For people who are looking to fully embrace and accept themselves, mistakes, flaws, and all

Discover the 10 keys to loving yourself fully and unconditionally

Hug your imperfections. Transcend the world’s expectations. And turn your dragons into allies in this 10-day journey towards a new life of boundless self-love, flaws and all.

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A program for the person who wants to listen to their heart (and not to the expectations of others)

Does your life really belong to you?

Do your dreams belong to you?

Do you belong to you?

Or does part of you perhaps belong to the hand-me-down desires of your family and society. The triggers of your social media feed. Or even the whispers of your mentors and role models, imposing on you what a good life should look and feel like.

In a validation-obsessed world hellbent on telling you what to do and who to be, unconditional self-love has become an increasingly rare gift.

And so if you’ve found yourself chasing goals, taking on work, building relationships, thinking thoughts, or following trails that leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled: you’re not alone.

This program is for you if you’re ready to stop searching externally for your life’s most important answers - and to instead start looking within.

10 simple questions is all that stands between you and a lifetime of unconditional self-love

10 Questions for Self-Love is a journey towards unshakable peace, purpose, and fulfillment by mastering the art of self-love.

Through a series of 10 daily video lessons with Mindvalley co-founder Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, you’re guided to release all patterns of toxic perfectionism. Transcend the need for comparison and external validation.

And to even turn your flaws - or as Kristina calls them, your dragons - into sources of radiant joy, strength, and self-discovery.

As you progress through this journey, you’ll begin to see yourself in a whole new light, and gain a new personal philosophy of success aligned beautifully with your deepest truths.

Everything you’ve ever wanted in life begins here: at the choice of designing a reality and self-identity that honors no one but the real you.

What you’ll gain from 10 Questions for Self-Love

  1. Unconditional love and acceptance for yourself

    You’ll explore and fully embody the true meaning of unconditional self-love. As you’ll discover, this involves loving every dimension of yourself: including the imperfections, the messy parts, and even the failures you’ve experienced and will experience. And from this new state of being, you’ll experience the freedom and clarity to be the person you were always meant to be.

  2. A new relationship with your shadows

    Your shadows, your flaws, your dragons: you’ll gain a newfound peace with the parts of you that may have once caused you shame and anxiety. And rather than just being okay with them, you’ll also discover how to leverage them as strengths and unique quirks that make you an authentic and one-of-a-kind individual.

  3. Mastery of your emotions

    Rather than letting other people or your environment dictate how you feel, you’ll learn how to operate from a space of peace, calm, and clear-headedness in every situation. By being proactive instead of reactive with your emotions, you’ll claim a powerful sense of agency over every moment of your life, and become the architect of your own destiny.

  4. Crystal-clear awareness of yourself and your environment

    You’ll discover how to harness your mind’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) to gain a deeper level of awareness for details in your environment that match your goals and desires. With this higher level of focus at your disposal, you’ll be able to make better decisions, sense important information, and cut out distractions that lead you down the wrong path.

  5. Freedom from the fear of failure

    An unaddressed fear of failure stops you from taking important chances, and ultimately from growing and evolving towards your fullest potential. You’ll erase the root causes of this fear from your subconscious mind by building the courage to face rejection and judgment, and developing an immunity to crippling perfectionism.

  6. An upgraded belief system

    Nothing more profoundly shapes your reality and self-identity than your belief system: and a disempowering one can wreak havoc on every area of your life. You’ll experience a deep detox of your belief system that weeds out the ones that don’t serve you, and replaces them with new beliefs that make self-love and self-acceptance your natural default state.

The Curriculum

Explore the 10 Questions for Self-Love curriculum

Embark on a 10-day journey into authentic and unconditional self-love: and emerge with a renewed relationship with yourself and your life.

On each day you’ll join Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani for a bite-sized video lesson covering a unique aspect of self-love, each embodied by one key reflective question.

You’ll perform deep self-analysis from a safe and uplifting space. You’ll explore your personal philosophies and belief system. And you’ll experience a series of carefully crafted breakthroughs designed to release the self-doubt, perfectionism, and conditioning holding you back from loving yourself fully and unconditionally.

And by the end of the program, you’ll have the mindset, soulset, and skill set you need to chart a new life path defined by who you really are and what you really want.

10 Questions for Self-Love on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

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Part 1

Get to know yourself

Day 2

How to avoid a dead end

Part 3

Switch off autopilot

Part 4

Success vs. happiness

Part 4

Discover the anatomy of beliefs

Part 4

Turn off perfectionism

Part 4

Meet your dragons

Part 4

Uncover the emotional ABC

Part 4

How to give yourself an emotional first aid

Part 4

Embrace your dragons

Bonuses included when you join today

Bonus #1:

Guided meditation: Meeting Your Dragons

This 20-minute session takes you on an eye-opening inward journey, to where your dragons reside. Play this meditation as a complement to your journey from day 7 of the program, and every time you need a dose of unconditional self-love.

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Bonus #2:

Multi-sensory exercise: Life is happening for you, not to you

This empowering 60-minute exercise combines writing, full body movement, and deep meditation to shift you into a state of personal power, where you are the architect of your own destiny.

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About Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, creator of 10 Questions for Self-Love

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani is an international speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, mother of two, and co-founder of Mindvalley.

A 20-year veteran of the personal growth industry and one of Mindvalley’s key drivers since its inception, she has collaborated, studied, and shared a stage with many of today’s leading teachers: including Lisa Nichols, Shefali Tsabary, Marisa Peer, Michael Beckwith, Jay Shetty, and the late Bob Proctor.

Kristina’s journey into self-love began in her Soviet Estonian childhood, where she faced a path paved with suffocating rules, perfectionism, and gender programming.

Her conditioning followed her for decades and persisted even through her greatest successes: until she made the conscious decision to choose a life true to herself.

10 Questions for Self-Love is Kristina’s third Mindvalley program. In it she presents her greatest philosophical breakthroughs, mindset shifts, and mind-body-spirit tools for unconditional self-love: unified into a simple 10-day journey anyone can embark on to break free from the limits of self-doubt and toxic perfectionism.

Portrait of Kristina

Trainer credentials

  • Kristina is both the co-founder of Mindvalley and founder of Mindvalley Russian, the largest personal growth platform in the Russian-speaking market.
  • She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and has been an active contributor since 2019.
  • Her accolades include the Global Impact Creators’ Influencers For Change award, and a placement in the Top 10 influential people online making a difference in the world today.
  • Becoming Flawesome, her debut book, is scheduled for release in June 2023 by Hay House Publishing.
Kristina is a mother, teacher, activist and entrepreneur

Kristina is a mother, teacher, activist and entrepreneur

Kristina on the Mindvalley stage

Kristina on the Mindvalley stage

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