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A 20-year plan to upgrade humanity

Humankind is at a crucial point in our history. Before us lies the possibility of a more connected and abundant world, where our best values of compassion and unity shine. Yet the world as it’s operating right now is far from that vision.

Simply put, our systems for running the world, and our models for understanding it need a massive upgrade - especially when you consider that:

  • Our planet is facing ecological collapse due to global warming.
  • According to Gallup Polls 85% of adults dislike their jobs.
  • Other polls show 54% of kids dislike school.
  • Nations confuse nationalism with patriotism and often fall prey to leaders using fear to win votes.
  • Business has gone berserk - and many companies become algorithms for short-term profit while polluting the ecology, or marketing junk as food, or creating manufactured demand.

And in the midst of this, we’re about to be hit by massive exponential growth in technology. From AI, to robotics, to extended lifespans and the singularity - we as a species are unprepared.

Nelson Mandela said, “if you want to change the world, change education.” This is my biggest focus. A new type of education system that can be deployed across nations, schools, businesses and large populations that allows us to reach our next level as a species.

Upgrading the human education model

Vishen on stage at Mindvalley University

Vishen on stage at Mindvalley University

Vishen taking a selfie with attendees

Vishen taking a selfie with attendees

With the advancement of AI, human education will inevitably evolve. It will be less about facts and learning, and more about creativity and transformation. 20 years from now the world will be very different. Robots and AI will take over most jobs. Working hours will drop to 15 hours a week. And with Universal Basic Income - work will essentially be optional.

In that world, I believe that the No. 1 thing we’ll be doing with our abundance of spare time is personal growth. Productivity is no longer just what you build -- YOU become the product. Your soul, your body, your mind become the focus of your human drive to build, create and invent. And we are striving to be the company that provides the best tools for this future.

This is why education is key.

But this goes far beyond the traditional mode of education. We’re building some of the world’s most cutting-edge education technology and methodologies, and deploying them in national schooling systems, Fortune 500 companies and direct to consumers.

Mindvalley is my vehicle for transforming education. Our goal is to create the biggest rise in human consciousness our species has ever experienced. And fundamentally upgrade the human experience.

But upgrading humanity also goes beyond education...

Apart from evolving our education, and our university and schooling systems, I believe it’s vital that we also pay attention to the other systems that shape our living experience, including:

  • Our models of work and career...
  • Our spirituality...
  • Our understanding of health and wellness...
  • Our approach to parenting...
  • Our politics...
  • Our concept of citizenry...

And finally unifying all the people of the world under a Flag for Planet Earth. A flag that represents a form of ‘memetic inoculation’ against nationalism and short-term business interest that sacrifices the environment.

These pressing global issues are challenging to tackle because our world is driven by business need. And saving the world is often not seen as a viable business model.

Except that we found a viable way.

Mindvalley now has 300 people ranging from engineers to writers to artists working full time on these challenges.

Better yet - we’re fully self-funded, profitable, and growing at a rapid pace. To transform the planet, we need to change the mindset of individuals - one by one. We’re at 3 million and counting. A billion lives would create the necessary tipping point we need.

We’ve given ourselves till 2020 to make this happen.

We’re not here to win awards, do an IPO or report to any investors. We prefer to be singularly obsessed with transforming our species and saving our planet.

Consciousness ripples. Each person we touch, goes on to touch another. The end goal is 1 billion users on all our various connected platforms by 2038. It’s a tough mission, but we’re making solid progress.

If this mission resonates with you, read on to discover the various projects my team and I are currently working on.

Transformational Education

Collage of Mindvalley Quests

Mindvalley Quests

Through Mindvalley we’re bringing together the world’s best teachers on the world’s most transformational learning platform. Mindvalley Quests, our evolved version of online training courses, yields 800% higher completion rates than traditional courses. The key is in how we merge leading-edge learning tech, beautiful production values, behavioral design, daily micro-learning, and community.

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Vishen holding hands with Mindvalley attendees on stage

Mindvalley University

What if University was not 4 years in a bubble - but one year, every month, for the rest of your life? There’s no such thing as graduation in our vision for education - because why would you ever want to end one of the most empowering and fulfilling experiences of your life? This is the idea behind Mindvalley University City Campus. Thousands of people join a mobile university that moves from city to city every year, for a month of profound learning and co-creation.

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Work & Career

Mindvalley Office in Malaysia

Upgrading Work Culture

Mindvalley’s award-winning HQ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a giant laboratory of work culture experiments. Ranging from new management models to new styles of office design - we’ve been innovating on work culture for 10 years. As a result, we’ve attracted an amazing pool of talent from 54 countries.My new book and program on work culture will be coming out in 2020.

Mindvalley Team photo

Personal growth at work

Is it possible for work to make you younger, fitter, healthier and give you more time for yourself and family? We believe so. Working with our own team, we’re able to get the average employee to lose 10lbs their first year, and by year 2, have them meditating and running Spartan races. We’re obsessed with experimenting on how work can be redesigned to enable health and wellness, instead of take it away.