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Revealed: The Complete Lifebook Framework

For the first time ever, Jon & Missy Butcher teach the complete Lifebook framework that you can instantly apply after the Masterclass.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 90-minute Masterclass:

  • Receive an invitation to experience Jon & Missy’s premium $1,250 Lifebook Online program for FREE – and use it to design your ultimate life as soon as possible.
  • Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of life, instead of rushing towards your fullest potential? Discover how to escape the 3 soul-crushing reasons most people unknowingly cheat themselves of their greatest lives.
  • Does it ever feel like you need to sacrifice one thing in order to gain another? Find out how to rise above this false paradigm of sacrifice, and create your authentic vision of success in all 12 dimensions of your life.
  • Do you still struggle with knowing and committing to what you want? Ask yourself these 4 simple questions to create a crystal-clear ‘Life Vision’ that’s aligned with your truest desires (and that transforms those desires into reality at lightning speed).
  • Do you always set goals and rarely achieve them? It’s not your fault – traditional goal-setting is seriously incomplete! Discover how Lifebook empowers you to rapidly and consistently take charge of your life, and realize your every dream.
  • Are you crippled by a hardship in your past or present? See how Jon & Missy Butcher not only survived years of financial struggle, health issues, and deaths in the family – but turned those challenges into fuel for an extraordinary life lived on their own terms.
  • Experience the ‘Instant Clarity’ exercise: a powerful visualization exercise that guides you through your ideal day – and gives you instant clarity on who you really are, and what kind of life you really want to be living.
  • And so much more.

Relaity Infusion

Jon & Missy shooting their 2nd BRAND NEW Masterclass with host, Vishen Lakhiani. Taken last October 2019 in Pier 59 Studios, New York.

Relaity Infusion

Jon & Missy live in multiple countries a year, because they enjoy it. They’ve designed a dream lifestyle on their own terms.

Relaity Infusion

Jon & Missy are grandparents in their 50s – but thanks to their health and fitness practices, their bodies seem to defy aging.

Vishen Lakhiani with his Lifebook
Meet Your Host, Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of the world’s largest personal growth company, Mindvalley. He is also the author of the NY Times Bestseller ‘The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’.

Vishen’s first encounter with Lifebook was at a seminar in 2010. Since then he has regarded Lifebook as the most important personal growth program he has ever taken, and credits it for his biggest personal and business breakthroughs.

Mindvalley’s relationship with Lifebook runs deep. It has quickly become our most popular program of all time, and is now even part of the induction process for all new Mindvalley team members.

This free Masterclass is our way of spreading this remarkable lifestyle design system with even more people worldwide. Join us and turn your life into a masterpiece with Lifebook.


About Jon and Missy Butcher

Jon and Missy Butcher are the founders of Lifebook – but they’re not personal growth teachers. They’re serial entrepreneurs, lovers, and adventurers with a life most people would call “impossible”.

Coming from a life of financial and emotional hardship in their youth, Jon and Missy have now founded 19 companies together, and co-own the Precious Moments family of companies, which has made over $10 billion in sales.

And apart from their career and wealth, Jon and Missy have also designed extraordinary outcomes in every other area of their lives too.

For example: instead of buying a generic mansion, they built their own fairytale home. Instead of settling for a mediocre relationship, they consciously create a whirlwind romance, even after three decades of marriage. They live in multiple countries every year. They’re grandparents in their fifties, but look and feel a decade or two younger. The list goes on and on.

Jon and Missy credit their success not to any form of skill or talent, but to the Lifebook process they have perfected over the years.

It’s a process that anyone – no matter what situation they’re currently in – can harness to gain clarity over what they truly want in life. And achieve it without compromise or sacrifice.

On this Masterclass, you’ll take a deep dive into the wisdom, epiphanies, life hacks, and models of reality that make up the Lifebook process – so you too can turn your life into a masterpiece.

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Some of Jon & Missy’s Companies:

What Some Of The World’s Leading Figures Have Said About Lifebook

Marisa Peer
“There is no doubt I’ll be implementing all of this in my life.”

I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve been a therapist for 43 years. Be fair to say, I know a lot—but I found Lifebook really extraordinary because it covers all 12 categories. I think it was marvelous.

Marisa Peer

Voted UK’s #1 Therapist, World-Renowned Speaker

Joe Polish
“Lifebook is the most amazing thing ever done in Personal Development.”

Lifebook is the most amazing thing ever done in Personal Development. I’ve been through it, and everything else in the self-help world does not even hold a candle to Lifebook.

Joe Polish

Creator of Genius Network® and President of Piranha Marketing Inc.

Lisa Nichols
“First it was life-giving, and then it was life-changing.”

Taking Lifebook was the absolute best decision I could have ever made. It was life-changing. I’ve never gone through a program that allowed me to so thoroughly orchestrate and navigate my future.

Lisa Nichols

NYT Best-Selling Author, Transformation Coach, Speaker

Mark Hyman, MD
“I recommend Lifebook to anyone in search of an extraordinary life.”

I’ve used Lifebook to take a deep dive into what really matters to me, what my most authentic beliefs and desires are, and most importantly – what strategies I can use to honor those beliefs and turn those desires into reality.

Mark Hyman, MD

Founder of The UltraWellness Center, NYT Best-Selling Author

Ben Greenfield
“I cannot recommend Lifebook highly enough!”

There is no way I could have just sat down and done this myself. But to have this all systematized and ultimately designed into this beautiful, powerful book for my life, my Lifebook—it is life-changing.

Ben Greenfield

Biohacker, Brain & Body Performance Coach, NYT Best-Selling Author

Patrick Gentempo
“Lifebook had massive and immediate positive impact for us.”

Lifebook had massive and immediate positive impact for us, which still carries through years after completing the program…and will for the rest of our lives.

Patrick Gentempo

Chiropractor, Author, TV Star and Founder of Action Potential Holdings