Tap into the possibilities

Welcome to the new way to learn and connect

  • A travelling campus that brings transformational learning to a different beautiful city every year.
  • We invite celebrated teachers and leaders who are at the top of their game to share their wisdom with you.
  • We also open the floor to you – to run workshops, discussions, masterminds. To share your gifts and knowledge.
  • We have a vibrant central hub for all the workshops and activities with co-working facilities and areas to chill, eat and hang out.

How it all started

Mindvalley U was born out of a dream to unite and empower people who don’t want ordinary jobs or a conventional life. Who are finding alternative ways to live and make an impact in the world. It was the result of an idea for a crazy experiment where we’d get a few hundred people together for a month and run a sort of conscious college. We decided to host this little experiment in Barcelona last year.

We didn’t have enough time to plan and the team was stretched to the max pulling it together. We vastly overestimated how much people would use the co-working space and massively underestimated the incredible turnout to the workshops. We had cancellations, timetable changes, last minute freak-out. But , somehow, we pulled it off. And better than that, it was a hugely loving, collaborative, inspiring success.

We all felt the magic. So after not knowing if we were ever going to do this again, we realised that we couldn’t possibly stop co-creating this with you.

Create what hasn’t yet been imagined

You will have space to grow, share, create, invent, innovate, collaborate and have fun. Mindvalley U. is designed to open up your social connections like no other experience on Earth.

It’s for extraordinary individuals working on game changing ideas.

  • Find collaboration opportunities
  • Meet your new cofounder
  • Launch a startup
  • Get inspiration for your next big thing

Expand what it means to be you

You will learn life skills and tools that ordinary education ignores. Emotional intelligence, relationships, entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking, wellness, mindfulness, and parenting. The skills that truly lead to happier lives and not outdated societal brules of ‘success’.

We create a space for you to:

  • Have inner revelations
  • Discover new passions
  • Work out your life purpose
  • Experience spiritual growth

Beautiful, lasting friendships

MVU is an application-based event. Your classmates will be some of the most gifted, inspiring and beautiful souls you could hope to meet. They are a curated global tribe selected for accomplishment, heart and mission.

Entire families attend with their kids. People decide to come and work remotely. Some take time off from their jobs. One thing is for sure, anyone you happen to sit next to will be a remarkable human being.

Push the boundaries of education

You will learn all of the things you weren’t taught at school. Of course college can be great and necessary for some careers. But there is so much to learn about being a better person and contributing positively to the world.

Universities today might have the greatest researchers in the world, but not necessarily the greatest teachers. So where do you find these teachers? They are the ones on the TED stage, writing best-selling books or building extraordinary companies. These are the teachers we bring to Mindvalley U.

How to Apply

Our next event is Mindvalley U, June 28th – July 22nd, 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia. Apply now and you will be notified as soon as we review your application. Tickets will be available to purchase upon successful application.