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For the aspiring wealth-builder seeking a more comfortable financial future…

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about money?

Does the thought of retirement, investments, or even just monthly budgeting fill you with a sense of dread?

If you ever thought there must be more straightforward ways to manage your finances, ways that the experts and the wealthy seem to know but aren't sharing, you’re not alone…

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been left in the dark when it comes to truly understanding money, leading to a cycle of debt, stress, and financial uncertainty for countless individuals.

But should you really bear the blame for a system that fails to equip you with crucial skills we all deserve?

The truth is, financial literacy is a right, not a privilege.

And under the guidance of Jaspreet Singh, the power to change your financial destiny is now firmly in your grasp.

Transform Your Financial Landscape In Just Two Weeks

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‘Smart Money: Your Roadmap to Financial Success’ is a rapid transformational experience that radically redefines how you interact with money.

In just 14 days, dedicating mere minutes each day, you'll dive into a world where managing money, investing wisely, and growing your wealth becomes second nature.

Every strategy, tool, and mindset shift you learn is designed to enhance one of what Jaspreet calls The 3 Keys to Financial Fitness, namely:

  1. Spend Less
  2. Earn More
  3. Invest like crazy

What You’ll Learn

  1. Master the Money Mindset

  2. Step Beyond Financial Fear

  3. Income Optimization

  4. Strategic Budgeting

  5. Investing Made Simple

  6. Amplify Your Finances

  7. From Debt Management to Debt Freedom

Students report the following

76% millennials
Are not financially literate
72% households
Do not have a financial plan
83% feel better
Within a year of setting financial goals
You’ll grow in these areas:
  1. Improving Money Skills

  2. Getting Out of Debt

  3. Personal Financial Management

  4. Investing Skills

  5. Growing Your Finances

  6. Earning and Saving Money

  7. Entrepreneurial Success

Our proven transformation formula

In just 15 - 20 easy minutes a day, you’ll experience a unique combination of micro-learning, practical exercises, and mental training to dramatically transform your mindset.

Micro lessons in just 20 mins a day

Each class builds up on the previous one to create a transformation effect

See dramatic results at the end of the program

The curriculum

Smart Money is your 14-day step-by-step guide with financial expert Jaspreet Singh, designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills for lifelong financial success.

Each day, in just a few minutes, Jaspreet guides you through essential principles of money management, investing, and wealth building.

Designed for immediate application, you’ll start transforming your financial habits and mindset from day one.

By the end of the Quest, you'll not only have a robust understanding of personal finance but also a clear action plan to secure and grow your wealth, regardless of your starting point.

The Silva Ultramind System on multiple devices

Part 1

Money 101

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Part 2

Making your money work for you

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Kiss nerves and stage-fright goodbye with this powerful meditation to put in the optimal mental space before you step on stage. Place yourself in a powerfully confident state and stride out in the spotlight.

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Kiss nerves and stage-fright goodbye with this powerful meditation to put in the optimal mental space before you step on stage. Place yourself in a powerfully confident state and stride out in the spotlight.
Meet your Trainer

The Smart Money

Jaspreet Singh is on a mission to spread financial education.

Jaspreet is the internet sensation behind Minority Mindset, the viral YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers that makes financial education accessible to all.

In a world where the mere mention of money, retirement or investing causes many of us to break out in sweat, Jaspreet cuts through the jargon and makes real and generational wealth an option for anyone who wants to learn.

Jaspreet’s simple no-nonsense advice has already transformed the futures of droves of ever-grateful followers, and now he’s ready to do the same for you.

Trainers Credentials

  • Chief Executive Money Nerd at the Minority Mindset Companies and the host of the Minority Mindset YouTube Channel with more than 100M views.

  • Founder of Buzz Media and the Market Insiders App - providing the financial news you need to be a smarter investor and build more wealth.

  • Not only is Jaspreet a successful serial entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor, he’s also a Licenced Attorney at Law

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Jaspreet Singh is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor on a mission to make financial education accessible to all

“We grow up with this idea that money is something that's reserved for other people or that it's bad. And so then we create excuses.”

Jaspreet Singh

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“Jaspreet instructs normal people to escape from the rat race.”

Jaspreet has helped countless people get out of debt, start investing, and create a plan towards building wealth.
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“Systemic advice for creating a college financial system.”

Fox 4 News features Jaspreet insights on the broken collegiate system and how not to go broke paying for college.
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“One of GoBankingRates 100 most influential money experts”

Jaspreet is widely recognised as the layman’s go-to financial advisor, known for his down-to-earth approach that reaps real results.

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