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The Experience

It is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced and it will be something you never forget. Mindvalley University gives you remarkable opportunities for growth and introduces you to a tribe of extraordinary individuals – all passionately dedicated to their life’s calling.

This is a place to connect, learn, share, grow, and step into your greatness. Check out this video to see for yourself.

Real experiences and reflections directly from our students at Mindvalley University in Pula, Croatia 2019

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Graduation Party: Behind the scenes at the Mindvalley University Barcelona 2017 Graduation Party.

Take a look through the eyes (or should I say lens) of a student and filmmaker attending Mindvalley University Tallinn.

The Journey to Mindvalley University Estonia 2018. Vlogger Skip Kelly takes us behind the scenes.

Skip Kelly’s story of Friendship at Mindvalley University Tallinn

Behind the scenes at a Mindvalley University Wedding. A couple meets at Mindvalley University Barcelona 2017 and decided to tie the knot at Tallinn in 2018.

Rethinking education for kids. A video from Mindvalley University Barcelona in 2017.

Press Articles

Locale Magazine

NFL Hall of Fame, Tony Gonzalez, on Mindvalley U

Former Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez & wife, TV Show Host, October Gonzalez share what keeps them rooted & connected as a couple. Tony recalls his favourite family vacation was attending Mindvalley University, finding this type of customized education priceless as it broadens their minds, and creates a love for learning.

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Impact Theory With Tom Bilyeu

Vishen Lakhiani on “Breaking all the Brules.”

Vishen Lakhiani discovered that if he was going to stay true to his inner identity he was going to have to break some “brules.” The CEO and Founder of the revolutionary global empire Mindvalley Academy, best-selling author, and philosopher discusses changing your culturescape and moving toward your end goals in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

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Mindvalley Founders Give An Interview On Creating The Global School For Humanity

Mindvalley’s founders Vishen Lakhiani and Kristina Mānd-Lakhiani give an interview on primetime Estonian TV about their lives, their story, and why they are so passionate about creating a global school for humanity. (Interview starts 18 minutes in.

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Vishen Lakhiani On Reimagining Our Education System For The Future

Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist. He is the Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the most successful wellness companies in the world which he started in 2003 with just $700. He recently launched Mindvalley University – this year, taking place in Barcelona – which is his reimagining of our education system for the future.

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How Vishen Lakhiani is changing the world with his school of humanity, Mindvalley

All that matters is Mindvalley’s objective: to change education globally and provide innovative, holistic education for all levels – from infant learning and highschool models to all stages of adulthood. Its ultimate goal: to move 1 billion people to the next evolutionary stage of human consciousness – cosmo centrism, also known as the ability to care for all things as an extension of one’s natural care for oneself – by May 2049.

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The Evolved Entrepreneur: 10 Things I Learnt At Mindvalley

This quest for connective learning sent me on a journey three years ago today and introduced me to the power of ‘transformative education’ and a platform called Mindvalley.

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Mindvalley – the second coming of education?

Malaysian born Vishen Lakhiani has created a learning platform that focuses on personal growth and relationships, rather than a future of hard work and money-making.

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Mindvalley University brings hundreds of learners from all around the world to Tallinn

“Mindvalley University, a lifelong learning programme, founded by the Malaysian entrepreneur, Vishen Lakhiani, and his Estonian-born wife, Kristina Mänd Lakhiani, brings hundreds of learners from all around the world to Tallinn.”

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A month full of international experts and learnings

“Estonian World visited the Mindvalley University’s Tallinn session and spoke with some of the attendees to find out more about the programme that calls itself “a tribe of changemakers.”

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What Students Say

“There’s a feeling that you belong”

There’s a feeling that you belong, that you´re accepted just as you are, without having to mould yourself to fit in. Everyone there wants the best for you and is there to help. It feels that safe! Not only the attendees but the MVU team will make you feel that they are there with you, in the same level, learning and growing with you.

— Lourdes Aldanondo

“Mindvalley University is radically and successfully breaking the mold of what learning looks like.”

Mindvalley University is radically and successfully breaking the mold of what learning looks like. I believe Mindvalley University will one day be looked upon as one of the most important social movements in the history of education.

— Akira Chan

NFL Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez on his Experience at Mindvalley University (from an Interview in Locale Magazine)

Tony recalls his favorite vacation so far, their most recent family trip to attend Mindvalley U. During the event, they attended lectures on everything from entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence to classes on leadership and what it means to be a feminist. Tony and Tobie said they find this type of education priceless since they feel strongly about customizing their children’s education through homeschooling and want to broaden their minds and create a love for learning.

— Tony Gonzalez

“Incredible community”

Incredible community, greater awareness, elevated spiritual connections, being more in tune with myself and being more aware of what I want in life are just some of the things I am taking forward with me after this incredible month.. I am looking forward to next year!

— Danielle Shillam

“The quality of the people I met blew my mind”

What really blew my mind the most was the quality of the people I met. They were all loving, open minded and really into self growth and with a change maker, humanity plus mentality. My biggest takeaway was that I awakened in me the belief that I am indeed a limitless being deserving to create & live a limitless life.

— Andra Trita

“It feels extraordinary to be part of this disruption in education”

It feels extraordinary to be part of this disruption in education. Absolute highlight of our lives.

— Gerry Haag