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Quest 3.0

Quests 3.0

Mindvalley Quests is our vision for the future of online education. It’s a next-generation learning platform that gives you 500% better results than traditional online courses by connecting you with the world’s greatest teachers, a highly optimized daily micro-learning methodology, and the constant love and support of our global community.

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The Tribe Effect

Many of our students feel their interactions with our global community have made the single biggest impact on their personal growth. This is why every touchpoint of the Mindvalley experience is designed for intimate connection and co-creation. Whether you’re taking a Quest or attending an event, you’ll be part of a community of the most inspiring people you’ve ever met.

The Mindvalley Curriculum

Which Area Of Life Would You Like To Upgrade?

Productivity & Meta Skills

Master meta skills that turn you into a highly evolved human being. Upgrade your learning, memory, productivity, and linguistic & cognitive intelligence through specialized training designed to help you learn everything else better and faster.

Mind & Spirit

Traditional schools focus on the physical aspect of life, but Mindvalley takes you deeper. Discover how to transcend your physical reality, and achieve higher states of self-awareness through practices like meditation, mindfulness, accessing transcendent states and modern spirituality.

Health & Fitness

Transform your body with today’s most effective science for longevity, fitness, weight loss, and healing. Mindvalley uses biohacking and deep behavioral change techniques to create sustainable new lifestyle, dietary and exercise habits – so your live longer and feel absolutely fantastic.

Love & Relationships

Through human consciousness frameworks like Integral Theory and Culture Hacking, Mindvalley conditions you for deeper compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence with all individuals and groups of people. You’ll show up as a better friend, lover, family member, manager or entrepreneur, and global citizen.

Career & Influence

We don’t just train our students to be the most successful entrepreneurs, employees and professionals – but to also influence culture, business, and the environment in a positive direction for the generations to come. So you don’t just crush it at work – but you leave a positive imprint and legacy for future generations.

Immerse Yourself In The Mindvalley Curriculum When You Join Our Real World Campus

Mindvalley U

College Reimagined For The Future

What would happen if the entire Mindvalley community – kids, parents, teachers, authors, students, all of us – came together for an entire month in a different city each year? And what would happen if we spent that month co-creating immersive workshops, curriculums, pop-up schools, conscious business alliances, and other life-changing experiences with each other?

Mindvalley U is a bold social experiment, and a vision for the future of education: one where the world is our campus, and learning never ends.