Everything You Need To Know


Application Process & Tickets

  • How do I get a ticket to Mindvalley U in Tallinn?

    An important part of Mindvalley U is the quality of the tribe, this is why we have an application process for everyone. Applications are now open and you will need to complete the application form available through this website. Our team will review your application and, once approved, you’ll get an email from us with a link where you can purchase your ticket. (If you are coming as a family, only one adult needs to apply).

  • How much are the tickets?

    An early bird ticket is $1,695* for adults and teenagers (aged 13-17), and $848* for kids (aged 6-12). The cost of the ticket covers your membership at the Hub plus entry to the regular program of classes, talks, events, socials, and workshops. There will be more than 100 incredible workshops included in the price. Plus entry into our exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with people before the event and share important info and material before during and after the event!

    *Note: please be aware that these prices will increase closer to the event.

  • Do you offer shorter packages?

    Although we don’t offer weekly tickets, we do offer the option of a half month ticket, which gives you access to Mindvalley U for 14 consecutive days. This means that you have 14 consecutive days from the first day that you sign in or register at the Hub. The price for this package is currently $1045* for adults and teenagers (aged 13-17), and $495* for kids (aged 6-12).

    *Note: please be aware that these prices will increase closer to the event.

  • What’s included in the Mindvalley U ticket fee?

    Purchasing a ticket for Mindvalley U will not only give you access to a curated community of spectacular entrepreneurs and digital nomads, but also to a Hub in Tallinn city centre for the entire period of Mindvalley U. It will be the base for around 100+ incredible workshops with thought leaders and experts from various fields, such as startup culture, unconventional/alternative finance, unified physics, modern spirituality, health & fitness, productivity and brain efficiency, parenting. There will be 4 fabulous parties happening in Tallinn for the community over the duration of Mindvalley U with various networking events and socials every week. Plus, you’ll have the access to our exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with people before the event and share important info and material before, during, and after the event!

  • What’s NOT included in the Mindvalley U ticket fee?

    The ticket doesn’t include your accommodation, meals and travel costs. It doesn’t include access to satellite events that take place outside the standard Mindvalley U schedule. Also, there will be various activities such as sightseeing trips, cruises, and other local experiences happening in Tallinn for the group in June & July that can be purchased separately.

  • My family and friends are interested in joining Mindvalley U in Tallinn. How can they get tickets?

    Mindvalley U is a curated tribe. As long as one family member has completed the Mindvalley U application and been approved, all other family members can secure a ticket immediately. However, friends need to apply and be approved before purchasing a ticket. Simply get your friends to complete their own application.

  • How much are the tickets for family members and kids?

    All kids (aged 6+), teens and adults need a ticket to attend MVU, but only one adult family member needs to complete the Mindvalley U application. Once approved, all other family members can secure a ticket via the same link.

    Adults and Teenagers (13-17)*: They can join Mindvalley U by securing a full priced ticket. The great news is that teenagers will have the choice of either joining the main Mindvalley U program, or they can choose to attend sessions especially designed for them with opportunities to bond and integrate with other teens from within the tribe.
    *Must be under 17 or under on June 28, 2018.

    Kids 6-12*: They can join Mindvalley U by securing a 50% off ticket. They will have the choice of either joining the main Mindvalley program, or they can choose to attend a special kids education and activities program where they can connect and socialise with other children under 13 from the tribe.
    *Must be 12 or under on June 28, 2018.

    Kids under 6: they can attend the main adult sessions for free. In addition, we will be able to recommend babysitting services not associated with Mindvalley U.
    *Must be under 6 on June 28, 2018.

  • What is the refund policy?

    A full refund can be granted up to 45 days before the start date of the event. You must have requested the refund by emailing events@mindvalleysupport.com at least 45 days prior to the event in order to be eligible for the refund. If you can’t make it, you can transfer your ticket to a family member or business partner/associate in your place, provided they qualify (apply and are approved).

    All transfer requests (to another qualified person) must be made at least 1 week (7 days) prior to the event.

    IMPORTANT: Tickets are not transferable to any other person, other than a family member or business partner/associate, provided they qualify to attend.

