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To the yoga newbie or enthusiast seeking the easiest path to all the amazing rewards of yoga:

The glistening abs. The unshakeable calm. The boundless stamina. The poses that bend the laws of physics.

When the average yoga beginner or casual practitioner observes the experts, many often think:

“I’m not slim enough...”

“I’m not flexible enough...”

“I’m not young enough...”

“I don’t have enough time...”

“I don’t have the discipline…”

But if any of these thoughts sound familiar to you, know that you are enough. And that you too can adopt a life-changing yoga practice that gives you all the incredible rewards of this timeless practice.

This is the promise of The Mindvalley Yoga Quest: a 21-day online program featuring fun, transformational, easy-to-follow coaching with a selection of the world’s best yoga teachers.

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A Handpicked Team Of The World’s Best Yoga Instructors

When you join The Mindvalley Yoga Quest, you enjoy intimate guidance from not one, but nine world-class yoga instructors - each with their own unique perspective that enriches your understanding of the whole.

Your main designated host is Cecilia Sardeo: Mindvalley’s resident yoga instructor, who has personally helped thousands of people reap the rewards of this life-changing practice in a fun and accessible way (including Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani himself, and our entire team).

Joining Cecilia are a selection of critically acclaimed yoga instructors from across the world; including international sensation Tymi Howard, the “Anthony Robbins of yoga” Dashama Gordon, and yoga rebel Erin Motz.

Under normal circumstances, it would be nearly impossible (and extremely costly) to learn from all these amazing teachers under one unified curriculum - but for the first time ever, The Mindvalley Yoga Quest makes it accessible to anyone.

The Curriculum

Explore The Mindvalley Yoga Quest Curriculum

The Mindvalley Yoga Quest is a fun, accessible way to lock in a rewarding yoga practice for the four dimensions of you.

For 21 days, you join your head yoga instructor Cecilia Sardeo, and eight world-class yoga teachers in a series of easy-to-follow 20 - 30 minute daily sessions and weekly live calls.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already have some experience - you get all the love and guidance you need to enrich your life with the remarkable power of yoga.

The Mindvalley Yoga Quest on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

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Part 1

Just Move: Flexibility, Energizing, Detoxing

Part 2

Strengthen Your Base: Core Strength, Stability, Balance

Part 3

Courage & Spice: Overcoming Fears, Balancing Core & Arms, Final Integration

Day by Day Schedule

Week 1

Day 1

Discover the Remedy to the Sedentary Lifestyle

Day 2

Improve Flexibility With Forward Bending

Day 3

Unlock the Power of Relaxation

Day 4

Break a Sweat

Day 5

Learn Contentment With Santosha

Day 6

Master Mobility, Strength and Flexibility

Day 7

Reflect on the First Week

Week 2

Day 8

Feel the Complete Revitalization With Vinyasa

Day 9

Build Balance & Strength

Day 10

Discover Yin Yoga For Stronger Muscle Tissues

Day 11

Strengther the Core and Improve Digestion

Day 12

Unlock Kindness With Ahimsa

Day 13

Find Your Center & Flexibility

Day 14

Reflect on the Second Week

Week 3

Day 15

Prepare for the Feathered Peacock Pose

Day 16

Release Your Inner Warrior

Day 17

How to Strengthen the Core For Great Posture

Day 18

Tips to Master the Feathered Peacock

Day 19

Explore Truthfulness With Satya

Day 20

How to Love Yourself

Day 21

Learn to Rest Properly

Cecilia Sardeo, Head Instructor Of The Mindvalley Yoga Quest

Cecilia Sardeo is Mindvalley’s resident yoga coach - and a celebrated teacher with thousands of students around the world. Cecilia was introduced to the ancient art of Yoga as a young child by her father, but would later give up on the practice in adulthood as she focused all her attention and energy to her career and entrepreneurial endeavors. But after years of “hustling” and relentless work, Cecilia, at the age of 28, found herself 44 pounds overweight, and more stressed out and unbalanced in her life than ever before. Cecilia would later rekindle her love for Yoga, completing a 500-hour yoga teacher certification in Bali. In doing so, she discovered powerful techniques (both on and off the mat) that helped her not only lose that excess weight, but also thrive in her personal and professional life. She is now a certified Yoga instructor and her mission is to share the same love she has for this ancient art with the rest of the world, and help others - regardless of their age, background, and experience - reap the multi-dimensional benefits of Yoga.

Portrait of Cecilia Sardeo

Plus, Meet Your 8 Mindvalley Yoga Quest Instructors

  • Dashama Gordon Affectionately called the Anthony Robbins of yoga. An award winning innovator in the field of yoga, Dashama will guide you through a fusion of yoga styles from across the world, designed to heal you as they uplift your consciousness.
  • Tymi Howard International yoga teacher and certified holistic health coach, also known in the yoga community as a “Teacher of Teachers”. Tymi will guide you through a combination of Vinyasa and Yin yoga that awakens newfound strength, healing, and freedom.
  • Erin Motz Known to her many loving fans as the Bad Yogi. Loves teaching the Vinyasa flow, in a fun and accepting space that’s free of judgment and limiting rules. Also loves red wine and French cheese.
  • Richard Schultz Hatha and dynamic Vinyasa yoga teacher with 20+ years of experience. Richard will show you how to perform a selection of potent yoga poses with a sense of impeccable rhythm and flow.
  • Lindsay Sukornyk Vinyasa yoga teacher and transformational leadership coach, often featured as an expert in the media. You’ll love Lindsay’s unique blend of yoga and personal growth principles, which empower you on a variety of levels.
  • Aaron Kleinerman Acrovinyasa teacher specializing in taking yoga from the earth into the air. Aaron will show you an exhilarating side of yoga that embodies physical excitement as much as it embodies calm.
  • Delamay Devi Senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher with an infectious enthusiasm and followership on Instagram. Delamay will guide you on how to use movement as medicine, and sync your being with the natural cycles of existence.
  • Bryan Cremer Hatha yoga teacher with a deep connection to the ocean. Bryan will help you unleash a free flow of mental, spiritual, and physical energy through a meditation practice.
Cecilia Sardeo on a stage at Mindvalley Event

Cecilia Sardeo on a stage at Mindvalley A-Fest

Cecilia Sardeo teaching Yoga outdoor

Cecilia Sardeo teaching Yoga at Mindvalley A-Fest

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