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Emerging wisdom. Fresh ideas. Our upcoming Quests will keep you on the forefront of personal growth and human potential.

10 Questions for Self-Love

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

10 Questions for Self-Love is for people of all genders who want to learn how to love and accept themselves the way they are and find strength in that.

Building an Unstoppable Brand

Jeffrey Perlman

Learn how to create your inevitable brand with the master of branding. Jeffrey Perlman, former CMO of Zumba and a master of branding shares the key elements behind any transformational brand.

Maye Musk's 7 Rules of Life

Maye Musk

Bringing Maye Musk's 7 Rules of Life to Mindvalley.

The Art of Manifesting

Regan Hillyer

Tap into your infinite power to create your ideal reality from a place of ease and flow. Fulfill your soul's true desires and achieve success by designing a life you're madly in love with, and become a master at manifesting!

The Queen Effect

Rolene Strauss

The secret to radiating true confidence, compassion, charisma, and power while making a lasting impact no matter your age or what you look like.

The Science of Great Sex

Amy Killen

The Science of Great Sex Quest focuses on the science of sexual health, which is one of the main pillars of overall health that supports our wellness and longevity.

The Science of Personal Branding

Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams teaches you how to become a successful entrepreneur by creating a successful online business and your personal brand.

Ultra Presence

Juan Pablo Barahona

"Ultra Presence will make you live in expansion and awaken your full potential. You’ll manifest more, feel healthier, energetic, creative, inspiring, deeply connected with the universe, and able to live from your higher self.” Learn powerful tools to Biohack any state that is not aligned with optimal performance. Discover the science that will help you understand the quantum mechanics of the body and how easy and simple we can rewire the whole nervous system for success.