within their academic experience.

The Best Of The Best Joining The Movement

We have recruited the world's best teachers, and invented a new learning platform, to bring conscious education to the reach of children's and schools' fingertips.

As part of Mindvalley for Schools you will be able to access some of the top minds in the world, and a completely new global curriculum for humanity.

3 friends enjoying a night out
A big group of people hugging each other on the stage of Mindvalley University

Accessible And Applicable To Everyone

Mindvalley’s School Program is going to be affordable to all humans. We believe it’s time for transformational education to be available for all not just for the benefit of rich parents and families. Every nation in the world will be able to get an education system of better quality than ever had up until this point. And it can happen at a fraction of current costs: less than 10% what nations are paying.

The Parent, Student, Teacher Link

Involving parents is a very important and influential task when creating supporting networks for kids and teens. This depicts learning as a two-way exercise: where kids learn from parents and parents from kids. Education at Mindvalley isn't conceived as a task, but as an exercise where all must participate, and that has no expiration date or set roles.

3 friends enjoying a night out


Our learning curriculum is not fixed. Instead, it is self-evolving based on data and customized to each child's individual vision for themselves.

Icon of Memory Power

Memory Power

Revision techniques – speed reading and memory improvement

Icon of Emotional Acuity

Emotional Acuity

Understanding yourself and your emotions especially stress and anxiety

Icon of Time Management

Time Management

How to manage your time efficiently and the importance of daily rituals

Icon of Nutrition


Nutrition and how that impacts your learning

Social Development

Social Development

Understanding expectations/ attachments

Icon of Self Esteem


Self-belief, self-confidence, communication

Icon of a hand and heart


How to deal with setbacks and failures in life

Ready To Learn More?

Let us show you how transformational Mindvalley for Schools is by piloting this with your students. If you share your details below or send an email to schools@mindvalley.com, we'll follow-up right away!

We are moving fast on a global program that will bring transformational education including wellness, happiness, critical thinking, authentic expression, self-esteem, speed learning, compassion, bio-hacking, and mindfulness to school systems around the world.

See Yourself Partnering With Mindvalley?

If you're in charge of a large school district. Or a nation. And want to be one of the first to know our plans -- Email schools@mindvalley.com. And we'll keep you on a list. Let us know how many schools and kids you'd be interested in bringing this to.

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