Productivity For Working At Home

Optimize your productivity & get more done in less time while working from home

by Jason Campbell, Host of the Superhumans at Work Podcast by Mindvalley

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For anyone at home who wants to get things done effortlessly and be the most productive they can be…

Are you looking to get more done in less time?

Or minimize distractions at home and become super-focused?

Or to finish your projects on time reliably and consistently so you enjoy your free time -- without any guilt?

Join Mindvalley’s Jason Campbell in the Productivity for Working at Home Quest.

It’s a 5-day program designed to help you become super focused, optimize your productivity, and get more done in less time at home — free for you to enroll.

With more and more of us working from home, our ability to deliver work remotely is more important than ever.

And with Jason Campbell as your guide, you’ll learn simple strategies to make your days at home the most productive ever — You’ll wish you knew about these long ago! Best of all, you’ll be able to use all of these habits even when you return to the office.

Get your most important work done, faster than you thought possible.

Meet Your Trainer

Jason Campbell on Productivity

Jason Campbell is the Host of Mindvalley’s Superhumans at Work podcast.

Every week Jason spends time learning and interviewing the best minds in productivity through the Superhumans at Work Podcast. He has gone into deep interviews with the likes of Nir Eyal, Cameron Herold, James Clear, Sam Carpenter, Dr. John Demartini and so many more. He has taken the stage around the world to share ideas on sales, productivity and goal setting. He is also working on an upcoming book, “Selling with Love”, aimed to be released in December 2020.

Jason has shared his productivity training with leading organizations inside the Worldblu membership and startups in San Francisco. The results are consistently the same: Mastering your personal productivity leads to higher levels of trust and effectiveness inside organizations.

Jason is extremely eloquent in the way he communicates, ensuring you learn the most with clarity. Look forward to very short, information-filled sessions that go straight to the point, and ensure strong actions are taken every single day.

Portrait of Jason Campbell

Trainer Credentials

  • Jason has been invited to speak on international stages alongside names like Gary Vaynerchuck, Jason Silva, David Meerman Scott, Lisa Nichols and Neil Donald Walch.
  • Author of the upcoming book on Selling with Love
  • Host of the Superhumans at Work Podcast and Impact at Work program on Mindvalley
  • Internal productivity coach to Mindvalley team members
Jason Campbell teaching at Mindvalley University, Croatia 2019.

Jason Campbell teaching at Mindvalley University, Croatia 2019.

Jason’s heart-centred teaching style is a favourite among the Mindvalley community.

Jason’s heart-centred teaching style is a favourite among the Mindvalley community.

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What You’ll Learn

  1. Boost Your Productivity

    Never miss a task you thought you took care of but forgotten. Always know what's on your plate and see what to do next.

  2. Have Total Peace of Mind

    Be immune to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Know exactly where everything is and what’s going on.

  3. Take Back Control of Your Time

    A powerful tool to sort out priorities and get the right things done at the right time. Enjoy your off time and start to procrastinate on purpose, completely guilt-free.

  4. Build Unshakeable Discipline

    The tools and processes you will learn make your routines simpler and easier to follow through. You will be more consistent every day, with ease.

  5. Develop Empowering Habits

    Throughout each lesson, you will have daily habits that will serve you for the rest of your life while working from home or in the office. Get the most important things done, automatically with less willpower.

  6. Have Unwavering Focus

    Distractions will be a thing of the past. Tools shared in this Quest will help you deal with distractions effortlessly and move on with your work without missing a beat.

  7. Work Life Balance

    Learn to communicate better with your boss, colleagues and family members leading to having them trust and respect you more. The shift will be profound in your career and your personal life.

The Curriculum

You will discover a high-output productivity system you can implement immediately into your daily work routine. The Warm Up episode starts with identifying our most common distractions so we can reduce them significantly.

Starting on Day 1, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view on your own current work process effortlessly and begin the process of optimizing it. Each day up to Day 5 you’ll learn to optimize each detail — your space, time, technology, information, communication, and execution — all leading up to your most productive week yet.

Productivity From Working at Home on various devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

Warm Up

Warm Up: Purpose And Connection

Welcome to the Quest. Before embarking on your journey to be super productive working from home, we need to first figure out what our distractions are so we know exactly what to optimize.

Part 1

Getting Started With Awareness

Jason kicks off the Quest by guiding you through recording and auditing of your current workflow and working desk. This prepares you to start optimizing it into a new system of simplicity, clarity and peace of mind. It all starts here.

Part 2

Optimization Of Space, Time And Technology

We start off in high gear. Jason guides you on how to set up a proper working area and ritual to switch on your work mode, set your on and off time, and the right updated tech stack to make your remote working experience as seamless as possible.

Part 3

Information Optimization

In this lesson, you will discover Jason’s lightning-fast system for keeping all your important information in one place using the tools you already use every day. Your email inbox and task lists will shift from a place of anxiety into a center of calm and control.

Part 4

Communication Optimization

Take control of all the information coming your way. Learn how to communicate with your team, manage your technology and set boundaries with your boss, colleague and even family members when you’re working from home.

Part 5

Execution Optimization

In this final lesson, Jason will show you three action framework you can use on a daily and weekly basis. If you ever procrastinated, just know that you can procrastinate on purpose and use it to move your productivity forward. It’s actually highly encouraged!

Plus! This is an evolving Quest. It will be updated with the latest tools and resources used by you and our community.

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