Career growth programs


Jim Kwik

Awaken your mind's limitless potential, gain a bulletproof memory, and achieve superhuman productivity with this accelerated learning curriculum by master mind trainer Jim Kwik.
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Speak and Inspire

Lisa Nichols

Discover your voice, speak your truth, and inspire any audience of any size in this public speaking program with Lisa Nichols: celebrated motivational speaker and speaking coach.
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Life Visioning Mastery

Michael Beckwith

Embark on a spiritual journey far beyond traditional goal setting & manifestation, and discover what the universe has in store for you with renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Michael Beckwith.
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Super Reading

Jim Kwik

How would your life, career, and personal growth transform if you could double your reading speed almost instantly? Find out in this program with master mind trainer Jim Kwik.
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The Habit of Ferocity

Steven Kotler

Master the behavioral formula used by the world's elite visionaries, artists, and professionals to put your success on autopilot. A program with bestselling author and trainer Steven Kotler.
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Money EQ

Ken Honda

Heal your money wounds, release your fear, stress, and anger surrounding money, and achieve a lifetime of true financial wellbeing with Ken Honda: Japan's no. 1 personal growth teacher.
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Becoming Focused and Indistractable

Nir Eyal

Regain your focus and productivity in a distraction-filled world, and become indistractable in this empowering program with habit formation expert and bestselling author Nir Eyal.
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Everyday Bliss

Paul McKenna

Step up to a life of extraordinary bliss and calm with celebrity hypnotherapist Paul McKenna's signature tools and techniques that reprogram your mind and body for freedom from stress.
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Mastering Authentic Networking

Keith Ferrazzi

Realize your greatest professional and personal dreams through the power of authentic, mutually beneficial connections. Hosted by Keith Ferrazzi, the world's no. 1 networking coach.
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The New Psychology of Winning

Denis Waitley

Explore what the world's biggest winners do differently, and train your brain to win at work and in your life with this peak performance program by legendary coach Denis Waitley.
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