Program And Accommodation

  • Where does Mindvalley U program take place?

    The Mindvalley U program will take place at the Creative Hub called Kultuurikatel in the city centre of Tallinn.

  • Where should I book accommodation in Tallinn?

    Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. When you get approved, you’ll be added to our secret facebook group so you can meet the tribe and you’ll be able to arrange accommodation options together. We recommend booking your accommodation through Airbnb or a hotel as soon as possible, as June and July are very busy months in Tallinn. Mindvalley U’s Hub Kultuurikatel (Creative Hub) is located close to Tallinn city centre. Tallinn is a small, well connected city, so any location will be convenient and in walking distance.

  • What travel dates do you recommend?

    It really depends on your plans for the month. We recommend you to come a few days earlier as the orientation and registration days will happen on Thursday, June 28 and Friday, June 29.

    The Hub will be open until July 20 with the last workshop taking place at the Hub on that day.

  • Are you planning any activities for kids in Tallinn?

    Absolutely! There is a curriculum and program for kids (6-12 years of age) and teens (13 and over) for the duration of Mindvalley U. Please see the question ‘How much are the tickets for family members and kids?’ for pricing details.

  • How can I register for the Mindvalley satellite events?

    You will be able to register on our site. You’ll get the links to all the satellite events once you’re confirmed to attend Mindvalley U.

  • I need a roomie. What should I do?

    We’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to share your dates and preferences in a special document located in our Tribe Facebook Group. Access to this group will be shared with you once you’ve purchased your ticket.

  • I want to run a workshop at Mindvalley U Tallinn. What should I do to make it happen?

    Sessions will be happening in the Mindvalley U Hub from Mondays to Fridays, and we have allocated some of those spots to the Tribe. To be able to apply to do a talk or workshop in the Hub you first have to secure your Mindvalley U ticket. After that, you can fill out a participation request form here.

Packing Guide

  • What is the dress code?

    During the day, you’ll want to wear something comfortable and casual. Something you can move in. In the evening, dress to feel good. Ladies, pack dresses and heels if you are feeling inspired, and guys, feel free to pack a shirt and dress pants if you wish… it’s totally up to you! Weather is pretty unpredictable in Estonia and evenings tend to get chilly, so we recommend to pack sweaters and jackets. Tallinn is surrounded by the sea, so if you are not afraid of chilly water, pack your swimwear. We will have morning yoga, fitness and dance activities, so don’t forget to pack your favourite yoga pants and yoga mat. Pack comfortable shoes as you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking in Tallinn Old Town.

  • What should I bring with me?

    The most important thing is positive attitude, open mind and the willingness to receive a lot of knowledge and at the same time have a lot of fun!

  • Where can I get more information?

    If you still have any questions regarding what you can expect at Mindvalley U Tallinn, please email us here.

Important To Know

Here’s everything you need to know to help you plan your trip to Mindvalley U Tallinn.
  • Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country national holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Estonia. Read more here. In case you need a visa, apply here.
  • To travel to a Schengen country, passports need to be valid for at least another three months after the end of your trip.
  • You do need a health insurance! Health insurance is important because that covers the whole or a part of the expenses of a person needing a medical treatment.
  • In Estonia the power sockets are of type F. In Estonia the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Estonia, if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 – 240 V (as is in the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa). If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100 V – 127 V (as is in the US, Canada and most South American countries), you need a voltage converter in Estonia.
  • The average temperature in July, which is considered the warmest month of the year, is 18 °C (64.6 °F).
  • Official language is Estonian (English is widely spoken as well).
  • Official currency is Euro.
  • The local time corresponds to GMT/UTC + 03:00 hour.
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Tallinn.
  • In case you need a daycare for your kids, we have added the information where to book a nanny to the “MVU 2018 Tallinn Information Booklet”
  • ATMs are comfortably available in all areas of the city. Larger hotels, stores and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express debit and credit cards.
What is e-Residency

The Republic of Estonia offers e-Residency – a secure digital identity that can provide anyone in the world with access to the country’s advanced digital infrastructure and online services. As a result, e-residents have the ability to establish and manage a trusted EU company entirely online from anywhere in the world with minimal cost and hassle. Read more here.