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Important to Know for Attending Mindvalley University


Why is the Mindvalley University postponed?

Due to the current global crisis, we have decided to postpone Mindvalley University 2020, which was due to take place in Amsterdam (July 13 – Aug 2, 2020) to now take place in Tallinn, Estonia 2021. The pre-booked dates are July 12 – August 1, 2021.

We are going into unprecedented times for our generation and we simply don’t know how the world is going to change over the next six months. We take the safety, the physical and mental health of our employees AND our community extremely seriously, and therefore didn’t feel it would be responsible for us to bring our community and their families together in Amsterdam — even if travel restrictions were to be lifted.

However, we are thrilled to share that we will host Mindvalley University 2020 virtually so that we can continue helping our community grow, expand and transform during these challenging times.

What options do I have for my current Mindvalley University 2020 ticket?

All current ticket holders will have two options:

1. Transfer your ticket to 2021 AND get free access to our online event: If you wish to transfer your ticket to Mindvalley University 2021 (taking place in Tallinn, Estonia), you will need to complete the form (this will be emailed to you). If you do decide to transfer your ticket, you will automatically be given a ticket to Mindvalley University Online 2020, which will take place during the same dates that Amsterdam was due to take place — July 13 – August 2, 2020. You can find more information about the virtual event here.

2. Cancel your ticket: If you don’t wish to transfer your ticket to Mindvalley University 2021 and prefer to refund, you can request your refund by completing the refund request form here, which is the fastest and safest way to claim a full refund. Please note: if you purchased your ticket 90 days ago or more, your refund will be processed via PayPal. More details can be found below.

Important Information For Attendees

Application Process & Tickets

  • How do I get a ticket to Mindvalley University?

    Mindvalley University gathers a carefully curated global tribe of extraordinary individuals from around the globe.

    Apply here and once your application has been approved, you will be invited to secure your Mindvalley University ticket.

    Please note: If you’re interested in bringing your spouse or partner, they have the privilege of bypassing the interview process and can secure a ticket immediately. And if you’re bringing kids and want them to take part in the kids or teens programs you’ll be able to secure their tickets at the same time.

  • How much are the tickets?

    All kids (aged 6+), teens (13-17) and adults (18+) need a ticket to attend Mindvalley University. We will be announcing the prices for Mindvalley University 2021 soon.

  • Can individual and corporate customers get a VAT refund?

    Individual customers: These customers will not be able to get VAT refund from their purchase of event tickets. This is mainly because VAT is a “customer” tax.

    Moreover, tax-free sales in the EU only relate to goods/products and not to services received in the EU. Mindvalley events are categorised as ‘sales of services’.

    Corporate customers: VAT refunds eligibility for corporations depend on their country taxation laws, policies, their residence status amongst many other rules that apply towards VAT refund and processing. Several websites such as this -> Click here act as a good reference check on the process. We also recommend checking with your local tax authorities and familiarising yourself with the VAT refund process or checking with your finance representative for the same.

  • Do you offer shorter packages?

    Your chosen ticket, either 1-week (7 days), 2-week (14 days) or 3-week (21 days) ticket, will always activate on a Monday and expire on Sunday. This is applicable to adults, teens and kids tickets.

    For example, if you have a one week ticket and you decide to join us from Wednesday, your ticket will expire on the Sunday of that week.

    Each Monday we will host registration and an official induction session for all of those people joining us from that week onwards.

  • Can I purchase a one-week ticket then upgrade my ticket to a 2-week or 3-week ticket before or during the event?

    Yes, there are options for you to upgrade your ticket to include additional weeks. However, please note that the upgraded ticket will be priced according to the current ticket prices at the time of the request.

  • If I buy a 1-week or 2-week ticket, do I need to choose which week/s I attend Mindvalley University?

    The 1-week or 2-week tickets gives you access to attend any week/s you like (Your ticket will always activate on a Monday and expire on Sunday), we will need to know which week/s you plan on attending. Closer to the event we will be sending you a form to ask you which week you plan on attending.

  • What’s included in the Mindvalley University ticket fee?

    Purchasing a ticket for Mindvalley University will give you access to a curated community of spectacular entrepreneurs and digital nomads from across the globe.

    You will also get access to the Mindvalley University Hub which will be the location of 100+ sessions led by thought leaders and experts from various fields, such as startup culture, relationships, unconventional/alternative finance, unified physics, modern spirituality, health & fitness, productivity and brain efficiency, parenting, and more.

    Whilst your ticket is active, it also gives you entry to parties, as well as multiple evening networking events which will take place throughout the experience. This ticket also gives you access to our exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with other attendees and share important information before, during, and after the event.

  • What is not included in the Mindvalley University ticket fee?

    Your Mindvalley University ticket doesn’t include your accommodation costs, meals or travel costs. It doesn’t include access to any Satellite Events that will take place in parallel to Mindvalley University, or additional tribe activities, such as sightseeing trips, cruises, and other local experiences. These can be purchased separately.

