Relationships & social skills programs

The Energies of Love

Donna Eden & David Feinstein

The Energies of Love is a 30-day online program with Energy Masters Donna Eden and Dr. David Feinstein that guides you through every step of understanding, healing, and integrating you and your partner’s unique energetic patterns for a lifetime of love and intimacy.
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Calling in “The One”

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Discover love with "Calling in the One," a transformative seven-week program by Katherine Woodward Thomas. Daily 15-20 minute lessons guide you through finding and deepening love. Redefine romance, heal past wounds, and prepare to meet the soulmate you deserve.
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Mastering Body Language: Truth, Lies, Love & Power

Allan & Barbara Pease

Become a master of reading cues, gestures and behaviors and gain unparalleled insights into others' true feelings and intentions, enhancing your social and professional interactions. Master the art of body language to navigate any situation with confidence. A 16-day program to gain a lesser known advantage in any business, social, romantic or professional interaction.
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Body Language for Dating & Attraction

Linda Clemons

Dive into Body Language for Dating and Attraction with Linda Clemons and master the art of nonverbal communication in just 10 days. With simple follow-along techniques and demonstrations you’ll discover how to project confidence, ooze charisma and create deeper connections and lasting impressions in all your interactions.
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Conscious Parenting Mastery

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Introducing the definitive guide to Conscious Parenting. Join Dr. Shefali Tsabary on a transformative and 35-day journey to revolutionize your parenting. In just 20 minutes a day, move beyond traditional myths, enhance your awareness, and deeply connect with your child. Equip yourself with tools for lifelong positive impacts.
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Waves of Pleasure

Bibi Brzozka

Indulge in Waves of Pleasure Quest, a 7-day journey to reclaim feminine power and self-love. Join Bibi Brzozka for daily bite-sized lessons, amplifying pleasure in every aspect of life. Rediscover your feminine essence and transform your relationship with pleasure, leading to enhanced sensuality and a fulfilling life.
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Tantra Touch

Psalm Isadora

Enrich your love life with sizzling passion and irresistible intimacy - the Tantra way. Under the guidance of Psalm Isadora - who was widely regarded as one of the modern world’s most prolific Tantra experts - you’ll embark on a 30-Day journey into thrilling new depths of sensuality and passion.
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Build Your Dream Community

Radha Agrawal

Join the founder of the global Daybreaker movement as you learn how to build a Dream Community that lights up your world with deep connection and belonging. Radha Agrawal has built thriving global communities exceeding 500,000 members. In this program, she’ll guide you to create your own community of any size around your work, mission, or any idea.
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Mastering Authentic Networking

Keith Ferrazzi

Step into elite networking with the world’s premier networking coach Keith Ferrazzi, and unlock new doors to dramatically transform your career and life. Connect like the world’s top performers, leveraging genuine interactions for unparalleled growth and impact. Dive deep into the art of building authentic, powerful relationships that propel you forward.
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Finding Love With Integrity Dating

Neelam Verma

Join international relationship expert Neelam Verma to transform your dating life, meet amazing people, and find your highest love. Discover ‘Conscious Dating’ in a remarkable 7-day program that shows you how to end the endless cycle of bad dates: and create unforgettable encounters with potential partners that light up your heart and soul.
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Creating Friendship and Deep Connections for Teens

Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Whether you’re looking for more friends, better friends, or even to just show up as a more confident and authentic you in any social situation - with educator and curriculum designer Gahmya Drummond-Bey as your guide, you’ll emerge from this 10-day program with a new mastery of social connections that sticks with you for life.
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Conscious Uncoupling

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Conscious Uncoupling is a simple 5-step process to guide you through the process of getting through a breakup. Whether you’re fresh off a breakup, on the verge of a breakup, or still struggling with past breakup wounds, Katherine Woodward Thomas will show you how to heal from the end of a relationship so you can move forward in peace.
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Magnetic Charisma

Vanessa Van Edwards

Master the hidden rules of human behavior with Vanessa Van Edwards. Gain the magnetic charisma to inspire, impact, and influence anyone and everyone. Master communication strategies that enhance interactions and empower you to inspire and influence effectively: all through an optimized 14-day process that unleashes your authentic charisma.
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The Science of Great Sex

Dr. Amy Killen

Sexual medicine practitioner Dr. Amy Killen teaches the science-based solution to a lifetime of great sex, and a longer, more vibrant life. An 11-day program featuring today’s best tools and techniques for amazing sexual pleasure, incredible orgasms, and an improved lifespan and healthspan through peak sexual health.
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Becoming Irresistibly Sexy

Sheila Kelley

Embark on a captivating 21-day journey with Sheila Kelley in "Becoming Irresistibly Sexy." Reawaken sensuality through dance, erotic movement, and play. Daily practices and unique 'Treasure Hunt' exercises deepen your connection to your body, enhancing emotional and erotic truths so you can own your sexiness with confidence.
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Neo-Tantra: Discovering Energy Orgasms and Deepening Your Sexual Connection

Layla Martin

Embark on a transformative journey with Layla Martin in the Neo-Tantra Quest. This 5-part program elevates your sexual experiences through daily video lessons, guiding you to energy orgasms and a deeper connection. Experience profound bliss and a new dimension of intimacy.
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Be Extraordinary for Teens


Introduce your children to the power of personal growth and allow them to soar. Be Extraordinary for Teens brings Vishen Lakhiani’s most powerful teachings to life for a younger audience to help them gain self-awareness, shed negative emotions, and build rock-solid confidence to achieve their dreams.
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Quantum Love: The Blueprint for Extraordinary Relationships

Dr. Laura Berman

In this Quest, Dr Laura Berman teaches you how to harness your body’s energy to create the relationship you desire. Using principles based on Quantum physics, students will learn the tools, techniques, and action steps that are needed to make Quantum Love and Quantum Sex accessible for all.

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