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The Mindvalley U Experience

It is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced and it will be something you never forget. Mindvalley U gives you remarkable opportunities for growth and introduces you to a tribe of extraordinary individuals – all passionately dedicated to their life’s calling.

This is a place to connect, learn, share, grow, and step into your greatness. Check out this video to see for yourself.

Listen to the real experiences and reflections directly from our students

Listen to the transformational stories from our tribe

Stories From The Tribe

The stories of transformation – shot by filmmaker Skip Kelly, last year’s Mindvalley U attendee. This film was not produced by Mindvalley, but by Mindvalley U’s own students who passionately believe in sharing this message.

The growth and transformation was remarkable. And everyone said it was the people that made Mindvalley U so special and unique. Check out these videos to see for yourself.

Press Articles


How Vishen Lakhiani is changing the world with his school of humanity, Mindvalley

“All that matters is Mindvalley’s objective: to change education globally and provide innovative, holistic education for all levels – from infant learning and highschool models to all stages of adulthood. Its ultimate goal: to move 1 billion people to the next evolutionary stage of human consciousness – cosmo centrism, also known as the ability to care for all things as an extension of one’s natural care for oneself – by May 2049.”

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Mindvalley And Its A-Fest Offer Festival Goers A Massage For The Brain

“Perhaps the most inspiring was from the Netherlands. Wim Hof had us all captivated as he presented his story. Holder of 21 World Records, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in shorts, sitting in an ice bath for 1 hour 52 minutes, we learn through his simple breathing technique called The Wim Hof Method. We are able to retrain our brains by breathing, “Resetting the nervous system to its utmost capability.” Could it be this simple? The next morning has us taking ice baths with Wim…”

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What Students Say

“The highlight was the people I met!”

Beautiful souls from all over the world, everyone with their story to share and openness to do it! Great things happen when amazing people from all over the world come together and share ideas on life and how to push the world forward!

— Rain Kärner

“I’ve been a student of Mindvalley for a couple of years now and have taken several courses.”

But the live events just blew me away. The amount of information, the inspiring teachings from both Marisa and Vishen, and the energy and love I received from hanging out with other Mindvalley members was so incredible that I don’t have any adjectives left to describe it! All I can say is I wish I could put that high consciousness into a bottle and always keep it with me! I made wonderful friends, I’m thoroughly inspired to take my spiritual practice to the next level and also take guided action every day towards my life purpose!

— Anuradha Mulukutla

“What stays with me is the humanity behind it all.”

The everlasting feeling that everyone is there to help you. The possibility to see the soul behind the mask. The joy to give back with an open heart. The confirmation that there is no bigger purpose of life than coming together to build a better world. Thank you Mindvalley U! See you in Tallinn! <3

— Denisa Mihaela Puica

“Mindvalley U was Mindblowing U!”

The cultural diversity, the loving and open participants that were available to co-create valuable experiences with each other, everyone who facilitated a workshop or session, the exchange of ideas, the positivity, the support and the high energy of the whole group made my experience priceless! I am definitely going again the following years to inspire myself, grow and contribute with a possibility to create a different and innovative education for us and the future generations.

— Hanna

“It’s a way to live and learn that’s unique to anything out there.”

The speakers, courses and attendees blew my mind. The connection I felt there and continue to feel in the community will forever enhance my life.

— Steffani LeFevour

“Mindvalley U has challenged me both personally and professionally.”

Everyone there is so diversed in terms of language, culture, ethnicity and talent but yet the vibe is phenomenal and non-judgmental. I can see strong bonds and friendships being formed there, and so many bridges built to keep motivating and encouraging growth with one another. I’m glad I took this leap of faith to travel solo for the first time to experience and to realise that I can and will continue to grow in so many different aspects and make choices/decisions that are humanity plus.

— Mellisa Foong