  • My family and friends are interested in joining as well. How can they get tickets?

    If you’re interested in bringing your spouse or partner, they have the privilege of bypassing the interview process and can secure a ticket immediately.

    And if you’re bringing kids you’ll be able to secure their tickets at the same time.

    Friends are not eligible to bypass the application process. They first need to apply, be approved and secure their event ticket.

  • Joining us with a family of 5 or more?

    If you’re joining us with a family of 5 or more people, please contact us at for a special family discount rate.

  • What’s the refund policy for Mindvalley University?
    [Safe] A full refund of the event ticket can be granted up to 45 days before the start date of the event. You must have requested the refund by completing this form or by emailing at least 45 days prior to the event to be eligible for the refund.

    Alternatively, there are two additional options available to you.

    1. You can transfer your ticket to the next* Mindvalley University event once only: Up to one week before the event takes place you can transfer your ticket to the next Mindvalley University event free of charge.

    If you transfer your ticket to the next event, you may also be required to pay the difference of the value-added tax (VAT) in the event that there is a higher VAT for the next event location. Please note, the transfer process will not be considered complete and confirmed until any outstanding payment is made.

    *The ticket transfer can only be made one time, to the event immediately following. The deadline to transfer your ticket to the next event is one week prior to the event. All transfer requests must be made via email or the refund request form. If you fail to complete the ticket transfer process prior to the event (with confirmation from Mindvalley Events), your ticket will be considered forfeit and no refund or transfer will be made.

    2. Or, you can transfer your ticket to a family member or friend*: You can transfer your ticket to a direct family member immediately (spouse, significant other, parent, sibling, child or grandparent), however, if you wish to transfer your ticket to a friend, they must apply and be approved before the ticket transfer is finalised.

    *All transfer requests must be made via email or the refund request form. If you fail to complete the ticket transfer process prior to the event (with confirmation from Mindvalley Events), your ticket will be considered forfeit and no refund or transfer will be made.

    IMPORTANT: Once the refund deadline has passed, or your ticket has been transferred to another event or person, you are no longer eligible for a refund of the ticket price.

    (Legal) Spouse/Significant other/Direct family member can purchase a ticket to accompany you to the event without applying.

  • I’m a Quest All Access subscriber, can I have a discount to Mindvalley University?

    There are no discounts available for Quest All Access subscribers, however, if you upgrade to Global Campus Membership, which also includes Quest All Access, then you are eligible for a discount to attend Mindvalley University and Mindvalley LIVE.

  • Program and Accommodation

  • Is this event for me?

    Mindvalley University is for the change-markers and trailblazers. Those who won’t settle for ordinary. Those lighting the way for others. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey to greatness or showing others how it’s done, you’re welcome.

  • What will I actually learn?

    Including, but not limited to: entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking, marketing, photography & filmmaking, personal growth, coaching, spirituality, creativity, health and wellness, happiness, love, parenting, and mindfulness.

  • Where is the venue?

    The Mindvalley University hub (where much of the program will take place) is the biggest creative space of Tallinn – Kultuurikatel. It is the home to spectacular cultural events, business gatherings, and international political events all year round.

    It has a co-working space with vibrant interior design to wake up your creativity. As the old, industrial building and the contemporary art between the walls blends, they give a modern, European feel to it.

    We will be filling up the halls with world-class speakers, transformational workshops, and plenty of social events to bond with creative thinkers from all over the globe.

    Location: Google maps

    Address: Põhja puiestee 27a, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

  • Are you planning any activities for youth under the age of 18 years?

    Absolutely! We’re working on putting together the curriculum and program for nursery (3-5), kids (6-12), and teens (13-17) for Mindvalley University. You can expect to see the outline of the program by the beginning of 2021. There are 1, 2 and 3 week tickets available for all age groups. Please see the question ‘How much are the tickets for family members and kids?’ for pricing details.

    Please note: Nursery, kids and teens programs are in English. It’s important that each young person attending the program has a good understanding of the English language and can communicate proficiently. The program is not meant as an English language study programme. The 3-5 year olds group is a bit exceptional as the kids are very young and might not be fluent in a foreign language, but please note that all of the activities are carried out in English.

    We aim to create flexibility in the age groups. If the head teachers feels that a child should be moved to a different age group, there will be some flexibility here, depending on availability in the groups.

  • I want to lead a session at Mindvalley University. What should I do to make it happen?

    We have taken your feedback and our learnings from last year and will be creating more space for tribe led activities and sessions from Monday to Friday.

    If you wish to lead a session or workshop at Mindvalley University, please fill out an application form here

    Please note: Once you are approved, you would first need to secure your Mindvalley University ticket to be able to take the stage, lead a session or workshop at Mindvalley University.

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