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Love Life & Sex

Tantra Touch (R-Rated)with Psalm Isadora

Experience your own physical, emotional, and spiritual renaissance, and become a conduit for limitless love and intimacy with the ancient art of Tantra. This program was created by the late, great Tantra Instructor Psalm Isadora.

Family & Parenting

Mindvalley U

One of the world’s first month-long education programs where families come together and co-create a transformational experience powered by community and culture.

Events & Talks

Watch Talks From A-Fest Ibiza 2017

Join relationship visionaries Esther Perel, Dan Savage, John Gray, Jon and Missy Butcher, and more on an exploration of the future of Love, Sexuality and Human Relationships. These talks are raw, open, and designed to make you rethink societal norms.

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Nurture Your Highest Self As You Nurture Your Relationships

The Mindvalley Tribe Membership immerses you in an ecosystem of love, personal growth, and support that nurtures the best version of you – both for yourself and the people around you. Explore life-changing experiences and friendships at Tribe-only Mindvalley events across the globe. Join us for intimate monthly online training sessions that level up every area of your life. And come together with us as we co-create a vision for a better future.

When you become a Mindvalley Tribe Member, you forge relationships with some of the most inspiring people on the planet. And you get a game plan for serving these people – and yourself – on the highest possible level.