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Mindvalley Quests are transformational online programs that level up your life in just 20 minutes a day. Each one lasts between two to four weeks, and delivers results that last a lifetime.

Our constantly growing curriculum gives you dozens of Quests to choose from, for every dimension of your life: including body, mind, soul, career, and more. Quests are immersive community experiences, each one beginning on a set start date with up to thousands of participants worldwide.

This video covers:

  • What makes Mindvalley Quests unique?
  • How to use Mindvalley Quests?
  • How much time should I make for Mindvalley?

Quests are divided into the following categories

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How to choose your first Quest

Starting your first Quest is easy. You’re free to choose one from any category that interests you. Or use your recommendations and quiz results to pick a Quest that’s intelligently chosen to match your personal goals and needs.

Explore your Discover Page to see the programs relevant for You

Visit the Discover page to browse your recommended programs and check the full list of Quests available to you.

Mindvalley's discover page with all quests to browse

View your recommended Quests

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you can also visit your Home page and Discover page to view your recommended Quests based on your results.

Mindvalley recommends quests based on results of quizzes

Select and begin your Quest


Start your program

Once you’ve selected a Quest, you can either find out more about it on the Overview tab, or browse the Lessons.

To start your Quest, click on ‘Start Quest’.

Mindvalley quest interface on desktop and mobile


Choose your learning mode

To experience your Quest with other Mindvalley students, select ‘Join a Class’. New lessons are unlocked daily. We recommend this option for the most immersive experience.

Or you can select ‘Go at your own pace’ to unlock all lessons immediately, and experience your Quest on your own schedule.

Mindvalley's two learning modes


Get started

Begin your Quest by accessing your first unlocked lesson.

Unlock your lessons and start watching


Rate your lesson

After you’ve completed a lesson, rate it based on how effective and rewarding it was for you.

Mindvalley’s system uses your ratings to discover what works for you - and to present you with more accurate recommendations.

Mindvalley's rating system after you complete a lesson