Career growth programs

The Stage Effect

Eric Edmeades

Master public speaking in 21 days. Discover stage sensation Eric Edmeades’ proven formula to creating incredible, memorable presentations, becoming a charismatic speaker and making more money, reaching more people and transforming your life and business with ‘The Stage Effect'.
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Life Visioning Mastery

Michael Beckwith

The Life Visioning Mastery Quest by Dr. Michael Beckwith is designed to help you ascend through the four levels of spiritual awareness - each stage sparking profound awakenings as you become more aligned with your true purpose, making the need to struggle and strive for goals a thing of the past.
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Speak and Inspire

Lisa Nichols

The Speak & Inspire program gives you everything you need to become a masterful speaker and communicator. Whether it’s on-stage, crafting a viral-video message or giving a presentation in the boardroom - this series of Lisa’s masterfully designed principles, tools, and techniques will awaken the powerful communicator in you in 35 absorbing sessions.
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Money EQ

Ken Honda

Money EQ: The little-known secret to a lifetime of abundance and prosperity. Join the ‘Zen Millionaire’ Ken Honda, Japan's most recognizable and influential money teacher to heal your money wounds, attract ‘Happy Money’ and retrain your brain with a step-by-step process anyone can learn to raise their emotional intelligence around money and get and STAY rich.
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Mastering Authentic Networking

Keith Ferrazzi

Step into elite networking with the world’s premier networking coach Keith Ferrazzi, and unlock new doors to dramatically transform your career and life. Connect like the world’s top performers, leveraging genuine interactions for unparalleled growth and impact. Dive deep into the art of building authentic, powerful relationships that propel you forward.
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Super Reading

Jim Kwik

Learn Speed Reading with world-renowned accelerated learning expert Jim Kwik. Spend just 10-20 minutes daily to master techniques that can easily triple your speed without sacrificing knowledge comprehension. Learn to quickly absorb and retain more information, enhancing your career and personal growth for lifelong success.
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Jim Kwik

The Superbrain Quest is an accelerated learning program designed to maximize your brain’s performance, fast. Jim Kwik’s beautifully optimized process utilizes the concept of meta-learning to rapidly guide you towards a bulletproof memory, superhuman productivity and a radically enhanced ability to learn anything faster. Ready to unleash your Superbrain?
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The New Psychology of Winning

Denis Waitley

Become a super performer who creates repeatable, unbeatable success in everything you do. Join Denis Waitley, one of the world’s greatest minds in peak performance, as he transforms you with the same elite mindset tools & techniques coveted by US Olympians, Super Bowl Champions & Business Titans.
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Everyday Bliss

Paul McKenna

The Everyday Bliss program is a system by Paul McKenna that conditions you with a series of his signature NLP and hypnotherapy techniques - leaving you immune to the effects of stress, fear, and anxiety. In just 21 days, you’ll master the tools for both instant relief and long-term resilience to stress and overwhelm.
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Ultimate Leadership

Keith Ferrazzi

Ultimate Leadership is the culmination of Keith Ferrazzi’s decades of work with leading companies, C-suite executives, and leaders driving innovative and high-performing teams Think of it as your blueprint to redefine your leadership style for a changing world, and enhance every key marker of your team’s performance.
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Picture Perfect: The Art of Looking Good in Photos

Paulius Staniunas

International photography expert Paulius Staniunas - who’s shot for clients like Gucci, Rolex, Hermes, Metallica, Selena Gomez and more - teaches The Art of Looking Good in Photos. Learn the art of posing, expression and style so you look amazing in photographs and radiate your best self whether for a business proposal, professional portfolio or your Instagram.
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The Habit of Ferocity

Steven Kotler

This 35-day journey with award-winning peak performance researcher Steven Kotler harnesses neuroscience, psychology, and physiology to rewire your brain for unyielding motivation, flow, and grit. Whether it's excelling in your career, enhancing creativity, or simply becoming the best version of yourself, mastering ferocity turns extraordinary performance into your new normal.
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Becoming Focused and Indistractable

Nir Eyal

For 27 days, join Nir Eyal - pioneering expert in the field of habit formation - as he guides you through his four-step process for lifelong indistractability. By applying today’s best approaches in neuroscience and psychology you’ll gain the personal power to direct your attention and energy where they matter most to you.
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