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Emerging wisdom. Fresh ideas. Our upcoming Quests will keep you on the forefront of personal growth and human potential.

Building an Unstoppable Brand

Jeffrey Perlman

Learn how to create your unstoppable brand with the master of branding. Jeffrey Perlman, former CMO of Zumba and the master of branding shares the key elements behind any transformational brand.

Build Your Dream Community

Radha Agrawal

Learn the life-changing strategies for making friends that will light your fire and discovering, or creating, the ever-widening groups that align with your aims and desires.

Course Pro

Jimmy Naraine

Jimmy Naraine is an entrepreneur & CEO speaking trainer, teaching 270,000+ students on Udemy. Jimmy has developed powerful systems in his life that help him build courage anytime he needs to put himself out there.

Scale Your Business to $1M

Verne Harnish

If you're ready to discover the secret to taking your successful business and scaling up to 10X its current value while doubling in growth then this program is for you.

Sixth Sense Superpower

Sonia Choquette

Learn how to tap into the deep pool of their inner knowing, that third space where enlightenment waits for you.